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3 feet from goldLike I mentioned yesterday, I was starting to re-read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It’s a timeless classic and really pertains to all of us and network marketing entrepreneurs.

The beginning of the book speaks about being “3 Feet From Gold”. I’ve heard this term for many years in the sales industry and it really is true. It’s the idea that when things look their bleakest and when you feel like throwing in the towel and giving up, that you just might be VERY CLOSE to finally achieving your goal – closing that sale or signing up that new distributor. The underlying message is to not give up.

Everyone who has ever achieved anything in life, particularly going against the norm and starting their own business or promoting their own product or idea, has run into difficulties at one time or another and could have given up. It took Thomas Edison hundreds of attempts to finally create a lightbulb that worked (where would we be today if he gave up?). Marconi’s friends, the father of the radio, sent him into psychiatric care when he told them he could broadcast sound over the air without wires…they thought he was nuts!

Bringing that thought to modern day, I remember when there was this new young company called Google who decided they were going to take on the search engine GIANT Yahoo. This was just crazy talk as everyone on the internet was using Yahoo. We know what happened there!

Talking sports, my favorite topic, the best hitters in baseball fail 7 out of every 10 times they step up to the plate.

The idea here is that nobody (except the marketing materials :)) said that starting and building a successful online marketing or network marketing business was going to be easy. My friends thought I was crazy when I told them I was going to get involved in network marketing. I remember this like it was yesterday…one of them simply said… “Steve, I really don’t think that’s a very good idea. Nobody ever makes any money doing that. I’ll check to see if my company has any openings.”

That’s how the majority of people are conditioned to think and that’s OK. It makes the landscape that we work in wide open for those of us who don’t give up and keep focused on our end goal.

What is your end-goal?

Will you do whatever you have to to reach it?

Keep moving forward as if you’re just 3 Feet From Gold!

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