Can You Make Money With A TrendWealth.Com Home Business?

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Trend-Wealth-ReviewI stumbled across this company last night (actually received an email about it) and had never even heard of it before! If I haven’t heard of it, I am sure that there are many network marketers in the same boat so I did some digging so I can provide you with an honest, 3rd party TrendWealth Review. This way, if you are looking to join a new biz opp, you can either scratch TrendWealth off your list or find someone who’s involved and experiencing some success to discuss the business in greater detail.

What Is TrendWealth.Com?

First of all, TrendWealth looks eerily similar to a business that I am familiar with called YourNetBiz. In fact, it almost looks like, dare I say, a copycat…From the product mix (I’ll get to that in a bit) to the compensation plan.

TrendWealth was founded by James Longhurst & Jared Longhurst, who own the TrendWeatlh Marketing Group and is headquarterd in Utah in the US. The business went into pre-launch in August 2010. There is not a lot of information on the net about this business, which tells me that maybe it hasn’t taken off the way they had hoped. is a global Direct Sales (not MLM) business, with a 2-Tier compensation plan. You get paid directly from your customer and not the company (so you’ll need your own merchant account to accept credit card payments). You get paid anywhere from $100 – $800 on your initial sale PLUS $25 – $200 on sales made by your first level team-members. I like direct sales businesses so I do like the compensation plan. Of course, with this type of compensation plan I do not recommend planning on making a killing with your 2nd Tier commissions. Plan on generating your own commissions and anything else you make will be gravy.

The Products

The product mix consists of 4 different product bundle packages, which give you access to numerous digital products to help you market your business online. These include capture pages, videos, training videos and e-books, software, graphics and more. You also get lifetime private label rights to sell the products individually to earn retail commissions. To join Trendweatlh as an associate, you need to purchase one of the product packages:

  • Platinum Package: $1195
  • Gold Package: $595
  • Silver Package: $295
  • Bronze Package: $145

I took this information directly off of the corporate website. Interestingly, I saw an older YouTube video and the prices for all of the packages were higher. They must have recently lowered the cost to join.

Summary of Business Opportunity Review

I do not think that Trendwealth is a scam. The website is slick and it looks like they provide you with a lot of cool online marketing tools and resources. I would be a little nervous that there’s not much buzz about the business and that they’ve already cut their product package prices in half. If you have already joined TrendWealth, or plan to do so, you will need to be able to generate traffic to your “slick” marketing site. As cool of a website as you may have, if nobody knows about it, you won’t generate any sales!

To Pick Up Your TrendWealth Online Marketing Blueprint…

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5 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With A TrendWealth.Com Home Business?

  1. The same guys that own, James and Jared, copied 2 of my products to a “T” almost. I recommend you not associate yourself with them in anyway.

    They are not in the business of creating original or helpful products, they’re just in the business of copying/stealing them from people.

  2. Well i ve start it trendwealth i am member on this site and i cant get any help no one there to support you how to make money
    I HOPE someone can see.

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