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home-business-leadershipYesterday I wrote about the 3 Keys To Home Based Business Success. Today, I want to drill down more on the topic of LEADERSHIP and give you 3 Steps To Becoming a Leader in Your Home Based Business that you can start to implement immediately. These are based on my personal experience as well observing other top earners and recruiters in the industry, YOU becoming a leader is essential to your overall success in the home business industry – whether you work a network marketing OR top tier opportunity.

So, what does “Becoming a Leader” mean anyway? In a nutshell, it means being that person who provides the people who join you in your opportunity the best chance for success. This obviously is something you can grow into and the sooner you do it the sooner you’ll start seeing massive results in your business!

3 Essential Steps To Becoming a Leader In Your Home Business Opportunity

1. You need to be working your business consistently. Many people join a business opportunity and then immediately back burner it. Don’t be one of those people! You need to get on your company or team’s calls and you must market your business daily (or at least weekly if you work the business part time). You can’t be a leader if you aren’t taking the action necessary to be successful yourself. This way you can have your personal team members follow your lead! Of course, you should also be available for your team members especially when they are just getting started. Many sponsors drop the ball here and it gives the industry a bad name.

2. Never Stop Learning (Growth). You should try to learn something new about your specific business, marketing, mindset, sales, or competitive intel (know your competition). So many people in the industry treat their business like a “hobby” and I don’t know many hobbies that pay well! And when you learn something new, share it with others. EXAMPLE: I remember when I was first getting started I had no idea what an autoresponder was but I knew I needed one. I got Aweber, learned how to use it, and shared my experience with others on my blog and it was very well received because nobody new to the industry knows how to use an autoresponder!

3. Hold Calls/Webinars: This may require stepping out of your comfort zone but really helps to separate you from your competition. These live “events” can be just for your team members or for prospects. The host of these events is automatically positioning themselves as a leader. Get a free conference service (there are plenty out there like FreeConferenceCall.com). Working from home can be an isolated experience and human contact is necessary. Your team members will be appreciative and your prospects will be impressed!

Of course there are other ways to become and be a leader but if you start to implement these 3 pretty simple points, you’ll be well on your way to being that person people look up to and want to join!

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