Are You Generating AT LEAST 10 MLM Leads Per Day?

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MLM Lead Generation Expectations

The answer to this question is so vitally important yet gets swept under the rug by most network marketers. Kind of like the ostrich with his head underground. People join business with blinders on and don’t think about what activity it will actually take to make their business profitable. MLM Lead Generation and Traffic are the 2 major reasons for success or failure in network marketing. Unfortunately, most people either do not understand this concept or choose to ignore it.

When just getting started with an MLM opportunity, most people are told to make a list of their friends & family, invite them to view a presentation, and follow-up with them. Some will join and most will not (this business is a numbers game). It’s what happens after you’ve gone through your friends and family list that separates the success stories from the disappointed and frustrated.

MLM Lead Generation (ie. marketing) is a skill that must be learned if you expect to reach the income levels you are “hoping” for when you get involved in a home business in the first place. If you don’t learn how to “market” your business, you won’t even make $500 per month. That’s just the truth. What type of results should you be looking for?

With your MLM Lead Generation, you should be targeting a minimum of 10 leads per day (this is a bare minimum). DO NOT IGNORE THIS NUMBER! If you are not generating AT LEAST 10 targeted leads per day, you just will not have enough activity to build a successful business. Your marketing needs to be consistent, day in and day out. This is NOT easy. It’s been said that you should be talking to 6-10 people every day about your business – finding people who are looking to make extra income. Luckily, with the internet and online marketing, this is much easier than the old days of hanging out in shopping malls trying to hand out business cards and flyers!

It really wasn’t until I started to generate a consistent 20 + leads per day that I saw my business increase to levels that would allow me to work this business full-time.

You need traffic to Generate MLM Leads. Simply put, you need enough eyes to see your lead capture page and be interested enough to enter their name & email address for more information. How many eyes? It depends on how your lead capture page converts but, if using a cold marketing approach where you do not know the people you are prospecting, a 10% conversion rate is solid (this number could be higher or lower depending on your marketing strategies). This means that you will generate 10 leads for every 100 who see your capture page. So, if you’re shooting for 10 leads a day, that means that 100 people will need to see your capture page daily. Do you think you can do this?

If you understand now that you will need to learn how to market your network marketing business in order to see positive results, yet you aren’t really sure how to go about learning how to do this…

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