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Ad Hit Profits Review – Scam or Legitimate Revenue Sharing?

adhitprofits-reviewThere’s a new advertising revenue share business that’s just coming up on 2 months of operation so I thought the timing was right to provide you with an honest 3rd party Ad Hit Profits Review. A friend showed me the website today and I did some digging and ended up opening an account so I wanted to share my findings with you. Just so you know up front, this review will NOT be positive or negative although it may contain some personal feelings based on my experience.

Who Is The Ad Hit Profits Owner?

The owner is a guy named Charles Scoville. It’s a very good sign that the owner of the program lets people know who is he which I know sounds strange but in this business there are many who hide behind their website and that’s always the sign of a scam. Charles holds webinars and seems like a very honest person. I checked into his background and he has owned several internet businesses over the years so he has experience, which is also a positive.

What Exactly Is Ad Hits Profits?

Ad Hits Profits sells banner advertising, both to members as well as outside advertisers. While I’m sure most of the advertising is being purchased by members, it has been stressed that there are people just advertising on the site because of the massive traffic they are getting.

When advertising online, traffic is key. The Alexa ranking for is 3,124. That means that there are only 3,123 websites on the entire internet world wide that have been visited more frequently in the past 3 months. The funny thing is the Ad Hit Profits site has only been live for 2 of those 3 months! It’s this traffic that makes the advertising on the Ad Hit Profits website so attractive to companies as well as online marketers.

How Exactly Do You Make Money With Ad Hit Profits?

Rather than explain, I recorded a video that shows not only how Ad Hit Profits works but also shows my personal results after just 36 hours (trust me, you’ll be SHOCKED!).

( **UPDATE TO VIDEO: I want to clarify that each $45 ad share you purchase fully matures at $56.25 (for a 125% revenue share return). My calculations in the video did not factor in the expiring shares.)

AdHitProfit Review Summary

As mentioned in the video, the compliance officer, John Rock, has reviewed the business model and given it the thumbs up. All signs point toward a long life. I’ve personally never gotten involved in a passive revenue share business before but I have to say it’s a lot of fun! I don’t recommend starting with more money than you can comfortably afford and of course, there are no promises of income or future results. Understand that you are purchasing advertising to advertise your home business. The nice thing about Ad Hit Profits is that the advertising is REAL. That being said, if the last couple of days are any indication, I’m going to have a fun & profitable 2nd half of 2013! Join me!

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6 thoughts on “Ad Hit Profits Review – Scam or Legitimate Revenue Sharing?

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Glen. Mine are still growing. Certainly not at the pace that the were in June/July but that was unsustainable. What people forget is that Ad Hit Profits is an advertising site and I do get leads and sign ups from my ads on the site so the “product” (advertising) does work if you’re involved in a network marketing business. At this point in time, I would not get involved solely for the profit share.


  2. This is a total Rip Off! My shares have not made any money for quite some time now! I have stopped clicking the ads but even when I was clicking them there was very little growth!!

    It grew for about the 1st week to 10 Days and then came to a virtual standstill … I can’t believe people are still ploughing money into it!!!

  3. absolutely, Steve. I’ve personally never been in a business that shares revenues like this but by all accounts it’s solid. I’ve spoken with a few people who understand this business model better than me and really it should last for as long as marketers find value in the advertising. Time will tell, off course!


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