A Thorough Review of Brent Payne’s Avant Home Business Opportunity

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Avant Home Business

Avant Home BusinessI was recently approached by an experienced network marketer to join Brent Payne’s new Avant Home Business MLM company. While I respectfully declined because my business is set for right now, it is a very appealing business with a GPT business model that I like so I thought I’d provide my readers with a thorough and unbiased Avant Home Business Review.

What Exactly Is The Avant Home Business?

Avant is a Top Tier Direct Sales business in the network marketing industry. The founder, Brent Payne, is a very motivational guy whose first venture into the network marketing arena was with Liberty League International. LLI was an extremely successful top tier direct sales business until Brent walked away. He’s taken that successful business model, tweaked the compensation plan and created Avant. Avant, based in Scottsdale Arizona, actually launched in 2010 but seems to just be picking up steam with the introduction of Co-Founder & COO Michael Hamburger.

The products behind Avant are personal development related including a 72 day home study course and 2 personal development-type seminar packages. The personal development industry is big business, as is direct sales, and Avant is looking to capitalize on this trend.

What Does It Cost To Start An Avant Home Business?

Technically, it only costs $29.95 to join as an affiliate but nobody is going to do that. The vast majority of people starting their Avant Home Business will come in at the Elevate Level (and purchase the Elevate 72 day home study course) for $1,695. A much lesser percentage will come in at the Transform Level, which is a 3-Day Live Event Seminar that retails for $9,995. The third way somebody can start their Avant Home Business is to join at the Transcend Level, which is a 5-Day Live Event Global Awareness Event that retails for $16,495. We’re not talking chump change here!

BUT, I’ve found that this type of Top Tier business model is the type of business that most home business entrepreneurs SHOULD start because you need far less “sales” to make a full-time income as compared with your standard MLM business model. Most people choose to join inexpensive MLM type business and end up making zilch! In the long run, since top tier business do not have a monthly autoship, they may cost more upfront but will ultimately save you money in the long run.


How Do You Make Money With An Avant Home Business?

The compensation plan, basically, is a 1-Up with a twist along with 4 levels deep of residual overrides. I’ll use the popular Elevate Level as an example. You join and pay your sponsor the $1695 directly. Your sponsor pockets a cool $1000 and sends the $695 to the company. The company then puts $200 aside for the residual overrides. The first sale that you make also goes directly to your sponsor (that’s the 1-Up) and your sponsor is required to give you a team qualifying sale. After all of that has taken place, you are “qualified” to earn commissions.

I’m not going to get into the overrides but your upfront commissions will be either $1000 (Elevate), $5000 (Transform) or $10,000 (Transcend). Not bad on a per sale basis!

My Avant Home Business Review Summary

I like the business model alot and recommend the Top Tier business model to anyone looking to make a 5-Figure Per Month income right out of the box with their home business. I like the overall look and product mix of Avant and the company has many strong marketers involved who agree. It’s a business opportunity worth exploring in my opinion.

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Avant Home Business

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4 thoughts on “A Thorough Review of Brent Payne’s Avant Home Business Opportunity

  1. Hi Max – I happen to know a few distributors in Avant as well as have had contact with ownership and everyone I know that’s involved are both top marketers as well as people of integrity. It’s not a scam at all. With any business opportunity, as important as the opportunity itself is who your sponsor is. Unfortunately, it sounds like you signed up with a knuckle-head. They’re out there!


  2. Steve,
    I was very interested in this program. The problem was that I was working with A complete moran and He was very unprofessional about showing me what the products do and what they really are selling?

    Lets call him Mark. A really piece of work. He sent nasty e-mails and rude phone comments, then proceeded to yell at me? Lets say this attitude wont sell any product! I mean when you buy a product half of
    what your buying are the people behind the product?

    I felt this was scam like? It had a high buy in and a fast payout! Yes, but how and what really are you doing for the company or yourself?

  3. Hey Michael – it’s good to get the thumbs up from the company! The comment is greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work…


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