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While the BidsThatGive business has been in operation for over 6 months, they’ve really just recently launched their business opportunity with everything operational. For that reason, I thought the timing would be perfect for a Bids That Give Review. I’ll cover what exactly BidsThatGive is, how it differs from other Penny Auction style businesses and the compensation plan. You’ll get all the facts you need to make an educated decision of whether or not this business is for you.

BidsThatGive Review: The Company

Penny Auction business opportunities have been popping up on the internet during the past couple of years. The biggest to date, Zeek Rewards, took the online business opportunity world by storm and then crashed and burned last summer giving this business model a bad name. The fact is the problems that Zeek had were due to the fact that the business was being operated as a ponzi scheme and had nothing to do with the Penny Auction model. I just had to get that out of the way first!

The biggest reason that Bids That Give differs is the fact that they have a sustainable business – a real penny auction site – that doesn’t need the business opportunity to sustain itself. That is a requirement of any legitimate business. After doing a thorough investigation, we’ve determined that Bids That Give is NOT a scam.

The company was founded by Randy Jeffers (pictured on left). He has decades of experience running network marketing companies, and he has surrounded himself with some of the sharpest set of people I have met in the MLM industry. The website is functional and slick, PLUS they’ve wrapped the most professional marketing system we’ve seen around the business. You can tell they are serious about building a monster as they are raising the bar for online businesses. At the present time, the company is debt free, which is a really good sign for any business.

The BidsThatGive Charity Efforts

A great thing about this business is that they are actually doing something about helping children in need throughout the world. You can visit for more information.

The Bids That Give Compensation Plan – How You Make Money

This wouldn’t be a fair Bids That Give Review if we didn’t dive into the compensation plan. Let’s see if you can really make money if you get started with your own BTG online business…

First of all, the business offers a completely passive income stream which really appeals to new people or people who just don’t want to recruit. To make a passive income, you just need to purchase wholesale bids – people are purchasing anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000. Obviously, the bigger the contribution the bigger the passive income potential. You’ll participate in a daily profit sharing pool and only need to post 1 ad per day to qualify.

There’s also HUGE benefits if you’re a network marketer looking to build your own organization, with numerous levels and bonus pools.

Retail Commissions

Earn 20% on all personally sold retail bid packs on

Wholesale Bid Commissions

From 6% up to 12% on Wholesale Bids purchased by personally referred affiliates and from 2.5% up to 6% on affiliates that they personally refer.

Wholesale Bids

As a premium Ambassador you can buy Wholesale bids to be given away to retail customers as incentives and/or given away to your retail customers for their loyalty. These bids cost 50 cents each and for every dollar you spend you will be given 1 point in the Daily Revenue Sharing Pool.*

You will also earn a commission on all personally referred affiliates. The commission rate is determined by your monthly subscription. The Contributor earns 5%, the Guardian earns 7%, the Benefactor earns 10%, and the Global Ambassador earns 12% on all personally referred affiliates. You also earn half that percentage when your personally referred affiliates sell wholesale bids to their personally referred affiliates.

* Points are simply an indicator of how revenue will be shared. A percentage will be calculated based on revenue of the company. Points have no monetary value and do not earn interest. There is no guarantee of revenue.

Subscription Bids

There are four levels of Subscriptions and differing amounts of bids that coincide with each subscription. Subscription bids can be used just like retail bids but have the added benefit of being used in Ambassador Club only auctions. If you refer 4 Ambassadors at your subscription level or higher your subscription is free.* Subscription bids have no cash value in the buy now option.

* When upgrading you will pay the first month subscription at the new level, even if you have 4 or more subscribers at that new level.

Daily Revenue Sharing

Up to 50% of revenue is shared by all qualified affiliates that post a company approved daily ad. The amount of revenue shares depends on your wholesale bid purchases that are used as incentives for retail customers.

Subscription Revenue Pools

There are twelve subscription revenue sharing pools, 7 that allow you to earn up to 3 shares.

The qualifications for the various Subscription Revenue Sharing Pools available to Bid Ambassadors are as follows (note that Group Volume (GV) counts subscription fees paid, by your affiliate network team):

  • Community Pool (made up of 15% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • Mentor Pool – (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • Visionary Pool (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool 1 (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool II (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool III (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool IV (made up of 5% of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool V (of the allocated Bid Ambassador Subscription Pool)
  • VIP Pool VI (made up of 5% of monthly subscription fees paid)
  • VIP Pool VII (made up of 5% of monthly subscription fees paid)
  • Presidential Elite Ambassador Bonus

* All Volume below level 2 has 50% volume from any one team of sponsorship rule.

To view the entire compensation plan, CLICK HERE.

Bids That Give Review Summary

We haven’t even discussed the marketing system that’s wrapped around the business. Our experience has told us that most people struggle in network marketing even if they have tremendous desire. One of the biggest reasons for this is they are not professional marketers and they don’t have the proper tools to market and build their business. If you start a BTG Business in a Box, you get a complete and robust marketing system that has everything you need including training, banner ads, lead capture pages, recorded webinars, autoresponders and more.

It is our feeling that the Bids That Give online business offers everything someone needs to be successful with a home business which is why we’ve tabbed this as our Top Recommendation for 2013. To get all the details and to watch the revealing business overview webinar….


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