Direct Pay System Review: How Much Can You Make?

direct pay system

direct pay system
There’s a new “top tier” or “big ticket” program on the home business scene called Direct Pay System. While it’s not a program that I’m personally interested in, I know that my readers may be so I did some digging so I can provide you with a completely unbiased Direct Pay System Review.

As you probably know, I am a big fan of the high ticket business model because it pays out BIGGER commissions and is a much easier way to make money from home than MLM (that requires massive recruiting talents that most people don’t have :)). This Direct Pay System program does put a little twist on the traditional 1-up compensation plan that is common with these programs and I’m not sure I like it. I’ll cover that in a bit.

Who owns the Direct Pay System?

The owner/creator of the Direct Pay System program is Tim Berger. Tim is very successful in the home business industry and is also the creator of the popular Little Ticket To Wealth program. Little Ticket To Wealth has been around since 2009. Tim started Direct Pay System (DPS) to provide himself and the people who join his program with a way to make higher commissions than the max $400 you can earn with LTTW.

Direct Pay System Review: What Is It Exactly?

DPS is a high ticket/top tier direct sales business. It is a program and NOT a company. There are no corporate offices to visit. This type of program is popular in the home business industry and there is nothing wrong with the fact that there is no physical company or office.

Direct Pay System Compensation Plan:

There are 4 Levels at which you can join:

$400 – Silver Level
$800 – Gold Level
$1600 – Platinum Level
$3200 – Royale Level

The comp plan is really pretty simple. You will earn 80% of each sale and your sponsor will earn 20%. There are no pass-ups like the more common 1-up. Like most top tier programs, you get paid directly – person to person – typically via cashier’s checks or money orders. I have to admit that I PREFER the 1-Up because I like making 100% commissions on my efforts. With DPS, you make 80% on your efforts and need to hope your team duplicates.

What Are The Direct Pay System Products?

The products appear to be marketing training videos put together by Tim Berger. The trainings do seem to cover some good topics like SMS Marketing, Press Release and Content Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing and more. The fact is most marketers coming into the home business industry have ZERO experience and very little if any training so products of this nature, in my opinion, offer greater value than some high priced juice or weight loss powder.

How Do You Make Money?

Don’t kid yourself, the money isn’t necessarily made by the program it’s THE MARKETING. Learning how to drive traffic (get enough people looking at your business opportunity every day) and how to POSITION your business and yourself as a leader are the real “secret” keys to success. Granted, the Top Tier compensation model gives you a much better chance at success but it’s still up to YOU and your Marketing to make it happen!

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How To Make Your Links Clickable On Slideshare



If you’ve been through my content ranking training, you know that I really like Slideshare as an authority site that ranks extremely well in Google. Driving free search engine traffic is a great way to generate leads for your business BUT you have to rank on the 1st Page if you expect to generate any decent results. Posting your content on is one way to do this. BUT…

They changed things up a little this year and links that used to be clickable in the body of your articles/content are no longer clickable. If you know anything about people’s search habits online, actions need to easy to do and be quick. If someone has to type in your domain in your article rather than just being able to click a link, there’s much less of a chance that they’ll ever see your website.

Well, I just figured out how you can get at least your link to be clickable on Slideshare again. Not all links, maybe, but your primary can be if you just do this one easy thing…make your article at least 4 pages long. See what I mean…

Look in the Mirror…Your Success or Failure is Up to YOU!

network-marketing-successThe title says it all… when we make the decision to start a home business we are entering the world of the independent business owner. We’re becoming “Entrepreneurs”. Whether we think so or not.

It’s important that you understand this because your success or failure is completely up to you. You hold the key. You are the boss!

For  many of us, this is uncharted territory and we don’t handle this “freedom” very well – even though we’re looking for that lifestyle freedom we all crave.

Are you one of those people who blames their lack of success on the particular business opportunity that you’re in? Do you think that the grass is always greener on the other side meaning that the next new program that comes along will be the one?

Look in the mirror right now and ask yourself if you are doing EVERYTHING in your power to be  successful and to make money with the program that you are in. Are you being consistent with your marketing… are you exposing your business to at least 5 new  people on a daily basis… are you giving your business “your all’?

