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Having a blog, and maintaining a blog, is imperative if you expect to succeed online in your network marketing business. So, you must have a network marketing blog! That’s great but what do you do with it and how do you make money from it? That is exactly what I am going to show you today. I will share with you 3 EXTREMELY SIMPLE tips that you absolutely need to (and can) implement immediately.

TIP #1: Keyword Optimization: Write your articles with a purpose. Some will say otherwise but I’ve noticed that many network marketing blogs out there generate the majority of their traffic through forums (which is also a good strategy), I believe that you need to get visitors to your blog through organic search – specifically from Google. You need to write articles about keywords that people are searching for. The tool that I use to choose my keywords, because it’s inexpensive and takes all the guess work out of the process, is Market Samurai. You can Check Out Market Samurai HERE.

A good way to generate traffic is to write “reviews” of various home based business opportunities. The newer, the better. I  would not try to tackle Amway right away because it  will take you a long time to get a first page ranking. For example, I was one of the first to write a review of One24. I have been steadily getting about 50 search engine visitors a day to my site JUST FROM THAT ONE ARTICLE, which in turn generates leads for me! Here’s an article I wrote on a strategy for how to select companies to write about: How To Get Top Google Rankings. The keywords that I will always use when writing a review article are as follows: companyname, companyname review, companyname scam, companyname compensation plan, company owner’s name.

Tip #2: Opt-In Box: You must have an opt-in box on your site, and it should be positioned “above the fold” so it can be seen by visitors without having to scroll down. The purpose of the opt-in box is to capture leads name and email address so that you can build your list. What you provide back to the lead in return for their name and email address  can be a newsletter, free video series on recruiting, network marketing training, your own product…the list goes on. Just make sure that you are providing value back so that you develop a positive relationship with your list.

Tip #3: Affiliate Banners: You need to have banners on your blog (the  right side of your blog is recommended as it’s been proven to convert better than the left side for some reason) for some of the affiliate programs that you are involved in. We all want to sign people up in our primary business, but as crazy as it sounds most visitors will not sign up for your primary business. Network marketers are always looking for productivity tools and training though. These are the types of products to promote with banners on your site. Personally, I change mine up from time to time depending on how well they are converting and I would recommend that you do the same.

Conclusion: There you have it. Start implementing these simple strategies immediately to start driving traffic to your network marketing blog and to convert that traffic into sales and income!

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  • Hi Monique,

    Thanks for stopping by. Chris is absolutely correct. I have been very lax on the video side but do everything else Chris mentioned. Definitely a great way to generate traffic to your blog, which is what it’s all about! I will stop by your blog as well.


  • Hi Steve,

    thanks for sharing the great tips. I really like Market Samuari as well. It helps tremendously with the keyword research. I was reading Chris Hopkins’s blog yesterday and in one of his posts he was talking about how his blog is the hub and that all other content he sends back to it. For instance, if he creates an article on his blog, he will do a quick video on it, tweet it, Facebook it, and submit it to article directories with a submitter. He says he gets lots of traffic this way!
    Monique Hawkins´s last blog post ..Network Marketing Tips -Nobody listens to me and other pathetic excuses

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the comment! I have never read about a number of how many banners you should have. I agree that I have seen sites with dozens of banners as well and it personally turns me off. I do not know if they are having success with those ads or not. It just looks like they are promoting every affiliate program that they are in! I personally think that less is more. Just my opinion!


  • Michael B Wilbraham

    Great tips that we can all use. I only have one question – what is the optimum number of banner ads that one should be placing on the right side of the blog?

    I have come across blogs that have these ads by the dozen, it makes more sense to me to have 4 or six 125 X 125 banners & maybe one large one.

    Anyone with some advice?
    Michael B Wilbraham´s last blog post ..Internet Marketing – The Two Faces Of Online Business

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