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cash-tracking-system-reviewAt first glance, an effective cash gifting system, one of the oldest of the “legitimate” cash gifting program on the network – seems to be a scam. For the uninitiated, and I’ll admit I have no experience in cash gifting programs, the cash tracking system just looks like a game of money. No product, no website of the company … In fact, there isn’t any company! In fact, I saw the cash gifters refers to an effective system of monitoring and the current “activity”. This is not a “business” or “home-based business.” But I think it is and was interested enough that I decided to take a closer look!

Now, it seems that the cash tracking system, or cash gifting in general, is perfectly legal. IRS, for example, allows U.S. citizens to “gift” $ 13,000 without tax consequences. It’s just that we used for prize money to family members or people in need. There are no ads to reward someone who does not know who planned ahead, a gift to others. In addition, they tend to see giving cash as a “home-based business” or “network marketing business,” we expect to see products related to currency exchange. Effective system of monitoring, or other cash gifting programs, not products.

cash gifting programs

While there is no product, the rest of the functions of the program as a direct selling business class in an ordinary house. To get your website – containing 7 videos to help you sell your vision, and grab the page, you pay money directly to your sponsor – either $ 500, $ 1000, $ 2000 or $ 3500. I guess you pay a monthly management fee for your website, but I’m not positive. All that – it’s just “no product” that most of us have to go through.

I do not want to judge, and an effective system of tracking “activity” is considered to be 100% legal – not a Ponzi scheme or scam. Get the page is black. I chose to view the sales page, but I think the page is very professional looking.

Target market to make money and prospects System leads monitoring should be moderate people who have a positive view of the cash gifting program. Because I do not want to explain to people the benefits of network marketing, I think the cash gifters do not want to try to “sell” people on the benefits of a cash gifting business. It makes sense to me.

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  • Will

    Hey All,
    I followed a link from Steve H. over to this sight. I did speak with Steve many years ago about gifting, etc.

    I’ve been in business opportunities since 1985 so I do have some experience in this niche. One problem with “cash gifting” is that once you give a gift you cannot be connected to ANYTHING that benefits you from that gift – plain as that!

    This is from a very well respected MLM attorney. We paid for his advice and counsel back in 2001 as we were trying to redesign a program called The US Direct Mail Program.

    We had received letters from the Postal Master stating that we had to stop mailing our program due to it being an illegal ponzi scheme.

    Once our attorney represented us (he was on a first name basis with every DA’s office) we were given the GREEN LIGHT to continue promoting the program even through we were still in transition into being compliant.

    The only reason that program stopped was due to the owner wanting out.

    The guidelines given to us were simple. Here’s the ($7500+) plan that was given to us:

    #1 – Product – Service Based Programs – good!
    #2 – NON Product – Service Based Programs – not good!

    #3 – Your product & marketing should be separate and each product has to be priced close to a “real world value” price. (not inflated)

    #4 – You are selling a product or service and not just promoting the joining aspect – for money.

    #5 – You cannot guarantee any type of income but you can say… “You Can Make Up To…” as we see that in pretty much every niche online & offline.

    #6 – When setting up the pay plan make sure members know they have to pay tax on income generated from the sales.

    #7 – Our program was split-level and this was seen as “acceptable” if each product at each level was priced at a “real world value”.

    This is a summary of what we received.

    The last thing he said was “Will, it really boils down to this. The last time I represented someone in front of a very stern judge on this matter he said, “if they follow the guidelines set forth here (listed above) I don’t care what they do!”

    My point to all of this is “Why don’t you just create a product-based / service-based program and be able to offer it to the masses looking for someone legit and 100% viable & solid!”

    I’m in an 8 year old product-based program with up to $9500 sales. I won’t place a link here as that’s not respective of Steve H. / other members.

    If you are interested you can email me directly.

  • Mark

    I would like to just give an update on my overall success with The CashTracking System. Since July of 2010, I have received well in excess of $265,000 and counting. I continue to receive 20-30K a month regulary and growing. Most importantly, because of my exclusive lead and marketing resource I have others creating great success too, and I can even prove it.

