10+ Leads Daily From Craigslist

craigslist-marketing-leadsToday I want to help you with a topic that causes sleepless nights in the home business industry… LEAD GENERATION! Without leads, we don’t make sales therefore we don’t make money and that’s no fun. This simple Craigslist Marketing Strategy works like a charm if done right and will generate you a minimum of 10 leads per ad placed. The key to this strategy, as with marketing in general, is consistency.

The nice thing about Craigslist Marketing is that it’s very simple which means anyone can do it. This helps with duplication which benefits everyone. The video was made for my team but works for any business. My 1 word of advice is to not just watch the video and then forget about it. Take action and place an ad TODAY! It’s the consistent action that will get you to where you want to be. Good luck!

Ringless Voicemail – The Future of Marketing Has Arrived!

I’m super excited to write this article today about Ringless Voicemail! The marketing landscape has been changing pretty drastically over the past couple of years and it’s getting even harder to market anything, nevermind a home business. The internet is getting increasingly competitive, Craigslist is cracking down on home business marketers and voice broadcasting is basically being eliminated as a viable marketing strategy. That leads us to today’s topic: Ringless Voicemail.

What ringless voicemail gives marketers, in a nutshell, is a way for them to LEGALLY market to people’s cell phones which is key since about 70% of all numbers today are cell phones. You see, the FCC has made it ILLEGAL to mass text market to cell phones AND to voicebroadcast to cell phones – even if those cell phones are verified businesses. So, if you’re a voice broadcaster, you better be broadcasting exclusively to business land lines. That radically impedes our ability to reach our desired target market!

Ringless Voicemail is a BRAND NEW technology that leaves voicemail messages on people’s cell phones (and soon to be land lines) WITHOUT their phones ringing. The technical term is a “ringless voicemail DROP”. This is a completely legal marketing strategy and the opportunity is massive! Another really cool feature of this strategy is that we don’t have to pay for minutes. We pay for “delivered message”. This guarantees that we’re paying for productive activity ONLY!

The sky really is the limit regarding how you can utilize this new technology. You can leave a message sending a prospect direct to your website, to a recorded call, to a live webinar, have them call back and leave a message, the list goes on!

Ringless Voicemail is a technology for the masses because it’s extremely affordable and you get your very own system for just $297. If you’re a marketer of anything, you need to get this. Right now, you’ll be leading the pack and have an advantage over your competition but I suspect in pretty short order you’ll need to be using it just to keep pace. To get the BEST (and most affordable) Ringless Voicemail or to learn more about this amazing new technology:


Why High Ticket Direct Sales?

Tidom Inc ReviewI’ve been working from home full-time since the summer of 2009 and wanted to share with you some of my experience and why I’ve chosen to exclusively work the High Ticket business model over MLM or small ticket affiliate marketing. I’ve done it all and done it fairly well so I do consider myself an authority on the subject. The specific high ticket business that I’ve chosen to work is TiDOM Inc which is new and exciting and pays out the highest commissions in the industry. The TiDom Inc Review follows…

BUT, first of all, let me explain what the TiDom Inc High Ticket program is so that this all makes more sense to you. In most cases it’s a 1-up business model home business. With a 1-Up, you pass up your first sale and then keep 100% of the commission on all subsequent sales (YES, 100%!). The cost to get started ranges from $2,000 to $22,000 but don’t freak out because you’re typically break even with just your second sale! For your initial investment, you’re getting a virtual business in a box that includes cutting edge digital products in the small business development, marketing and health and wellness space. All of the products are audio and video based and can be downloaded to any of your electronic devices. In addition, you’ll get websites and autoresponders to help you run your TiDom Incbusiness.

Besides all of that, you’ll get training and support from my “Prosperity Nexus Team”. We currently are doing 6 live calls per week to help our members grow their businesses. We have members who have made $22,000 in a single day and $60,000 in a week! Must be nice, right! It really is possible… you just have to WANT IT! If you’ve ever dreamed of the lifestyle freedom that we offer, then can check out my site HERE and see what I mean!

