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Hi and thanks for visiting! There’s nothing better than living a LIFESTYLE that YOU create for yourself. That is exactly what I have thanks to the home based business industry and you can have it too! 

If you have the drive, motivation and entrepreneurial mindset to make a change, then I can help you to reach your goals and dreams by giving you the vehicle and then showing you how to drive it!

IF you’re ready now I invite you to Partner with Me and we’ll both get rich together or contact me directly when you are ready to take the next step in your business. I will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you in anyway I can. I sincerely hope that we have the opportunity to work together very soon.

My Story…

I like to think I’m a pretty normal guy. I grew up in Stamford, CT and now live in Mesa, AZ in the Valley of the Sun. My goal for a long time was to live somewhere with nice weather year round and because of my success running my own home based business I was able to move. It’s a liberating feeling to have that freedom to work when and where you want rather than being tied down by a JOB!

I graduated from the University of Scranton in 1986 and have spent most of the years since (man…time flies!!) in sales and marketing. I spent many of those years commuting 2 hours to NYC for work…and 2 hours back home…YES, that’s 4 hours commuting time every day! Was I nuts? Maybe…but things were going well. But I still hated not seeing my kids, who were little at the time. I wanted to work closer to home so I could participate more in their lives. Here are Griff and Maddy today:


So I took a job as a mortgage broker near my home. My hours were much better, I was able to coach my kids’ sports teams, play more golf, and I actually made more money than I did while working in NYC! Until about the middle of 2007, that is, when the real estate market started to turn. By 2009 I literally wasn’t making anything and I needed to do something else! I was searching the internet and somehow…I don’t remember specifically what caught my eye…I found the home business industry. I never did the traditional belly-to-belly, bug your family & friends network marketing but, rather, I dove headfirst into learning to build my business on the internet.

At first, I was like the majority of online network marketers. I had the same issues as everyone else that you always hear about — I jumped from program to program, blaming the program for my lack of success…I had no idea how to build a list…I didn’t know what a blog was…I didn’t know what an autoresponder was…or a lead capture page or replicated website. This was like a new language but I was determined! My business was scattered and I wasn’t sure if I could really generate a substantial income online. But…

I had to make it work! I did not have a PLAN B! My mortgage business was completely dead and I had no income coming in. What came next was a period of much intensive soul searching and personal development. I knew I had to become stronger so that I could change my life regardless of my fears and obstacles. I realized that the only person responsible for my success is me and when I stepped up and took that responsibility, then my life started to change dramatically.

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Partner With a Mentor…

I was fortunate enough to partner up with some truly phenomenal mentors in this industry, whom I sought out. What I learned was an absolute revelation and contradiction to everything I had ever known about the Home-Based Business industry. Since then I have applied the principles I learned to my own business, stepped up to be the leader I am and shared this knowledge with whoever has been keen to learn from me and partner with me & my team. 

My Mission…

My mission is to help empower as many home business entrepreneurs (or wanna be entrepreneurs) as possible so that they can prosper and build their businesses in a way that is attractive, fun, profitable, and deeply satisfying. Giving someone the skills that they need to take control of their business and their life and FINALLY break through to the success that they’re looking for is one of my greatest passions in life.

My Commitment To You…

I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve the Personal and Financial Success and Freedom that you desire in your home based business. I’ve created this website to help you get on the “Fast Track” To Financial Freedom…

“Don’t Wait For Opportunity… Create It!”

Contact Steve:
Cell: (480) 400-1871
Skype: hawkbiz

101 thoughts on “Meet Steve

  1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Monica. And thank you for the kind words 🙂

    I believe that we are all independent business owners but should help each other. Providing value brings value back ten-fold!


  2. Hello Steve,

    Nice to meet you ,too 🙂

    Great post and is good to see that you passing on to us the knowledge you have gotten from your MLM experiences and mentors. I am sure it will benefit many people who cannot afford to have a mentor or are not lucky to have a good Upline. It happened to me twice, my Uplines were all about big promises and and didn’t have much of coaching from them.

    Anyway I am happy I have found your website and will make sure to bookmark it for future.

    Thank you.
    Monica´s last blog post ..How to handle your online clients

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  4. Send me an email or post here what specifically you’re interested in, Edison. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


  5. Thanks Steve even if i am new to this i am proceeding on joining as soon as possible i get any international money card i will pay you the $9.97 (US) for the first 2 weeks and then the $49.97 will be billed monthly from Tanzaia Thanks for the great tips, suggestions, and advise. Besides that, I really have respect for you. However, you were still kind enough to give me genuine tips and advise.