    CTS is the best financial decision I have ever made for my family. Don’t let the negative people and the nay sayers stop you. With the right team and support behind you, this is awesome.

    As always, thanks for letting us share Steve.


  • Mark

    Hi SteveD. What I have to say in return to your last comment is this.

    I want to clear up a MAJOR misunderstanding about just how long CTS has been around.

    In defense of Pat and the CTS System, they have been around for over 10 years, HOWEVER, the domain name “” has only been in existence for 3+ Years. This is because Pat and his team have been running this system WITHOUT the 7 Step Video Overview that this system provides on this particular domain. SO, for many years, Pat has been providing this SAME ONE UP Cash Gifting program, but in 2008, they took it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL, and NOW offer this incredible 7 step system. It has made it amazingly easy to share now.

    I can see how people would mistakenly think that since the site is only 3 years old that they are misleading everyone. HOWEVER, they are NOT talking about how long the domain has been there, but rather the one up system itself. SO, they are NOT lying to people at all.

    I hope this clears everything up for those of you who might think this. It is a darn shame that people on the net are actually misleading people so they will join their program instead. That is just plain wrong. BUT, what comes around, goes around, right? I won’t name any names, but there are some big marketers out there intentionally lying about this, and they know the truth. BUT, they lie about it anyway, because they have no integrity. Not saying YOU SteveD, but there are others.

    I also want to point out that your friend is getting in trouble in his own state, Maryland. Why? Because he has somehow attracted a lot of people in his home state, probably from his warm market, all the while doing the cold market as well. SO, although he is still doing it from home and not holding public meetings, he is still doing it locally, and must have received a lot of complaints from those people. What are they complaining about? Did he mislead some of them? Just asking…

    The truth is, if you get multiple LOCAL complaints, you are going to attract a lot of attention from the authorities. I have NEVER done ANY local marketing, warm marketing, etc. I do this NATIONWIDE, and NOT ONE PERSON on my team has EVER complained about my conduct because I provide the best support and training AND LEAD resources on the planet.

    I cannot speak for your friend Steve. Although it is apparent that your friend must have made a lot of people mad at him to receive so many complaints in Maryland.

    This CANNOT and WILL NOT happen to you IF you are honest with people, treat them with respect and give them ALL the training and support they need.

    My people LOVE ME. I am also the ONLY person doing it the way I do it, and getting great results from my other members. I am NOT the only person receiving cash as I have many others on my team doing well. I provide THE BEST LEADS at the most affordable prices to our team in ALL of CTS and BY FAR the best training and support.

    I hope this clears up the misunderstandings about CTS and your particular case that you speak of.

    Thanks for letting us share Steven Hawk! 🙂



  • Mark, I just did…..

    What I mean is, if you can give an example of someone who doing it from home, by private invitation ONLY over the phone and internet, ONE on ONE, got into legal trouble, please let us know.

    David NEVER held meetings, he did this strictly through VB and the internet, he lives in the state of Maryland. The SEC views cash gifting as a ponzi/pyramid scheme. All it takes is coming in contact with someone who has legal”connections” and you certainly run the risk of a federal investigation (such as the one I posted).

    As for ONLY being investigated because of group meetings, thats completely not true. People get in trouble for local meetings b/c its easy for the Feds/law enforcement to find them…..much more difficult to track someone down at home. Also think about the logic behind that….its perfectly legal to bring someone in one on one, but in a group, well that completely illegal.
    Also Mark, those gifting statements/non solicitation statements….completely worthless, wont stand up in court AND will be a paper trail for you for paying taxes on, if you end up being investigated like my friend David.

    As for CTS, I personally know Pat, who runs CTS…hes a BS`er who tells people CTS has been around for 10 years and has 100K members. Completely not true, simply look up his URL…
    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 24-Nov-08
    Expires on: 24-Nov-11
    Last Updated on: 25-Nov-10

    CTS has been around since LATE 2008 and I assure you no where NEAR 100K members, not even 10K.