The biggest difference between High Ticket sales versus MLM or low ticket sales is you get paid REAL MONEY for each sale you make. In MLM, you must build a team of distributors and then you are dependent on them to duplicate your effort. You are dependent on them to have the same motivation and drive that you have. Guess what, very few people will and the “MLM Pyramid” comes crumbling down pretty quickly.

With Tidom, we preach just 3 average sales will make you $10k or more per month. THAT’S IT!! Anyone can do that but not everyone can recruit 10-20 people per month in MLM or make 100 affiliate product sales a month. This is the “EVERYMAN BUSINESS”. My Prosperity Nexus Team provides everything you need to turn YOUR dreams into YOUR reality!

Another major advantage of the high ticket business model is that you can begin working it FULL TIME from day one because it pays like a high paying job! The other business models, and that includes franchises, can take years to start making the income you need to live on. With our PNT Team, you can realistically make a 6 figure income in your very first year! That’s something a LOT of people need nowadays.

If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up without a boss and living life on your own terms, then you owe it to yourself to check out the our High Ticket business. You’ll be glad!

Prosperity Nexus Team Launched!

Prosperity Nexus TeamIt’s been 5 years since I’ve been working from home full-time and have had to leave my house to go to a “job”! I’ll admit that it hasn’t always been easy and there have certainly been some bumps in the road BUT I’ve learned a tremendous amount which enabled me to launch the Prosperity Nexus Team with my business partner, Michael Wright. I’m extremely proud of our Prosperity Nexus Team and want to give you some background and an explanation of exactly what we’re up to!

First of all, the background. If you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve bee up to since 2009, you know that I’ve been involved in my share of business opportunities and affiliate programs. More than I’d care to admit to be honest but it’s all part of the learning process! I was able to have success in many of the ventures but not the type of success I was looking for and the frustration of BIG numbers and SMALL commissions that makes up network marketing was wearing on me.

In August of 2013 I decided to take a step back and reevaluate my business. Where was the majority of my income coming from because I had gotten spread too thin. The answer was Millionaire Marketing Machine so I made the decision to stop promoting everything else and to just focus on building my Millionaire Marketing Machine business. I liked the business model the best because of the high ticket nature and the fact that only a few sales a month could create a significant income. Coming out of the mortgage business, this is what I was used to.

I formed a small Mastermind Team that has evolved into my very solid business partnership with Michael Wright. We started meeting once a week and masterminding ideas to build this business. We got involved with 2 different teams prior to starting our own and learned a ton from both.

The Prosperity Nexus Team Launch

We decided to launch the Prosperity Nexus Team in March 2014. The biggest reason was we had a vision of how we wanted to build a team. One of the biggest things missing in the home business industry is REAL coaching, training and support. Sure, you can purchase some great training products and hop on webinars until you’re blue in the face BUT having access to top earners and getting true “in the trenches” coaching is virtually unheard of. That’s what we provide.

I learned a long time ago that in order to set people up for success, you need to be able to provide marketing strategies that are simple to do and do NOT require complex internet marketing because most people will not do it nor do they want to. They just want to be shown how to simply find prospects who are interested in their business. Trust me, blogging is great but you may not see ANY results for 4 months of posting 5 articles per week. That is what I did when I first got started but I’m stubborn and would not give up and most people who are already working full-time jobs simply don’t want to spend hours and hours blogging or learning complicated strategies.

Our Prosperity Nexus Team members get access to our Skype mastermind room which allows them to interact with other like minded individuals. The POWER of the MASTERMIND cannot be overstated in my opinion. They also get access to our Members Only training site, Live calls 4 times per week and a high converting website marketing system. And maybe most importantly, 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring not only from me but from other top earners in the business.

I wanted  a team that could cut through the hype and not only “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk”. That is exactly what we’ve put together and where we are headed. PNT is something I’m extremely proud of and is designed to help more members than any other high ticket business achieve the 6 figure Lifestyle that most in this industry are looking for!