    I truly respect you for that and wish you the best!

  6. i am based in southern africa and i am interested in your home business
    can i join,how will i be paid.


  7. Hi Steve,

    I came to your site through a safelist link, so that seems to work for you. I couldn’t agree more about mentorship. Finding the right mentor can cut months if not years off of the normal learning curve. It can save you time and the money of the usual trial and error stuff that most people go through. And most people never figure it all out anyway, on their own. I’m enjoying your posts and will be back to learn more from you. Thank you!
    Richard Brokenshire´s last blog post ..What is self talk?

  8. That was strange, Jeff. I’ve never heard of your company nor I have written about it but there was a tag for some reason (I use an auto tag creator) that I’ve removed. Good luck with your business!


  9. In a search for our comany I have noticed you have put one of our businesses in your tag line followed by the word scam.

    I am asking you to remove this misleading information from your website within the next ten (10) business days from the posting / receipt of this notice.

    Not only are we not a scam, we are one fo the few small businesses in the country to have under gone the in-depth background check of our business model by local, countyl, state and federal sources. We would be more than happy to share this with those who have an interest.

    We are hoping you are willing to admit your mistake and correct your actions along with a retraction posted on your site as any professional organization would be glad to do.

    Should you choose not to take the corrective actions we have no other choice but to exercise our legal rights to whatever extent th;e law will allow.

    Jeff Dahlberg
    COO / VP Operations
    LeveragePlus Organization
    LeverragePlus Recruiting
    (800) 6544468
    LeveragePlus Organization

  10. Hi Robyn,

    Thanks! I changed it last month (just in time for Google Penguin to wipe me off the face of the internet :)).

    No, the MLSP webinars are only available for members (we used to be able to give them out but not any more).

    I hope that all is well with you!


  11. Hi Steve,

    Thought you may want to check this out. Interested in your professional opinion. It’s going viral now & will be going live in two weeks. When it does, Dancing with the stars co host Brooke Burke will introduce all Minerva Place

  12. I am computer illiterate I have a go daddy accts set up .1 is,E,T, need someone to mentor bring this to life.I I have tried since 2-27-2012 to get help for one24.NO LUCK, I FOUND YOU.I am on your webanar today for the start up .Can you are someone help me. I have been persistent for almost a month .My phone nos is 770-267-3292 cell 404-964-4275.

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  14. Steve,

    I love your No Hype blog! Keep up the good work. I look forward to following your journey and networking with you moving forward.

    DREAM BIG!!!

    Michael Hamburger

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  16. Steve, I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve just met you, and you were so quick to step up to answer my questions. Ive looked through your site and I see that we have a lot in common when it comes to our approach on life and the want to help others. I look forward to a strong relationship. I cant wait to see what life has in store for me and I wish you all the best in yours.

  17. Hi Mariam,

    It’s good to hear from you. The great thing about network marketing, particularly online marketing, is it doesn’t matter where you live. I’ve signed people up from Nigeria. True, you may be limited on the health/wellness MLM front but there are plenty of businesses that you can get involved in. FamilyIQ is one of them 🙂


  18. hello steve,

    I have read your artcles and still reading to understand it better and be able to apply it to my business. sometimes this MLM business can be very tasking but i want to learn how to succeed by following the examples you have given. but i live in Nigeria and how do i benfit from these programs and how do i go about setting up leads and blogs?anyway, thanks for all the mails i have received from you and sure to follow up on your advise as i will like to make more money in 2012 if i can apply your strategies.

  19. Steve, your blog is Full of Fantastic Content! I’ve been following you for a while and am very impressed with how you market your business.


  20. Marlene – I was not familiar with Mobile Money Machine so I did a quick Google search. It looks like it’s primarily an affiliate program that provides you with some tools to help you make money online which is a good thing! Of course, you still need to drive the traffic which is why I continue to promote My Lead System Pro. Once you learn how to drive traffic yourself and generate your own leads, then you can promote anything and make money.


  21. Hi Steve, Can you please give me your opinion on Frank Lucas’s Mobile Money Machine?

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  23. Hi Ivan – you know my business mix is still a bit in flux at this time! I’m in FamilyIQ, Primo Vacations, and Travista. I’d prefer to do just 2 so I’m still wrestling with that! How about yourself?

  24. Steve,
    I often wonder why some of the great guys I happned to meet online [like you for exapmple] don’t live close by so I can personally learn and be mentored if I need any help…
    Just wonder how many programs are you doing at this time beside your travel program?

