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A friend of mine joined Ambit Energy recently and asked my opinion of the company “after” they joined! I guess it didn’t really matter at that point! But, I  decided to check it out and wanted to share my honest, unbiased Ambit Energy Review with you so that you can make an educated decision BEFORE you join.

Ambit Energy Review Scam

What Exactly Is Ambit Energy?

Ambit is a retail electricity and natural gas provider (exciting, I know!) currently providing service in Texas, New York and Illinois. Because they are a “licensed” retail energy provider they have a certain degree of built in credibility that most network marketing companies do not. This makes Ambit, in my opinion, a legitimate MLM business. Ambit Energy is NOT a scam.

The bummer is that, since they are only licensed in 3 states it really limits the marketers’ prospect pool. On the other hand, if you know how to generate network marketing leads online, you should be able to dominate!

How Much Does Ambit Energy Cost?

The cost to join Ambit Energy as an independent marketing consultant is a one-time fee of $399. This is your cost to start your Ambit Energy business and does include your marketing or advertising costs.

Can I Make Money With Ambit Energy?

The answer is of course you can. There are plenty of people making money with Ambit but, as with most MLMs, the majority who join do not make a penny. The key is understanding that you are in business for yourself and you need to learn how to market YOUR business.

The Ambit Energy compensation plan is typical MLM with a twist. There are fast-start bonuses to encourage you to enroll at least 4 new consultants in your first 4 weeks and at least 10 in 8 weeks ($100 per enrollee), then it decreases to $50 over time. You will also receive overrides on your team-members’ recruiting efforts.

The twist is that you will receive residual commissions based on the energy usage of the customers that you sign up.

I encourage you to visit Ambit Energy Comp Plan for a complete overview.

The Management Team:

The primary 2 members of the Ambit Energy management team are the Co-Founders Jere Thompson Jr, and Chris Chambles. Both bring years of energy industry as well as network marketing experience to the table. It is also a very good sign that they proudly proclaim their association with the company as most MLM Scams typically hide their ownership in a cloud of secrecy.

Overall Opinion:

My overall opinion is that Ambit Energy is a solid company with  a real product and service, that offers an opportunity to make money to the serious home based business entrepreneur who is willing to market exclusively in TX, NY & IL and who is willing to put in the work necessary to build a successful business.


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  • Hi Rosa,

    Thanks for sharing! I’m not personally involved with Ambit – I just try to provide reviews of home based businesses for my readers so that they can make educated decisions for themselves. That being said, from what I know about Ambit – it’s an MLM structured business which is a legitimate business model. You are correct that you’ll need to get distributors under you in order leverage your earnings which is essential in any MLM business. Your input is appreciated.


  • Rosa

    Where are the negative reviews about Ambit. From my research, someone looking for a business or a utilties services should stay far away from Ambit. People, this is another pyramid scheme operation. You spend $400 to sell a product. And then have to get people under you to do the same thing. Exactly how many people do you really think you can get to switch energy services or spend $400 to sell a product you just sold? You will need to get customers or underlings forever to make a decent living. You will save more money by NOT getting involved with this company. Do your homework. And I seriously doubt this comment will be posted.

  • Harry Hankle

    Steve Hawk is the best on the internet. He is VERY knowledgeable, and treats everyone with TOTAL respect.

    I have been in Ambit for several months. In Pa you can go to, and look for all the information you need about switching, rates, etc. I’m sure other states have the same thing.

    In Ambit you need 15 customers to get free electric or the average of those 15 customers. I get a credit of about $150 on my monthly electric bill. Awesome.

    We are currently in Texas, Illinois, NY, Maryland, Pa., NJ, and will be in alot more states, and a foreign country by the end of 2012.

    Right now Ambit has double bonuses for new consultants. If you enroll yourself and 4 other people as customers in 28 days you receive $200, and so does your sponsor. Get 3 more customers in 28 days, and you receive another $100. Sponsor 1 consultant, and help them get 4 customers in 28 days, and you receive an additional $200. You should be able to make $500 in your 1st 28 days.

    I am thankful what Ambit has done for me, and my family, and I’m excited about helping other people do the same. With Steve Hawk’s help I plan to begin marketing on-line.

    Any questions please feel free to contact me at

    Take Care.

  • Trisha

    I am trying to see if I should sign up for Ambit’s electricity. I don’t want to make money. I just need electricity. Please someone who knows how is the service?

  • Great review. Joining Ambit was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! My team is booming and I love helping them make the money they need to achieve their financial goals. The leadership is amazing and I can’t wait to see what’s next! For the 2 hottest months in Texas..June and July my bills were a total of $12.21!!! 6 bucks for July and 6.21 for August!

