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adhitprofits-reviewSo I got involved in a new revenue share business 14 days ago (June 8, 2013) and wanted to share with you my results and thoughts on the program in this NEW Ad Hit Profits Review.

First of all, let me set the scene for you. I’ve never been involved in any of the popular revenue share programs before – like Banners Broker or dare I say Zeek Rewards. Now, in my opinion, Zeek did not start out as a scam but evolved into one because the admin wanted to keep paying out unrealistic earnings even though the company wasn’t making that money anymore. That’s just my view from the outside anyway. But I digress…

When Ad Hit Profits was shown to me for the first time, my first reaction was to run. When something looks too good to be true it usually is. That being said, I’m a river boat gambler and purchased 11 shares on June 8th for $495. Here are my results since that time:

Ad Hit Profits Review

As you can see, I’ve made over $2000 from profit share in 2 weeks that I’ve used to purchase additional shares which is why my original 11 shares has grown to 40. That includes my expired shares since all shares expire when they hit a value of $56.25. The faster they hit “maturity” the faster your money grows.

This is not an “investment” and it’s important to understand that. When you join Ad Hit Profits, you’re purchasing advertising for your home based business which is the targeted traffic the site is getting. Each ad share costs $45. Because of the massive growth and the fact that Ad Hit Profits has gone viral, the ad shares are maturing or expiring in 8 days BUT your active share balance is doubling every 7 days. The more shares you have the more revenue you’ll share in since your balance is higher. The power of compounding and letting your money work for you.

Of course, past performance is no indication of future results but I don’t see this slowing down anytime soon! In fact, it’s still in the early stages of company growth so I could see the revenue growth actually increase at least short term.

What I like about this program, as compared to some other similar ones, is that the Admin (Charles Scoville) is front and center and not hiding behind some Admin title. They have a compliance officer on retainer to protect both the business as well as the members. He’s given the business the “THUMBS UP” from a compliance standpoint which is essential for the long term.

My plan is to let my money sit until my share balance gets over 300 (that should take 3 weeks at the current growth rate) and then start to withdraw $200/day. As I learn more about how withdrawals will affect my growth, I may readjust that strategy.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online completely passively with ABSOLUTELY NO SPONSORING REQUIRED, I recommend getting into Ad Hit Profits for an amount you can afford and then watch that share balance grow. IT”S EXCITING!


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  • Hi Judith – it is true that once a share expires you no longer earn revenue on that share. The time that it takes to expire will vary. Since I got involved on June 8th, it’s averaging 8 days for shares to expire. I’m not sure I understand why you would withdraw all your money and then buy back in versus just buying more shares as you go? It seems to me just leaving it in there will allow your shares to grow faster.


  • Judith Lawrence

    I think that once a share expires which takes 19 days and hits the max of 56.25…you no longer make any money off that share. If you read the testamonials…people wait 19 days withdraw all their money and wait 2 or 3 hours and then put it back in (buy more shares). That way their money starts earning again. I wonder if there’s somewhere we could go to get the truth.

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