  25. Hi Steve, please contact me about One24. I want to join under a good team and need help.

  26. Hi Ron,

    That’s strange. I’ve submitted a couple of requests – both for myself and people who purchased from me – and always receive a response the same day. Are you submitting a ticket through your back office?


  27. Has anyone ever tried to get a hold of anyone in auto cash bot. I have been trying since aug 20th and gotten no response. I haven’t
    ever had so much trouble trying to get an answer on a question.
    It is the sorriest team I have ever trided to get in touch with.

  28. Larry – I am not sure what scenario you laid out for Lynne that she would respond back to you in that way. It could be that you told her that you needed to make money quickly, in which case the answer you received is truthful. Any MLM will take time to build BUT it doesn’t have to be done “online” if you are willing to do the off-line work necessary to recruit. It sounds to me like Lynne was giving you an honest answer but it’s really tough to tell just seeing one side of the conversation.



    HI Larry,

    Based on the scenario that you described, I would not recommend One24 for you.

    It really takes an real effort online to make this business pay off, and it also takes a long time for the money to grow.

    Just wanted to give you an honest answer. But I really feel this is not the right program for you at this time.

    Lynne Faulkner

  30. Hi Steve,

    It’s good to hear from you! Maine to New Hampshire every day! I don’t feel so bad now! You are correct about gas prices – I fill up about 1x a week now that I work from home. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be sure to check out your blog too!

  31. Hey Steve, wow how our stories are similar. I used to commute 4 hours to New Hampshire each week from Maine. Yeah, those long commutes are killer. And now with Gas going up and up, I’m glad I don’t do that anymore. I made all the same mistakes in Network Marketing you did as well. It’s almost like a right of passage. LOL. Keep up the great work. Awesome site. Nice to see other people out there really trying to help people. Here’s to your future success.
    Steve Harris´s last blog post ..Is Numis Network a Scam- read this before you Join!

  32. Hi Francisco,

    First of all, I cannot speak highly enough about MLSP and how it’s helped me to learn how to market both myself and my business and to generate leads. That being said…

    1. It’s not imperative to have a primary business, although the system is designed for people who have one. There are many members who do not currently have one but it’s recommend that you look to get involved in one at some point, to reap the rewards.

    2. It is not required that you spend a ton of money. You get much of what you need with your membership fee. There are some upsells but they are not required by any means. There are some additional tools that I would highly recommend that you get like an auto-responder and hosting account.

    3. The time frame to see results really is up to the individual and the marketing strategy you choose. It sounds like you’ll be choosing less expensive or free strategies like article or video marketing. These strategies take longer than paid strategies. I always recommend that you give those strategies at least 90 days to build some momentum and start seeing some tangible results.

    Hope that helps! If you have other questions, please let me know.

  33. Hey Steve,

    I’ve seen your site and really liked the approachability it has. I don’t get the vibe of talking to a corporate person when I saw your site. Oh, happy easter by the way!

    I do have a question about MLSP. I’m on the fence about it and I’ve seen the videos that other people have made and I’ve seen a lot of reviews about it, mostly positive. However, I am a little nervous to dive into it for three reasons:

    1) I don’t have a primary business. Is this necessary in order to start?


    2) I’ve tried a lot of BS stuff out there and time and time again I get burned. I’m a broke college student just looking to pay off my student loans and move out of my dangerous neighborhood. Do I have to invest a tremendous amount of money (and by that I mean continuous upselling like all the other BS stuff out there) into this system?


    3) What’s the time frame like to start actually seeing results? If you have 2 weeks to try it, and it’s a tool to help you on your way, then how is it that someone can see in 2 weeks that the system works especially if they have to wait for the dvd’s in the mail?

  34. Hi Lee,

    In the US, network marketing is a very accepted business model. Top business leaders like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki preach about the benefits of being involved in network marketing. It does take time to build your business but the income is there to be had for all who WORK and BUILD their business. I wish you all the best, Lee, and thanks for stopping by!

  35. Hi, my name is Lee keoseon in South korea. I’m not familliar with sending comments to foreigner like this. The reason why I leave a reply is that I started new network markeing business in Korea. However, in Korea, people regard network markeing business as bad thing. So I really want know the real circumstances in USA because I heard that in USA, network marketing becomes common sense after overcoming prejudices of people. But I want know truth not from news, or books but from real successful person like you. So if you have time for explaining to me about network marketing circumstances and how people see network marketer in USA. This is very important thing in my life because I quitted my stable job for doing network marketing business. So help me by replying my comments

  36. Hi Howard,

    You made me go and check lol! The site (GetRich&Vacation)does talk about the $500 commissions per sale “paid directly to you” and the cost of $697. I think one of the best parts of Primo’s marketing system is that it really explains everything and doesn’t leave a lot of unanswered questions. If you have any additional questions, please let me know!