To Take a Look at the Prosperity Nexus Opportunity…

5 Tips To Make Money With Your Home Based Business – Learn From My Mistakes

Mesa ForecastSo I recently relocated to SUNNY and HOT Mesa Arizona from NY and the reason that I was able to pick up and move to someplace that I wanted to was because I work from home full time and don’t have a “JOB”. I didn’t have to ask a boss and get company approval AND I didn’t have to try to find a job when I got out here! I’ll admit that, in the beginning, gaining positive traction in the home business industry is not easy but once you figure out what you’re doing and get some direction then it’s an awesome way to make a living! The freedom that having your own successful home business provides is both liberating and very cool. In this article I want to share with you some tips on how to make money from home. I want to share some mistakes that I made so that you don’t have to make the same ones so you’ll hopefully have a slightly smoother journey!

Tip #1: Brand Yourself
This is something that I did early on and it’s really helped me over the past four and a half years. The fact is, in the home business industry, people join or buy from people and not just from websites. I know the websites all look great and all and tell you how much money you can make but people want to sign up with people who they can relate to and feel like they know, like and trust. Also, this is the internet age and don’t think for a second that prospects won’t Google you because they will. What will they find? I recommend creating a blog, building a social media profile at least on Facebook and LinkedIn, really “put yourself out there”. This will help you tremendously because most people are not willing to do this.

Tip #2: Become The Best Possible Sponsor
This tip related to Tip #1 and the idea that people join people. If you’re in a home based business, your income is tied directly to your ability to sponsor new people and to help those people make money by sponsoring their own new people. You MUST become good at this if you expect to make any decent money. This means that you must know your business opportunity inside and out, know your competition, and know how to help the people you bring into the business. This means that you must be responsive – answer your phone, respond to emails, etc. Believe it or not, most people are not good sponsors and are not very responsive so if you learn this skill you will be miles ahead of your competition!

Tip #3: Learn To Drive Traffic
I find that the majority of people who get involved with a home based business want to work their business primarily online. This method is very effective since it lets you reach a very large prospect pool quickly BUT there tends to be a big learning curve and the majority of people are not willing to learn or implement the essentials to marketing online effectively. Recruiting is a numbers game and you need big numbers. The faster you understand this the better off you will be. I tell people that they should focus on generating at least 10 fresh leads per day. If you’re doing less, I would not expect to make much if your marketing online exclusively. There are plenty of different online strategies. Get good at a few and watch your business grow!

Tip #4: Stay Focused
I will admit that I was not very good at this for a while. You see, I got pretty good at Tips #1-3 and became a believer in the “multiple streams of income” that is preached online. While it’s fundamentally sound, it takes a LOT of time and energy to build multiple businesses. If you’re not making a significant income with one business, why would you start another? The internet exposes us to numerous businesses daily with glitzy websites and the promise of great fortune. Don’t fall for the hype! Pick ONE business that resonates with you and WORK IT. I have learned that it’s essential to be laser focused. People like to join STABILITY too :)

Tip #5: Treat Your Business Like a Business
If you expect to have your business efforts reward you like a business owner, then you must treat your business like a business. Treat your business as if you just invested your last nickel into it and you have no option but to make it work. If you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. Golf is a favorite hobby of mine and nobody pays me to play. In fact, I pay the course to play! Make sure that you work on your business daily. This means learning, marketing and engaging new prospects and following up with old ones. You WILL be rewarded if you do.

That really is your SUCCESS MAP according to Steve in a nutshell. Implement these tips starting today and you’ll look back in 6 months and you’ll be glad you did!

Eliminate The Distractions

eliminate distractions

distractionThis post will be EXTREMELY important to your bottom line with your home business. I’m writing from experience and will share with you the absolute TRUTH as I know it!

The home business industry has tons of distractions that will just block you from reaching your goals. If you take your dreams of financial independence even a little bit seriously, you are undoubtedly on a number of email lists and are always searching Google LOOKING for new ways to make money. This is NO SHORTAGE of new opportunities popping up, almost daily, that promise crazy riches with very little investment or effort. They prey on the “lottery mentality” of most people who are looking for some magic windfall of wealth with a program that will finally “work”.

I used to be like this. I’d look at everything and got involved in more biz ops than I’d like to admit. I’m a little unique in that I can recruit effectively online and would hit leaderboards with most MLM programs I joined. The problem was income and I came to understand that my lack of income was caused by the pay plan (which requires massive duplication and the ability to recruit network marketing leaders which is really hard to do) AND my own distractions by spreading myself too thin and not FOCUSING. I couldn’t make any substantial income with these programs and I was driving a lot of traffic and recruiting a lot of people. Imagine what the people who only recruited their required 2 or 3 people were making! Not very much if anything at all.

