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3 More Simple MLM Lead Generation Tips To Help Build Your Home Based Business

We all know that LEADS & TRAFFIC are the lifeblood of any MLM home business and the biggest challenge for network marketers. If we don’t have leads, we don’t have a business. It’s that simple!

Most home based business entrepreneurs just don’t generate, or even try to generate to be honest with you, enough leads to build a sustainable and profitable business. This is key and is really what separates the successful from the wash-outs. In this article, I’ve listed 3 more really simple MLM Lead Generation Tips that you can begin to implement immediately. For 5 more strategies, go to 5 MLM Lead Generation Tips.

MLM Lead Generation Tip #1

Be Accessible. I cannot tell you how many leads AND sign-ups I’ve received just because I make myself accessible. Just because I answer my phone and call people back. Or respond to emails. I mean, you can see what I look like (for better or for worse :)), find my real email address and cell phone number, connect with me on Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other places. AND, I answer my phone! Don’t hide behind a picture of your dog or no picture at all. Why wouldn’t you answer your phone or call back prospects? This “tip” is really common sense but you can really set yourself apart from a majority of your competition just by being “human” and having some business sense!

MLM Lead Generation Tip #2

Guaranteed Visitors. There are advertising sites out there that will Guarantee you traffic to your website (views) from a targeted demographic that you select. This type of advertising is very simple to set up and is extremely low cost. Another key is, because it’s so cheap and simple, it’s duplicatable by anyone (ie. your downline!). It’s not the highest converting form of advertising out there but it will generate cheap, targeted leads for you. Take a look at my favorite HERE.

MLM Lead Generation Tip #3

Social Media. Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others) is where it’s at online nowadays. If you are marketing online, you absolutely MUST at least have a presence on these sites and be relatively active. I’ll tell you from personal experience, and I am by no means a social media rock star (whatever that is lol!) that it works. These sites offer a tremendous opportunity to network and build relationships with like-minded individuals. I’ve made sales from social media sites and consistently generate really solid leads. Don’t think these sites are just for the kids! To find out how you can actually become a “Facebook Rockstar”…CLICK HERE.

I’ll be sharing more MLM Lead Generation Tips very soon, so be sure to stop back again!

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