5 Banner Advertising Sites To Help You Make Money Online

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Best-Home-BusinessToday, I’d like to share with you an online marketing strategy that really works (I’ve been doing it on my blog and some other blogs for years but am going to expand my Banner Advertising marketing efforts are and want to share with you some info that will hopefully help you and your business. This MLM Training will hopefully give you some more bullets to use in your own marketing and give you some new ideas on the myriad of places and strategies that you can use to make money online.

I’m going to discuss Banner Advertising/Media Buys (that’s a banner in the upper left corner of this post). This may sound really complicated but it’s not! I’ll also give some ideas of sites that you can check out on your own to test out. I haven’t used all of them BUT am including them because they’re popular places to advertise for people in the home business/affiliate marketing niche and I believe are worth checking out based on my research.

Let me first say that TRAFFIC is the name of the game when it comes to online marketing & making money online. You can have the slickest looking website and absolute BEST product or program in the entire universe but if people don’t see YOUR website you’ll make ZERO money. High Quality and High Volume traffic is what separates the winners from the losers in this game and, like me, you should always be looking for new traffic sources that fit your budget. Test them on a small level to see what sites work best for you and your offer.

The advantage to using “Media Buy” sites such as the ones listed here is that you can advertise with one site/account and have your banner ad shown on thousands of different targeted websites. Otherwise, it would be up to you to seek out each publisher and blogger and purchase separate advertising from each website owner which is a LOT more work to purchase your ads and track your stats.

Personally, I’ve always liked banner advertising because IT WORKS and IT’S SIMPLE. Pictures sell better than words – at least they encourage “clicks” to your website and it’s those clicks that are the first step to making sales. Why? Because those clicks (to your lead capture page) result in “leads” into your autoresponder where some of those leads will purchase/join. That’s the online marketing process.

With that said, let’s get into it…Here are 5 Banner Advertising Sites To Help You Make Money Online…

1. AdClickMedia.com: Established in 2008, AdclickMedia is a division of Multiple Stream Media, LLC. Their mission is to take the most advanced display advertising and email ppc channels and making them accessible for brands of all size and budget. They offer the most cutting edge pay per click advertising products for advertisers and publishers in a format that is both simple and affordable. They believe in transparency in pricing and reporting, and are proud of the fact that they are helping online businesses of all sizes to grow their businesses.

I’ve personally used this site and they are VERY inexpensive and are open to you advertising any Business Opportunity (at least that I’m aware of). They charge you “per click” rather than “per impression” and gives you a little bit better control over your spending. The results can be slow, I’ve found, but for the money they are definitely worth checking out.

2. AdBlade.com: Taken from their website… “Put an end to disappointing campaign results with Adblade, the world’s only ultra-premium ad network. With premium inventory from over 1,000 branded content sites, reaching over 200 million unique users in the US each month, you can target best prospects at scale. Our proprietary NewsBullets® ad unit is designed to engage readers – and delivers 3x better results. And thanks to our constant monitoring and screening of content sites you can enjoy true peace-of-mind.”

This site advertises on bigger content networks than AdClickMedia and charges per 1000 impressions rather than per click. This is a more common way for these advertising networks to charge. They are the ad network for Entrepreneur Magazine as well as numerous other quality content sites.

3. Pulse360.com: They’re a full-blown online advertising site offering “per click” campaigns as well as “per impression” campaigns (as well as Pay Per Click). They show your ads on a network of over 400 big-time websites like NBCnews and Weather.com among others. I’ve never used them yet but have heard good things. They do offer some very specific targeting so if you know who’s looking to buy your product, they’ll help you target your ads to reach the people most likely to buy.

4. MediaTraffic.com: This site is not a true “Banner Ad” site but worth checking out. I’ve used them with some success. They offer what’s called CPV Contextual Advertising”. Basically, they will show your lead capture page/website to targeted people who are searching online for something similar. For example, if you’re marketing a biz op, you can target www.empowernetwork.com (a popular biz op) and if someone clicks on an ad for empower network, they can get re-directed to your capture page. A little deceptive but still cool and you don’t need a banner. Just the url to your affiliate site. And you can be very specific in your targeting.

It is pretty simple to advertise with MediaTraffic. You’ll get more traffic by entering more targeted website urls or keywords.

5. Advertising.com: You’ll be advertising on networks like AOL, Classmates.com, Engadget and other high quality content sites. A relatively simple to use platform. Get your message to the customers you want – at scale. Advertise on specific types of sites on the Advertising.com network, or choose the AOL sites that resonate most with your audience. If they’re out there, they’ll help you find them.

There are plenty of banner and contextual advertising sites out there and I’ve only listed 5 to get you started. Feel free to let me know your favorites in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you! I’d also love to hear your results if you test any of the 5 I’ve listed.

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  1. Hey nice article Steve. First time visitor to your site… The flip side of buying banner ads is selling banner ad space on your own site. I’ve found this to be a constant source of income personally that enables me to re-invest those earnings back into more online projects. Banner advertising has been around for along time and will continue to be something that you either leverage and win with, or ignore and flounder along.
    Greg Nunan´s last blog post ..How To Create True Walk Away Passive Income

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