This industry is no different than anything else if you want to be successful. You won’t find a successful corporate executive who also works as a realtor, a pilot and an insurance agent. They’d be spread too thin and they would end up not being very good at anything (and they’d more than likely get fired!).

There are people involved in network marketing who can barely recruit 1 person or sell 1 affiliate product who are involved in 2-3 programs and some even more! What exactly will that accomplish other than wasting money? I do agree that joining a new program can be exciting initially – like I said “been there done that” – but then that NEW SHINY OBJECT feeling wears off and you have to get to work.

If you really want to make money in this industry, eliminate the distractions and FOCUS. Spend your time learning marketing strategies and implementing them rather than looking at programs and joining them. You’ll thank me later :)


The Secrets To Making Money With a Home Business (2)

home_moneyMaking money with a home based business is NOT rocket science yet an extremely high percentage of people who decide to start a home based business FAIL. The high failure rate is an indicator that something is broken and what I want to show you are some Barriers To Success that you can avoid some of the pitfalls (they ARE avoidable) and help you to experience success with whatever business you choose. To get caught up, you can see the first part of this series HERE.

Barrier To Success #4: The Hobby Mentality

Let’s face  it,  the majority of people who start a home business already have a  full-time job (at least 1) and, while they are chasing a dream of financial freedom they never plan to put in the  time necessary to reach that dream. You see, there’s a difference between a “dream” and a “goal” and most have the dream but not the goal.

There is nothing wrong with this EXCEPT that the income expectation needs to be lowered some. The MLM business model, which is the type of business most people decide to start (this includes matrix, binary, unilevel, straight-line, cycler, coded bonus and any other popular compensation plans) requires almost a full-time focus to be able to recruit the number of people needed to get the business off the ground.

You don’t have to work the business full-time BUT you do  have to go at it seriously and with a full-time mentality. Be  thinking  about it all the time, be introducing it to new people daily, and be knowledgeable about your business. Most people that I’ve encountered just don’t FOCUS intensely enough. Make your business a PRIMARY FOCUS to see improved results.

Barrier To Success #5: Lack of Confidence/Leadership

You absolutely MUST be confident that the business you’re marketing CAN and WILL help others to achieve their goals and dreams. That confidence needs to come across, either in person or over the phone, because people will join people  who they feel can lead them and help them. Most home business owners are afraid to speak with prospects and you’ll never get anywhere with that approach sorry to say!

You absolutely MUST position yourself as a leader. This is also known as “posturing”. People want to get started in a home business with someone who can show them HOW to be successful. You need to be that person. The business you are in is secondary to the training and support you can provide. Don’t worry, you can grow into this position but don’t take too long!

How do you do this?

Be the person who gets on the company calls and webinars, knows the products, knows the compensation plan, and can convey this seriousness and knowledge to others. Speak as if you’re the top producer in your company… because you can and will be! Leaders join Leaders and you need to recruit other leaders to have  any shot at serious income in network marketing. Put yourself in position to succeed.

Barrier To Success #6: Small Numbers

An extremely high percentage of people who start a home based business don’t speak with enough people or prospects on a daily basis to ever make any significant income. This is an unfortunate fact. You need to be honest with yourself if you’re not making much money – Are You Speaking With At Least 3-5 People Per Day? This means speaking with people who are “somewhat interested”. They are known as “prospects”. If you’re not, then you need to! We are playing a numbers game because the majority of people who we speak with will have no interest.

You can assume that for every 20 people you speak with about your business, 1 will sign up. This can vary somewhat based on your ability, the appeal of your program, and the sales funnel that you use BUT it will typically be in that ballpark. This means if your goal is to sign-up 10 people per month, you need to speak with 200 people per month. It’s pretty simple math but I don’t think anyone ever talks about this. Don’t panic because you can do some of your “speaking” via email with an autoresponder or via social media sites. However you do it, make sure you bring up your numbers to start seeing results!