This industry is certainly NOT rocket science but it does require certain daily actions that many people feel uncomfortable doing which keeps those people from ever tasting any success whatsoever.

Look in the mirror and MAKE  A DECISION that you  will  do whatever it  takes to reach  your goals and dreams. That’s the first step. THEN… do the daily activities necessary to get you to where you want to go!

The Best Home Based Business For 2014…Get To $10K Per Month FAST!

best-home-based-businessSo…you’ve decided to take a look at starting a home business and are realizing that there’s over 4000 “opportunities” out there to choose from. What is the Best Home Based Business for 2014 and beyond? You don’t want to finally make your decision and then have the company shut down like most end up doing.

Something else you need to consider when deciding on which business to select is what “business model” best fits your goals. Most people in this economy start a home based business because they want and need money NOW. There are some who are happy building a business that may produce a decent monthly income in 3-5 years but those people are the minority for sure.

I’m going to attempt to narrow down your decision making process for you by sharing some logic AND experience that I have acquired since becoming full-time in the home based business industry back in 2009. This industry affords the motivated individual a terrific lifestyle of freedom that just isn’t available in the traditional job market OR for people who choose to start a franchise or open a traditional “brick and mortar” business. And we offer this at a fraction of the cost with much higher profit margins!

Best Home Based Business 2014: The Business Model

Make Money in MLMThere are essentially 2 business models in the home business industry…Multi-Level and Top Tier. Multi-Level (aka MLM) has a back end compensation plan that pays you a little (typically $1 – $5) per person in your organization and is designed to reward those who are able to build very large organizations. This is the most popular business model and also is the reason for the very high failure rate in the industry simply because most cannot recruit enough people to build a sales organization of 1000’s of people. The compensation plans in the MLM business model include binary, cycler, matrix, unilevel to name a few of the more popular ones.

big ticketThe Top Tier business model (aka Big Ticket), my preference, pays large commissions up front and typically also has a passive income feature built into the compensation plan. These programs typically cost more to get started which is why many “newbies” shy away. In the long run they’d save themselves tons of money and disappointment if they’d just start a top tier business initially. These businesses pay out big enough commissions up front to live on, similar to how Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Agents, and other “traditional” salespeople get paid.

You can read my comprehensive write-up discussing Top Tier v MLM HERE

Best Home Based Business 2014: More Due Diligence Info

My experience tells me this is what you should look for if you’re serious about making an income with a home based business and not just looking for a hobby…

1. Potential For Big Commissions Right Away. This means keep away from Multi-Level-Marketing programs which make up 99% of the home based industry. There, I’ve narrowed your search substantially already! Why do I say this? It’s simple. Because only about 3% of all people who get involved in an MLM ever make more than $1000 per month and only 0.02% make more than $10,000 per month. Those odds stink and it’s unrealistic to think that you will fall into the .02% category so I’m not going to push you in that direction.

2. Other “low cost” compensation plans. There are other compensation plans out there that have come into vogue lately that are “better” than MLM but you need to be informed. Be logical…you can NOT create a $10,000+ per month income for $25 or even $100. As an example, there’s a very popular program in the marketplace right now called Empower Network. There are a few industry leaders who are making a fortune with this business that markets itself as a blogging platform and to just get in for $25. So tons of people join for $25! Well, the cost to get started is substantially more than that if you plan to make a good income with the program. The people making at least $1000’s per month have gone “ALL IN” which actually costs $5,144.95 PLUS $144.95 per month. The reps who stay at the $25 level make less than $200/month on average.

3. Do the math! I’ll admit that I haven’t always done the math either. What I mean is if you’re recruiting into a business that only costs $25, you’ll need to recruit 400 people make $10,000 per month and that assumes none of them quit. The problem is 80% will quit within their first year, according to industry averages. And most MLM business pay substantially less than $25 per person in your downline and you’ll need to build a team of 1000’s to make a full-time income.

4. You need a marketing system you can plug into. The fact is most people who get involved with a home based business are not professional marketers or salespeople. They are just regular folks chasing a dream and if you’re like me, you don’t want to start your business by trying to recruit your friends and family. This doesn’t work anyway because most people are too embarrassed to do it. So that means you need to start a business that will provide you with training and a real system that will work to get you qualified prospects. Without a proven system, most people will struggle.