    And Mark, I dont mean to attack you either, its just that I have been involved with gifting programs since 1999….I have seen it all my man, but I never tell anyone that gifting IS legal, b/c I know too many people who have been in litigation on state and federal levels.
    People claim that no one in their organization has ever been investigated, they most certainly have….its just that the other people do not know about it.

    Theres too many good programs out there that ARE legit and can bring in the same amount of $$ without all of the headaches and worry that gifting causes…..once a prospect googles “cash gifting”….its pretty much all over.

  • H.L.

    It is so refreshing to see folks discussing this like mature adults. CTS is well within the law. Thank you Mark Ross for your very informative post! What you and another private individual decide to do is between you and that other person. That is the beauty of this program. People helping people… it honestly doesn’t get better than that. I have had great success with CTS and I am looking forward to many years of continued success.

    (888) 274-7503 Call 24hours
    H.L.´s last blog post ..I have discovered in 100% of the cases that people who don’t take step number 1…

  • Mark

    Hi Steve. Thanks for giving your input. I would say that your friend obviously was doing his activity locally and that is why there were multiple complaints in the state of Maryland. SO, he was holding public meetings. In EVERY single case where someone gets slapped with legal trouble, fines, etc. It is ALWAYS because they are doing it locally with large groups of people. Why is this a problem? Because in all these cases, it was a PUBLIC activity. Holding meetings, etc. is simply NOT how you do a private activity. CTS has been around for many years and NO legal trouble at all. That is because CTS does everything privately and by the book legal.

    We do it from our homes and in a completely one on one private, by invitation ONLY method.

    OF ALL the examples where people got into legal trouble, WITHOUT exception, it is where people were doing it locally and in large local groups. You cannot find ONE case where someone was doing it like we are from home, by invitation only, where there was a legal issue.
    That is why, even in your case, it was “the State of Maryland” which involved all kinds of Maryland complainers and was being enforced by Maryland.

    I don’t say all these things to attack you Steve. I know you mean well, and I respect your opinion. However, please consider this fact and if you can prove me wrong, I am happy to hear you out.

    What I mean is, if you can give an example of someone who doing it from home, by private invitation ONLY over the phone and internet, ONE on ONE, got into legal trouble, please let us know.

    Thanks again Steve for letting us air out our opinions.


  • This cash gifting debate has been ongoing now for over 10 years, is it ILLEGAL? Have people gone to jail? Have people been issued cease and desist orders from the SEC/State DA offices?
    I can answer these as I joined my first gifting program in 2002.

    IF, you are making, no, I`m sorry, forgot the terminology here, “generating” a LOT of money, then yes, you are risking a possibility of getting a cease and desist order in the mail from the SEC or DA office from a particular state. How do I know this? I personally know 3 people this has happened to.

    Most participants in a gifting program dont have to worry about this as 90% or more of people in gifting programs have little or no money. Cash gifting attracts “lottery mentality” people who are usually on their last leg financially.

    If you are generating a lot of $$ in a gifting program, and especially if you are online making videos, counting cash etc.. you can get into some serious legal trouble.

    Now I know…all of the gifters want to see proof….( This is a personal friend of mine who went through 3 months of hell with this, he is NOT the owner/operator of a cash gifting program, only a member.

    Proof is proof people….you cant argue with hard cold facts. Heres one clear cut example (and 2 others like it from 2004-2005) of what the federal government thinks about a “cash gifting program.”
    Going to jail…..well maybe not that extreme, but a run in with the SEC is something NOBODY wants….oh and by the way, those gifting statement and non-solicitation statements are as worthless as the paper they are printed on, this individual had to pay back taxes on all the cases charged against him here on the court document.