A Real Third Party Secret Success Machine Review

secret-success-formula-reviewI wanted to shed some light on this seemingly new program with this Secret Success Machine Review. Since I’m not a member, I don’t necessarily know ALL of the inner workings but I am in virtually an identical program so I do speak with knowledge and authority.

Secret Success Machine Review – Who Are They?

The Secret Success Machine is actually a rebirth of the old Million Dollar Marketing Machine (MDMM) that’s been around for about 5 years. As the rumor goes, there was a cease and desist order against MDMM by the admin of the Millionaire Marketing Machine (MMM) since they basically copied the program, including the products. This is what caused the re-birth or re-launch, whatever you want to call it. All that being said, the Secret Success Machine program remains virtually identical to it’s predecessor Million Dollar Marketing Machine.


What Are The Products?

The product packages, which I will discuss below, are digital audios, videos and ebooks encompassing the personal growth and development niche as well as marketing and business skills. The products do have value and can be downloaded to your tablet, phone or computer. What is the “true” value of the products? Well, that is up to each individual BUT if you’re getting involved just for the products and not for the income opportunity, you’re better off going to Amazon!

The products are broken down into 6 different product packages and these packages are also your start-up cost (plus a one-time $197 admin fee). The packages are:

Bronze: $500
Silver: $2,000
Gold: $3,500
Platinum: $6,500
Diamond: $12,000
Elite (Royal): $20,000

You are eligible to earn commissions UP TO the level that you are qualified at. For example, if you get started at the Gold Level for $3,500, you are eligible to earn $500 for a Bronze sale, $2,000 for a Silver sale and $3,500 for a Gold sale. If you make a Platinum sale, you would earn $3,500 (since that’s the maximum commission you can earn based on your qualification level) and the additional $3,000 would roll up to your sponsor or the next person above you who is qualified at the Platinum level.

1-Up Comp Plan

Secret Success Machine Review: The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is based on the tried and true 1-up. What this means is the first person who you sign up is passed up to your sponsor as a “training sale” or “qualification sale”. Insurance companies use a similar type of compensation structure for their agents. In the world of High Ticket Sales, this is a very popular and lucrative compensation plan. As a sponsor, you are rewarded up front with a large commission and then are rewarded again with this pass up sale for helping your new people succeed.


The 1-Up structure means that you can build your team to unlimited width and each new person creates a new payline. What this means is that each payline can produce 1-up sales for you. This is where the passive income is made.

Review Conclusion & Recommendation

While the Secret Success Machine program does offer potential, the most IMPORTANT factor that you need for success with any home based business is SUPPORT AND TRAINING. Unless you’re already a professional marketer and salesperson, it’s the training and support that you’ll receive that will ultimately help you to achieve success. That is why I recommend partnering with me in my High Ticket business. Besides the opportunity to be coached and mentored by 6 figure earners in this industry, including myself… as a member of my team you will also have direct contact to me and receive my 1-on-1 support. That type of support is invaluable and very difficult to find in this industry!

If you’d like to work with an industry leader who works his business FULL TIME, answers his phone AND will help YOU to reach your goals, click the link below to review my website and then contact me directly with questions…

How To Use Sub-Domains To Stay Organized


When you get involved in the home biz industry, you end up having a LOT of websites. Something you’re probably not used to. How can you remember all of them? If you’re like me, you have at least 1 capture page, a sales page, a sign up page link, maybe a different link for your program’s comp plan and products and more. It can get extremely confusing!

While I consider myself to be pretty good when it comes to the techie thing, I’m not a “geek” and admittedly don’t know everything! I just learned how to use sub-domains about 2 weeks ago and they really are simple and will make your online life much easier. I used to buy new domains for everything but figured why not keep the money in our pockets rather than GoDaddy, right! Enjoy!

This video is for my personal team BUT the technique works no matter what program you’re promoting or product you’re selling:

The Miracle Of Your Mind – Use It To Get The Most Out Of Your Life!


mindsetThe power of the mind is immense. Did you know that you can train your mind and use it to achieve your goals and dreams and create the life AND lifestyle that you want? It may be a complete mind shift change BUT it is possible. Watch this video by one of the original trailblazers of the mega-popular personal growth and development industry, Earl Nightingale, as he shares some profound wisdom that you can begin integrating into your life today!

