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Automated Money Machine

Automated Money MachineToday I wanted to provide you with a completely unbiased Automated Money Machine Review. This program is in the “Top Tier Direct Sales” niche of the home based business industry. I am a fan of the direct sales business model and know a few people who are involved in this business personally so I figured I’d take a closer look for you.

The Automated Money Machine has been around for about 3 years now and was started by home business and internet entrepreneur Rob Abrams. An internet search shows that Rob was involved in Cash Gifting up until around 2008 before starting the Automated Money Machine (which is not a Cash Gifting program by the way). There’s some negative stuff but you need to always take that with a grain of salt. The people who are screaming “scam” are usually just those who didn’t make any money with a particular program and are angry (at themselves really!).

What is the Automated Money Machine?

It’s a direct sales business that appeals to entrepreneurs looking to make big commissions from home right out of the box. The cost of entry is $500 – $20,000 (YES, $20k!). Most people, according to the website, join for $3.500.

Here are the levels:

BRONZE: $500
SILVER: $2000
GOLD: $3500
DIAMOND: $12000
ELITE: $20000

When joining, you will also need to pay a small admin fee so Rob Abrams can make his money!

AND, right now they are running a promotion where if you come in at the $3,500 level or higher you will get grandfathered in at the next level. For example, if you join and pay $3,500 you will actually be qualified at the $6,500 level. Since you need to be qualified at any given level to earn at that level this is a nice bonus. In addition, they are waiving the 1-Up if you join at least at the $3,500. What this means is that you will not need to pass-up your first sale.

What are the Automated Money Machine products?

The products are digital software and ebooks for marketing training and education. I have not personally had access to the products so I cannot tell you if they are junk or quality information. These products are what keeps the program from being a “Cash Gifting” program. This is completely legal and how many “top tier” programs are set up.

Can you make money with The Automated Money Machine?

To sum up this Automated Money Machine review, you can definitely make money with this business. But, you’ll need to work and it’s not truly automated. I think that’s where some people get annoyed but, honestly, did you really think you’d be able to make a 6-figure income without working for it?

The Webinar sales approach is a proven winner in the top tier industry. The key is getting enough traffic to your website. If you just have a website but no traffic, that won’t do you any good. You need to either pay for or learn HOW to generate leads of people looking to start a home based business. My recommendation is to learn HOW to generate leads because then you’ll never have to worry about leads again. PLUS, you can generate tons of highly qualified and targeted leads for FREE if you know how.

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Automated Money Machine

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