  37. Hey, I have been on the Primo vacations site.
    You say that the membership cost 697 $ and that they reward you with 500 $ for each new member and so on….

    Why isn’t any of that available as information on their website ?
    It says nothing about membership, costs or commisions ?
    Is it a big secret ??

  38. Hey Steve –

    I have really enjoyed your blog and reading about all that you have done and accomplished through your business.
    Thank you for being true to you and the industry.

    Thomas C. Chandler
    Thomas Chandler´s last blog post ..Winning Vs Losing

  39. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for stopping by! I agree that Travel is something everyone likes, which is why I got involved in both Primo and Pyxism (I like travel!). To answer your question about website hits, it is your responsibility to market your website. Primo does not market it for you. They provide you with the capture pages, sales pages, auto-responders – a complete plug-n-play marketing system (that includes PBAs who call your leads back for you!) but it’s up to you to market your business. I can help with that as I provide my coaching program ($397 value) for free to people who join me in Primo.

    I did not try to SEO my marketing site. I did create a separate Primo blog that I SEO’d and that ranks pretty well.


  40. Hey Steve really nice site! Now I am completely new to this whole thing and I have been shopping around for the last couple days. I like Pxyism and Primo so far because as the companies say they are selling things that appeals to the masses.
    Now interms of Primo, I am not clear on how once you sign up they assure you that your site will be marketed by them and you receive “hits” through their own channels? Now not sure if I misunderstood but just curious and I would like know through your experience with this particular company in your first 3 months, how many hits did your site receive?
    Also did you do any modifications to the site they provided e.g. Seo?
    Thanks for the info!



  41. what do i have to do for regestration…. coz its not getting successfull.. And i want to ask u one more thing what is it all about how it work.. and what i have to do for making money..! plssssssssss reply.

  42. Hi Dave – forgive me but I don’t recall where you live? I’m pretty available via Skype during days and early evenings. Connect with me on Skype and we’ll figure it out!


  43. Steve… what with our big time zone difference do you have a specific window you prefer to field inbound personal support calls there or would you rather I use emails? I anticipate requiring some “hand-holding” to get started. Thanks… Dave

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  45. Hi Samira,

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m not really sure what you mean by “fake” methods? Please clarify and let me know exactly what you’re looking for so that I can hopefully help you out. Thanks!


  46. hi steve
    i have seen so many things like ur metod in internet . but all were fake . how can i bebive u ? plz i want to earn money and i need money . plz help me . is there any member that u know they have high income ? plz tel me , i wana contact them or u guide me plz .

  47. Hi Rick,

    I am not involved with CTS. I wrote the review in order to drive traffic. Sorry to hear about the spouse problem! I can help you promote if showing her you can make money with it will help?? Let me know.


  48. Steve. Are you doing the cash tracking system? I just got in and am having a real spouse problem. Can you help?

  49. Hi Steve, found your blog through a solo from ListQuik.
    Great story! I also have quite a few years in Sales as well, so I know those days with you. You certainly have a few more years in IM than I do.
    I love to connect with other fellow bloggers and would be honored if you found the time to stop by my own place to say hello.
    By the way, well done here, very well done, my friend. Professional, well laid out, excellent content and I look forward to keeping up with you.
    My best and take care!
    Dan Reed´s last blog post ..Internet Marketing Secrets- A Review Of Spin Successive-Responsive Advertising

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  51. Just found your blog. I am also member of mlsp. Enjoy all the training materials offered to members. I found your blog today. Lot of information. Keep up the good work. Thanks Ana
    mlm program´s last blog post ..Article Marketing Robot

  52. Hi Steve,

    Just really wanted to congratulate you on a great job with your blog and wish you all the best for the future!


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  54. I am interested in affilitate marketing and have just come across your business site and am a bit worried because I have bought other sites and when the information is sent I have no idea what to do with it, I try to email these sites and get no reply, I am in Australia and wish I could find a real person that I could speak to face to face who is training all these people

  55. Hi there Steve. I just read one of your articles on an Internet Marketing scam.

    I have recently retired and have become interested in getting into affiliate internet marketing. I bought into a package called ‘Automated Home Profits’, I’m sure you will be familiar with this company.