NEW! 2014 Millionaire Marketing Machine-Elite Business Nation Review

millionaire marketing machine products

ebnlogo-headerThis business is more popular than ever and is making me the most income of any business that I’ve personally been involved with so I thought it would be a good idea to give you the REAL scoop on this HIGH-TICKET direct sales business assuming you found this Millionaire Marketing Machine-Elite Business Nation Review while doing your due diligence.

I’ve written a few Millionaire Marketing Machine reviews in the past but wanted to provide an update for 2014 since so much has been going on. I aligned with Elite Business Nation (a team of about 350 independent entrepreneurs) in the summer of 2013 and it’s really had a significant impact on my business. One thing I’ve learned since getting into the home business industry full-time in 2009 is that TEAM and SUPPORT are essential keys to an individual’s success. The training and support that we provide to new members is the best I’ve ever seen and, because of that, more people are making money which is the bottom line.

So, what exactly is Millionaire Marketing Machine?

MMM-Header3The millionaire marketing machine is a 6 year old direct sales business that markets lifestyle. Sure, there are 6 product packages that I’ll cover in a bit but what we really sell is “Lifestyle”. The opportunity for people from any background and experience level to start their own home business that has the potential to earn them a 6 figure income in their very first year.

There are products – along with the Master Resale Rights to resell those packages – that make this business legal and operate similar to a “mini-franchise”. The products are divided up into 6 different product packages. To get started a person needs to purchase the product package of their choice and that purchase includes the Master Resale Rights I mentioned above.

How Much Does It Cost?

I want to get this out of the way early in this Millionaire Marketing Machine review because I know you’re wondering! The cost to get involved includes the ONE-TIME cost of the product package you choose plus a ONE-TIME admin fee that covers your websites, hosting, etc. There are no on-going monthly or annual fees excluding your marketing expenses which you’d have no matter what business you were working. The 6 packages are:

Bronze: $500 plus $195 admin fee
Silver: $2,000 plus $196 admin fee
Gold: $3.500 plus $197 admin fee
Platinum: $6,500 plus $248 admin fee
Diamond: $12,000 plus $298 admin fee
Elite: $20,000 plus $485 admin fee

NOW, if you’re someone who is used to joining a more traditional MLM business you’re probably going to look at some of those costs and think to yourself “who would pay that much money to get started in a home business?” I am here to tell you that there are plenty of people, from all over the world who will BECAUSE the income potential is MUCH GREATER and MUCH FASTER than MLM. People looking to start a traditional business or franchise, people fed up with MLM, baby boomers, etc. PLUS since it’s a one-time fee to get started, the cost is actually MUCH LESS than starting multiple MLM businesses which is what most network marketers end up doing.

What Are The Products?

The Millionaire Marketing Machine products are digital audios and videos from some of the top experts in the field of personal growth and development (a $10 billion industry) and entrepreneurial education. These products have tremendous value and help all members in their daily lives and their business. BUT, like I mentioned earlier, the real value comes with the master resale rights that allows us to resell the packages and earn big commissions on each sale.

How Do You Get Paid?

This is what separates this business model from most others out there, including MLMs and Franchises. The compensation plan is based on the time tested and proven 1-Up compensation plan model. The first sale that you make is passed up to your sponsor (the person who sold you your business) as a training sale – basically to compensate them for the extensive training that you’ll receive. After that, you are qualified for LIFE to earn commissions at a 100% profit rate.
1-Up Comp Plan

You are only qualified to receive commissions UP TO the product package that you personally own after you’re qualified. For example, our most popular package by far is the GOLD PACKAGE for $3,500. So, if you’re qualified at the GOLD level, then you can earn commissions on ALL Bronze, Silver and Gold package sales. If you made an Elite sale, then you would earn the $3500 that you’re qualified to receive while the additional $16,500 in commissions would roll-up to the next person above you who is an Elite Qualified Director.

You can upgrade at any time by paying the admin fee for the level you’re looking to upgrade to PLUS the difference between the product package you own and the product package you’re upgrading to. For example, to upgrade from Gold To Platinum would cost a $248 admin fee PLUS $3,000.

