101 Year Old Marathon Runner…It’s Never Too Late To Reach Your Goals!

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fauja-singhDo you ever think that it’s too late to start something? You know…you’re too old to go back to college or you’re too old to dream anymore? Well, take a look at Fauja Singh and prepare to be embarrassed! I know I was…

Fauja Singh just ran, according to him, his last marathon – running 26.2 miles – at the ripe old age of 101 becoming apparently the oldest marathon runner in the world. Since 2000, he ran 8 marathons. The really crazy thing is that he had never run a marathon until he was 89 years old! How nuts is that?

I think the moral of this story is that you’re never too old or it’s never too late to follow your dreams. For example, I got involved in the home business industry and learned online marketing starting at the age of 45. I have someone on one of my “teams” who is just getting started at 79 years of age. And, let me tell you he’s more active in his business than most!

The network marketing industry, while catering to anyone who wants to follow their dreams of personal and financial freedom, is really catering at this point in time to the baby boomers. This generation makes up the majority of people who I speak with on a daily basis and makes up the majority of successful network marketers. Many of them HAVE to make money since their careers were cut short by the economy or their retirement plans shrunk in value over the past 6 years. Whatever the reason, our industry welcomes everyone with open arms.

One of the biggest keys to network marketing success, and I poo-poo’d it in the beginning, is mindset. Having the proper entrepreneurial NEVER QUIT attitude is essential to success. The road won’t always be smooth and you may sometimes have to leave your comfort zone and work harder than any biz op website will lead you to believe BUT don’t quit because YOUR GOALS ARE WORTH IT! Imagine if Fauja Singh quit at 88?

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