4.5 Tips To Turn Your Blog Into an MLM Lead Generation Machine!

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Here’s a quick video presentation I recorded on 4.5 tips/strategies that you can use to convert a high percentage of your blog traffic into MLM Leads (and then sign-ups!). I sincerely hope you enjoy & that it helps you to generate more leads and more sign-ups for your business!

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  • it was one of the best things I ever learned. Tell people EXACTLY what you want them to do and don’t assume that they’ll figure it out! Thanks for the comment, Alecia!

  • Alecia

    Yes, making it clear of what action you want your visitors to take is essential in attracting and converting traffic.

  • Hi Tom,

    First of all, welcome to MLSP. You won’t be disappointed! Once you host your own blog, you’ll be able to add the plug-ins that I recommend that will help you capture leads. Do that as soon as possible. If you go with Hostgator (recommended), use coupon code “whoisstevehawk” and you’ll get your first month for a penny.

    I believe you can just click on the video to pause it but I will look into that. Good point and thanks for stopping by!


  • Tom Fuszard


    Great tips! I will try to incorporate at least some of your suggestions in my blog. It’s at WordPress; I don’t know how much I’ll be able to adjust it. Eventually I plan to move my blog to a hosted service.

    Incidentally, I am a newer MLSP member. I believe I’ve watched one of your videos in the back office. Your voice sounds familiar!

    Just a minor note about the video on this page: It would be nice if we could pause it. I pulled up my blog while viewing the video, but couldn’t pause it while I attempted various steps.

    Still, it’s a great video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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