    They used some sneaky marketing tricks increae what I originally paid, extract more money out of me, but I finally decided I’d spent enough (not much, AUD$100 or so), and started to use the packed, or rather read the documentation provided on the sight which also uses video and other tools to train you in marketing.

    Yesterday morning I had a call from a fellow (I assume) from the USA. And he is trying to sell me 1 on 1 personal tutoring for quite a large sum of money.

    I started to get nervous about the whole thing and did some searching on the net to see if anyone had commented about the package. That’s how I fell on to your site.

    I would be very pleased if you could give me some feedback about the product so that I can opt-out before the deadline if necessary.

    Let me thank you for the information you have already provided via your site.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kevin Alder
    P.S. I also posted on your Facebook site – no need to reply to both.

  56. Oh I see because I am affiliated with Amway. and uhhhh yea not doing so well. =P

  57. Duke,

    I can only speak from experience. MLSP is a site that trains you how to market & build a network marketing business online. It’s a terrific lead generator and way to build YOUR list. AND, it’s an affiliate sales funnel that allows you earn not only from MLSP but also the 17 affiliate programs in your back office. It provides the marketer with a way to build relationships with and train others how to actually get results and earn money marketing your business on the internet. I can’t speak highly enough about it.

  58. I’m a little confused and curious as to what MLSP offers. So is it just another form of store marketing site or is it a website that teaches you by purchasing their DVDs?

  59. Steve,

    Just curious on your business thoughts about one24. I am not a real good sales person, but I am willing to try. Please contact me at my email as it is the best way.


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  61. Hey Steve, nice to meet you. Love what you have going here with the
    blog, looks great. Look forward to learning more about you.
    Take care Steve.

  62. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the great tips, suggestions, and advise. Besides that, I really have respect for you. I am not in your down line, in fact, I am already part of one of your businesses under someone else, however, you were still still kind enough to give me genuine tips and advise.

    I truly respect you for that and with you the best!

    Ahmed (Ed) Hasan 🙂

  63. Thanks for stopping by, Bert! I’m beginning to change my mind. If people would just understand that building a business actually involves work, many more people would succeed.

  64. Hi Steve, Enjoyed your site. You put an interesting slant on MLM! I’m not a fan of MLM either… not saying there is anything wrong with it. Like most things in life, it works for some and not for others.

    Take care,

  65. Hi Steve!

    I really like what you have done here with your blog! The systems you use and companies you partnered up with are definitely excellent, and you provide tons of value here. I will be sure to check back often!


    Gabriel Johansson

  66. Hey Rohan,

    You know, I’m not entirely sure. It looks like an artists drawing of maybe a prototype or something. Looks like a sleek vette.


  67. Steve

    Sorry to be a litte off topic here, but I just had to ask you which car is this in the background.

    I tried to look up the source file for a jpg or theme of sorts but could not find it.

    This silver car, in the background.



  68. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for stopping by! Tough for me to say since I’m in both! They are both legitimate businesses, run by people with integrity, and both have great travel products. I personally find that Primo is a little “easier” to recruit into because of the comp plan. It’s not MLM, it’s a simple 1-up comp plan which is easy to explain. People understand it right away. Plus, the marketing system that you get (you can view mine here: is 2nd to none in my opinion. You don’t have to create anything on your own to begin generating leads.

    If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I hope we have the opportunity to work together!


  69. Hi Steve
    I am new to internet online business and was wanting to know your thoughts on which of these two is best to start with.Primo Vacation or Pyxism really appreciate your help.
    Thankyou Rachelle

  70. Hi Eva,

    Well, my 2 primary businesses are not traditional MLM businesses. Primo Vacations is Direct Sales with a 1-up compensation model and Pyxism (while closer to MLM) is based on a 2×2 matrix. I am just not a fan of traditional MLM, with typically overpriced products and a monthly autoship. Can you make money in a traditional MLM? Yes, but most will not and it takes a long time to build a large enough downline to start making decent money. That’s why I stay away from those types of businesses and recommend that the majority of marketers not get involved with them as well.


  71. Am curious about MLM income. Just saw in your minute-long message that your income is not via an MLM. Even more curious now.

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  73. Awesome content, I am glad I met you at the MLSP Forum. Keep up the great value.

    Have a great day!
    Dave Steffensmeier

  74. Nice blog, Steve! It goes like this, a customer searches for a keyword on Google. You have written an article which targets this word and have rendered it to a website which Google likes. The client finds your clause on page one, reads it, clicks on your internet site link, and visits your internet site. Article marketing in a nutshell!

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