  • Mark

    Hi William. Although I can completely understand where you are coming from with your opinion. You are not fully understanding the whole perspective. First of all, when someone sends this gift, what is important to understand is that they are sending this gift NOT expecting ANYTHING in return from the person they send it to. Yes, they do expect to be able to participate in CTS, the PRIVATE activity, but they do NOT expect anything in return from the recipient of that gift. Therefore, technically, it is STILL A GIFT. That is also why it is very important that they signed the 2 agreements. 1, the Non-Solicitation form and 2, the Gifting Statement. By signing these statements, they are UNDENIABLY stating that their gift is NOTHING but a gift. What you must ONLY consider is the relationship between the sender, and the recipient in properly judging this matter. NOT the private activity itself, as they are clearly seperate. One, they send their gift to the recipient. Two, they then, IF they choose, can participate in the CTS Private Activity. Their participation in CTS is a seperate and distinct action. CTS makes it clear, they are NOT a business. This is the technical reason that you cannot apply Business Laws and Regulations to it. This is why your lawyer is wrong. Your lawyer is applying a Business Law to a Private Activity. They make this mistake because all they can think about is MLM and the laws relating to MLM. CTS is CLEARLY NOT an MLM.

    Having said that, I want the readers to realize I have been with CTS for well over a year and have had great success with it.

    The most important factor in being successful with CTS is that you have a reliable lead source and excellent training and support.

    Thanks a lot Steve for letting us all share our opinions here.


  • William Pardue

    I always wonder “why” people are looking for answers in all the WRONG places. What I mean by that is when we are business owners look online (or offline) for what really creates most of the wealth we will always see (2) primary sources of most of the income.

    Products & Services…period!

    This has been the staple of our ever-increasing prosperity as a country and as individuals who desire to reap the rewards of a free society. Now some of you may have different opinions of what “free” means in the statement above but I’m not here to discuss that now.

    We (our private group) have been in just about everything under the sun from 1987. This includes all of the direct mail courses and program along with business opportunities that are structures around a good product or service.

    My experience is that when someone gives a “gift” whether that be a cash gift or material gift the ONLY yo claim that as a REAL gift is to not have any connection to the gift in any way, shape, or form.

    This is advice from a top business law attorney that stated “why” cash gifting is illegal.

    It’s NOT in the giving aspect of cash giving as the IRS code covers. It’s in the receiving of a gift in a connected network that stands to benefit from the gift given.

    Once that is done the gift becomes an investment and cannot be called a TRUE gift. Again read the IRS code and you’ll see that there must be NO attachment of gain from that gift.

    Now, after all of that statement…we have considered the POWER of leverage involved in things like “cash gifting’ but didn’t like the fact that it was based on a faulty foundation that doesn’t give the participant the ability to prosper greatly as in selling a product or service to ANYONE – ANYWHERE.

    All you have to do is look at people like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Rich Schefren, and the likes to see the power of a product or service in the hands of someone willing to take action on that specialized information or training.

    We are in the process of forming a “private” group that’s not limited to growth…just exclusive to it’s members (like a country club) that will give the same ability (or better) to create wealth based around the most dynamic courses ever taught on…

    #1 – Direct Mail
    #2 – Consulting
    #3 – Internet Marketing
    #4 – Social Media Marketing
    #5 – Graphical Design
    #6 – Product Development
    #7 – Public Domain
    #8 – Mobile Marketing
    #9 – Private Label Rights
    #10 – Self Development

    and many more.

    We will have a structure that pays “like cash gifting” but w/o any limitations due to the no-product misconception prevalent in gifting plus you can market this to anyone – anywhere.

    There is already a group that we “mirror” similar to ours that has created an ever-increasing & sustainable wealth stream constantly growing due to the economy and not affected by it.

    If any of you are serious and interested please contact me direct at this email:

    You’ll be glad you did!

  • This article has become pretty popular, Ann! Good luck with the program. I agree that Direct sales is where to be, whether it’s Cash Gifting or Top-Tier Network Marketing.


  • Ann Beauchamp

    This is the most objective review I’ve seen in a long time. No ax to grind, just an honest, down to earth review. Lots of comments posted (I read them all) with unbiased replies, and even one that was bold enough to tell a commenter to take responsibility and quit whining. I just joined. Love the mature, no-hype approach. A refreshing change from Network Marketing. NM is a great business model which I understand and respect, it just doesn’t fit my personality.