Other Ways To Get Paid

Besides being paid on your individual sales directly from the person who you sell a business to, you are also paid on the first sale that those people make as part of the 1-up compensation plan. You are also paid on roll-ups – that’s when a person under you sells a product package for a higher level then they’re qualified at – AND upgrades. Upgrades are when a member of your team decides to upgrade from their current earning level to a higher level, assuming that you’re qualified at the higher level. This is why our ALL of our member’s goal is to get qualified at the ELITE LEVEL to avoid any lost commissions and to maximize earnings.

How Do You Find Qualified Prospects?

This is the key to success (and making money) in any business and is a VERY IMPORTANT question for people starting a home based business in 2014 BECAUSE many start a home business with little to no marketing experience.

This is where I, as an experienced marketer, and the Elite Business Nation come into play. There are many traffic driving strategies that will produce good results but some are complicated. We start all new people off using 1 SIMPLE YET VERY EFFECTIVE marketing system that works to generate qualified prospects literally within 48-72 hours of starting your business. The simplicity and speed in which you can get your business up and running is one of our BIGGEST SELLING POINTS!

This review will not change your life by itself, the NEXT STEP is yours…

CLICK TO Watch The Life Changing Webinar!

The Secrets To Making Money With a Home Business (Part 1)


laptop beach bungalowI decided to write a series of articles on making money from home with a home business because over 98% of the people who start a home based business are NOT anywhere near successful and it definitely shouldn’t be that high of a percentage. I want to share my thoughts and experiences to hopefully help you to avoid some of mistakes that I made OR to at least get you on the right track.

I’m specifically talking about making money with a network marketing type business. These are the most common types of businesses that people get started with and this is the industry that I am in so I can help. I’m going to cover some “barriers to success” in no specific order. These are reasons that cause people to fail and I’ll share some advice on breaking through these barriers and hopefully get you on your way to the success you desire!

Barrier To Success #1: Failure To Implement

This is a big one. This industry has a ton of training courses and live webinars and “training” is a big money industry within our industry. People are starved for information since most of us do not come into this industry knowing how to market and recruit people. The issue is that most of the information taught in those training courses end up collecting dust and the tips and strategies are only ever put into practice by few (less than 5%). It’s those few who end up doing well or at least making positive progress with their business.

I’ve always been a person that implements what I learn right away, even if I don’t understand all of it or can execute it exactly right. I believe that implementation… ie. Taking Action … is a BIG KEY to success. For example, one of the things that I always recommend new people do is record a YouTube video with the idea of targeting people searching for their company or product. From my experience, very few if any will ever get a video up on Youtube – which is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST sources for targeted online traffic.

Barrier To Success #2: Failure To Drive Traffic

When you hear the term “traffic”, that simply means people looking at your website or however else you present your business opportunity. Most marketing is playing a numbers game and the majority of people NEVER generate enough traffic to make much money. If you don’t have AT LEAST 5 people per day looking at your business opportunity, your chances of success are very slim.

For example, let’s say that your lead capture page (we’ll talk about online marketing tools in a bit) converts at 10%. That means that if 100 people who are looking for a home based business look at your capture page, 10 will opt-in (enter their name and email) to get more information. Then, of those 10 who look, statistically less than 1 of them will actually join your business. Figure somewhere around 5% of the leads you generate will join. That means that you’ll need to generate 100 leads to sign up 5 people. So that means, to generate 100 leads you’ll need to get 1000 people to look at your capture page. These are very general numbers but hopefully you get the point! How much traffic are you generating to your website?

Barrier To Success #3: Not Having The Necessary Tools

The vast majority of people in the home business industry want to market online yet do not ever do it correctly. Online marketing is very complicated and it can be confusing as well. There is definitely a learning curve to being able to do it successfully and to be able to compete with the other people who know what they’re doing.

IF you plan to market online and make money, you absolutely MUST be marketing a lead capture page (a website that asks people to enter their name & email address to get more information) that is linked to your autoresponder. This is how you BUILD A LIST. Everyone who is successfully marketing their business online is building list in this way. If you’re not, you need to be. It’s essential for online success.

Thanks for reading! In the next article I’ll cover a few more barriers that may be holding you back and we’ll talk about ways to turn things around for you! Leave your comments with questions.