So What’s The Best Home Based Business For 2014?

I’ll admit I’m biased but I’ve arrived at my decision through personal experience and trial and error in this industry. I’ve been involved in most types of compensation plans in the home business industry and the only one that has allowed me to earn a solid 5 figure monthly income is Top Tier and the specific business is THIS ONE.

Sizzle Zing Review – Don’t Join Just Yet!

sizzle zing reviewI’m starting to hear more and more people promoting this new matrix/cycler program from Carl Troutner and Stan Snead called “Sizzle Zing”. If you’ve been in the home business industry for any length of time you probably have contacts who get into all of these matrix and cycler programs that promise great riches for a one-time payment. Before you join, I want to arm you with some facts with this completely unbiased Sizzle Zing Review.

This new program, based  in Bedford, PA, costs a one-time payment of $330. That is appealing to people that they can supposedly earn “over and over” with just a one-time payment. And matrix marketers tend to be pretty aggressive with their “pitch”.

What Exactly is SizzleZing?

Sizzle Zing’s products are banner ads so that you can advertise any other business or products that you are selling. The problem is that the banner ads are only shown on the SizzleZing website so only members of SizzleZing will see them. This means that the market for your traffic to your ads is very limited.

The compensation plan is a matrix, with 3  2×2 matrix  boards.  While you will never have to pay more than your initial $330, some of your “earnings” if you’re lucky enough to cycle through the boards will go towards buying your way into the boards each time you enter.

Sizzle Zing Compensation Plan

Unlike most matrix and cycler type programs, you are only required to sponsor 1 person to qualify to earn commissions. Most similar programs require you to sponsor 2  people, which most people never do. This should help more people earn commissions in this program compared to  other matrix and cycler programs.

Is There a Downside To Making Money With SizzleZing?

The downside to any multi-level marketing program, and SizzleZing is no different, is you will  need to recruit much more than 1 person to earn any significant commissions. Why is this you ask? Because the majority of people you bring into the program will never even recruit 1 person, therefore not helping you to cycle fast.

My experience and the experience of  other “veterans” in the industry is that you will  need to recruit MOST of the people yourself. True, you may cycle once particularly in the beginning while the program has that exciting “new  car smell”. But over time most people will become inactive forcing you to continue to recruit in order to earn.

The only other negative I’ll add is that these programs usually don’t have staying power. Once people start to see that they’ll need to recruit more than 1 person they typically are off to the next new program that promises them easy riches.

Sizzle Zing Review Summary

If you’re seriously considering joining SizzleZing, I’d recommend making sure that you have a recruiting plan to build your business. Do not expect to just  recruit 1  person and continuously cycle  through the boards. This WILL NOT happen. To learn cutting edge marketing and  recruiting strategies, grab my training below…


How To Place Craigslist Image Ads To Generate FREE Leads

People in the home business industry are infatuated with the idea of getting FREE mlm leads. Leads of people who they can recruit into their opportunity that they don’t need to pay anything for. For me, I’ve always used a content marketing strategy for my free leads and paid for everything else. The truth is, paid advertising typically works better and FASTER but…

Placing simple ads on Craigslist does work and will generate leads of people who are looking to make money. Most are simply looking for a traditional job but you will find some big thinker entrepreneurs if you’re consistent with your marketing. Here’s a video I just recorded for a training site that will help you get started and is something you can literally do today.

How To Place Simple Image Ads On Craigslist


Host Your Image FREE At

How To Deal With The HTML Code

DELETE This Part Of The Code: <!– copy and paste. Modify height and width if desired. –> 

THIS Is Basically What The Code For Your Ad Should Look Like:

<a href=”http://YOUR-LEAD-CAPTURE-PAGE-DOMAIN-GOES-HERE“><img class=”embeddedObject” src=”” width=”302″ height=”322″ border=”0″ /></a>

You can use these images to place FREE Craigslist Ads.

(Just “Right Click” on an image and “Save Image As” to save to your computer)