Auto Cash Bot System Results (Not a Scam!)

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I recorded this quick video to show you my REAL RESULTS from using the Auto Cash Bot System for only 4 days. I wanted to record this video NOW because the price is going to go up from the current $197 one-time payment to $297 PLUS $77/month in about a week.

AutoCashBot System appears to be the real-deal and not a scam. I’ve already generated real visits and leads on COMPLETE AUTO-PILOT and my traffic is increasing daily. Watch the video to see everything.

(To watch in Full-Screen, Click the lower right corner of the video)


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17 thoughts on “Auto Cash Bot System Results (Not a Scam!)

  1. Thanks for stopping by, MF. I just checked and the video works fine,. It’s self-hosted (I don’t rely on youtube anymore! Learned that the hard way.). Anyway, I hope that the LCB works out for you! Feel free to report back here with your results.


  2. Hello Steve; Yes, I am also anxious to see your video as well.

    Your video here is just looping around and not playing at all.
    Further to add, Youtube has removed your link for spam or scam
    reasons. You may be required to upload a video to another source.

    However I also finaly activated/purchaed a smaller version of
    Max’s s Auto Cash Bot System which is the Little Cash Bot.
    I just purchased it, so I hope I see results from it.
    Thanks! MFnet1
    MFnet1´s last blog post ..How to Make Free Money Online in Any County

  3. Great Video Steve I just did some research on the Auto Cash Bot System and came across your site Great information in your video I also sent you a friend request in Facebook Please add me


  4. Hey April – it’s good to hear from you…it’s been a while! I hope that all is well and I have no doubt you are still rockin’ it!

  5. Hey Steve great video!! Your #1 on google for all of the company reviews you have nearly!! Doing a great job my friend and I see that people had problems viewing the vid and I also had the same issue. It’s the hosting we have for our media they were having tech issues but now it’s all good 😉 Thanks for sharing Steve!! You are the man!

  6. I am not sure, Aaron? I’ve submitted a few tickets and got my response within 24 hours. Maybe there’s an issue with their Zendesk account? I’m sure it’ll be rectified.

  7. Hello, ACB email address was working, but does not work now. When you try to submit a question, this pops up: ” this zendest account has expired “. What does that mean? Thanks, Aaron B.

  8. Hi Steve, I just watched your video and there wasn’t any problem at all.
    Great job of explaining and showing/sharing your results to allow some of us that are quite tight on cash right now and are trying to make a correct decision, and make a few bucks.
    Roger Dike

  9. Steve,
    Good video but you cannot see the screen even after clicking on the right lower corner.If you can fix that , great.
    But it looks impressive.

  10. Hi Rick,

    I’m not sure what you mean about not being able to see the video? I just checked and all looks good on my end. Could be your display driver on your computer? I have issues with mine from time to time with HD videos. I’d recommend refreshing and trying again. Otherwise here’s the Youtube link:

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