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Best Free Video Screen Capture Software For 2011

The power of video is unquestioned. Video is great for tutorials – to teach people how to do something. Video also sells! It works great on capture pages and sales pages. If you are completely avoiding using video to build your business, you are missing the boat.

Probably the best screen video capture software on the market today is Camtasia, by TechSmith. I’ve used it and it’s very easy to use and has a built in video editor. The only problem is it costs $299. That alot of money, particularly for part-time network marketers. So if you want to record screencast videos and are looking for a Camtasia alternative, I wanted to share with you 2 viable options. While these alternatives may not be quite as good as Camtasia, they work to record screen capture videos and both are FREE! These are my 2 “Best Free Video Screen Capture Software For 2011”.

1. Jing – also by TechSmith. This software is terrific and works both for capturing screen images or recording video. The only issue I see is that you are limited to 5 minute videos max. Generally, this isn’t an issue but Jing doesn’t do the trick for some tutorials or long sales videos.

For that reason, I needed to look for a 2nd option and found…

2. SM Recorder & SM Converter. This software seemingly allows you to record for as long as you want. I’ve never exceeded an hour and generally set my parameter for 60 minutes maximum. The recorder records in .avi and the converter allows you to convert the video to any format you want. There is no editing feature so, if you need to edit, you will need to have your own editing software.

Both are simple software applications that work well and do what they say. Jing Pro allows you to post your videos immediately to YouTube right from the application and is a bit easier to use than SM Recorder so use that for your shorter videos.

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