    Michele – We will be opening NJ on 9/8/11. Feel free to contact me 214.794.6585 or

  • Steve,

    Great forum, thanks. Been with Ambit 1 year already a Senior as I grew a large team in PA, NJ will be open this week!, along with pittsburgh. and adding small commercial and gas to many existing markets.
    The Executive team is ready to hold first meetings, presentations, and training in contact

    Steve you are so right with “no hype” needed, as a solid opportunity sits on its own merits.

  • Thanks for the comment, Mary. It’s good to hear that you “took action” and that Ambit’s working for you! Awesome to hear!


  • mayreed

    Thank you for your objective review. I have been with Ambit Energy since Oct 2007and I was not always active cuz I did not get the marketing plan in the beginning. It was different from other MLM marketing plan I was used to.

    I am a TX Realtor by trade and am practicing Realtor in San Antonio, TX for over 15 years. The first time I met the top leadership of Ambit was at the Dallas Power Trip training in April 2011. I admire the leadership of Jere Thompson and Chris Chambliss. I have never seen top people take time to answer questions from their people and they did in person. They care a lot about their people. How about all those CEO’s making millions of dollars while their companies are getting bailed out by the gov’t. why don’t you turn to those people and leave Ambit Executives alone.

    Many times when a company is getting beat up is because it is about to explode with SUCCESS…All of you who are listening to all the negatives being said about Ambit Energy must think twice. Are you letting their opinions shape you and your families future. Unemployment is high right now. Don’t muddied the water for other folks. What is it in for these negative people. These people talking negatives are they successful or are they just trying to put down Ambit Energy because they are Ambit competitors and are scared to death of it’s future looking like GOLD.

    I love Ambit Energy because it is a way for many people to become rich if they work it. Like many new independent consultant, I did not understand the marketing plan in the beginning. Now that I understand it, I am thankful that it is designed to pay the producers. It is so simple. customers can sign up on their own just go to my site and see the different plans they can select. [link removed] if you are in TX,IL,NY,MD, and PA..use your zipcode.

    .. if you selected a fixed rate for a certain time, make sure you renew it so you continue to be enrolled on a plan. if you want to see the opportunity go to [link removed].

    For the people who are curious about the free electric, it is the average of 15 customers referrals bills that will be credited to your bill each month..some people end up paying their taxes only…Ambit energy is the only company that offers free electricity that I know of. No cost to switch to Ambit Energy. You can even start you homebased business part time like me..I am glad I listened to my upline and I took ACTION…Thank God.

    I have to tell all of you that for a year now I have been receiving checks residual income from Ambit Energy that is more than a couple of thousand a month without me doing anything but bec I worked in the early days and signed up few people. Thank you to my downline excellent work.

    Now how many of you would not mind receiving residual income like that? I do real estate full time and Ambit Energy Part Time.

    Also the top money earner Brian McClure is training consultants with unbelievable commitment and awesome training. He is one of the 9 millionaires with Ambit Energy in only 4 years…All I can tell you is that the income people make is going up and up like the sales of Ambit is going up and even made the #1 fastest growing company in the U.S. according to Inc.500 in 2010…I did not publish this magazine, check it out for yourself.

    The one time fee people are talking about? That is paid to the consultants who bring customers to Ambit Energy and the more customers and consultants you bring to Ambit the more money they pay you. this month is double commission…they pay it to the sales force up to $340 so only $59 goes to Ambit Admin..I gather this info based on the marketing plan…also the monthly payment for a terrific website which keep track of your whole business from enrolling customers and consultants to billing customers and paying your salesforce, it is like having a personal assistant who will never complain, never get sick and always transparent. I love it…what business can you get that is so cheap in overhead.only Ambit rent to pay etc. listen up, if you have some business savvy at all compare this info to your business…no inventory to maintain…product is already used by many and they pay it every month. Common now..Ambit Energy is a Winner in every way…Ambit Energy Rocks!!!More Power to Ambit Energy….God Bless Ambit Energy and all the leaders, employees, salesforce and customers.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Jenifer, and I wish you all the best with your Ambit business. Ambit’s appears to be a great business as long as you generate at least 10 leads per day on a consistent basis. That’s the only reason that causes people to struggle.

  • Just an update … Ambit is now in 5 states – Texas, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. We also expect to expand into at least 3 additional states this year. It’s a growing business and those people who are SERIOUS about working to earn their share of this multi-billion dollar industry can absolutely do it with Ambit. Especially as Ambit moves into more and more states across the country.

  • Steve,
    I want to thank you for giving a concise review of the business. When people go out online and research the business all they see is the scam aspect that people post because as a consultant they were unable to make any money at the MLM. I have only been with Ambit for a month or so. The bonuses make it nice. I am growing my business part time for now, but plan to move up from here! Just wanted to take the time to say thanks for the Blog and the obvious time you took to review the business and give a report based on truth, not your opinion.

    Daniel Hunt

  • Michele I am with Ambit. I haven’t heard anything about New Jersey yet but they are planning on coming out to new market areas. Maybe New Jersey will be one of them. If you like email and I will keep in touch with you about it.

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