  • Hi Sam,

    The calls you are receiving are “Voice Broadcasts” which is a marketing strategy that does work (believe it or not!). It’s not exclusive to CTS but is pretty much to top-tier biz ops. The calls are being generated by the individual marketer using a 3rd party service so the company wouldn’t be liable even if you could contact them. They should give you an option to be removed from the person’s list. Typically your number will have been “scraped” off the internet as being associated in some way with a home business. That makes these calls “business-to-business” and they don’t fall under the DNC legislation. They are annoying, I admit! Personally, If I see a 206 number (most of the calls come from the 206 area code I’ve noticed) I just don’t answer my phone 🙂

  • Sam

    Hello Steve,
    The problem I have is that I and others get unsolicited cell phone calls about this “program”. I’ve had 7 calls from 7 different people in the last 6 months. My cell is on the do not call list. I’ve talked to others who are losing minutes to these calls. Not a one of these calls has given a way to be removed from their lists.
    Since there is no “company” to contact how can this be reported or resolved? And if there’s no company who is running the program and servers?
    Hey folks want to do this fine….I DON’T!
    Thanks for listening.

  • Hi Mark,

    Funny that my post has become somewhat of a forum for CTS as well as its’ detractors! Anyway, you are absolutely correct that you need to know how to either generate leads or have a good lead source to succeed in any home business, along with the burning desire to make money and to help others do the same.

  • Mark

    Just remember, in order for you to TRULY succeed in a program like CTS, you MUST have a quality lead source of experience network marketers literally coming to you. I would not be nearly as successful as I am if it were not for my unique lead source. The truth is, NOT everyone in CTS has access to what they need to be successful.

    You also must have a burning desire to see others make money. A mentor that really cares. That makes all the difference too.

    I want to thank Steve for having a forum like this where we can share our thoughts, and let people know that there are 2 sides to every story. THANK YOU STEVE!


  • Lauren

    I’m very interested in trying the FamilyIQ thing, but am so hesitant because I’ve been roped into so many online scams. Can anyone give me some reviews on it or push me in the right direction? I am ready to work and need the money!

    Thanks! 🙂

  • joe rehm

    This post is in response to Mike Sett’s post dated 06/03/11 and Mike you will most likely not like to hear what I have to share. First off I have not joined CTS, however I have given it serious consideration. Mike, I suggest you take some responsibility for your actions and stop playing VICTIM. It is not a surprise to me that you did not succeed with CTS. It sounds like you are putting all the responsibility on your “inviter” and none on yourself. If you were “basically broke” why invest in such a program without being committed to it. I would never allow anyone to “rope” me into a program involving a significant amount of money. I assume that you signed a gifting statement. Therefore you gave away your money to your inviter. That is the whole premise of the CTS gifting program. Did you not understand what you were doing? The presentation (which I have viewed no less than three times) mentions risk. Did you not pay attention to the information presented? My advice to you is to drop this issue and hatred the move on. The efforts to pursue your inviter will just drag you even further down financially. I also suggest you get in contact with someone who can help you with financial advice. Contact me and I will help.

  • Belinda

    I have just watched the whole series of videos re the CTS and it looks rather interesting. I am one to believe that it will work if you want it to!! I can understand that it could be hard for some people to get around the concept however it seems rather simple and easy to run.

    In the scheme of things if you started at $500 I am sure it wouldn’t be too hard to make that money back plus more, then you can choose to reinvest it in the progamme and build up to the $3500.

    I am a bit of a small risk taker so just may take up this and give it a go.


  • Mike,

    I approved your comment since this post does get a decent amount of daily traffic and maybe someone has some advice for you. While CTS is cash gifting, it’s not unlike any other top-tier home business in that people joining need to understand they are getting involved with a sales organization and are going to incur marketing and advertising expenses to get their business off the ground and to find interested and qualified prospects. I don’t know if CTS requires you to purchase their marketing or if it’s an option but if it’s required it should definitely be disclosed to you upfront. I don’t know if you have any recourse but I’m sorry you had a bad experience and I wish you all the best.


  • Mike Sett

    I’d like to actually hear some advise from “Anonymous” on how to go about reporting this CTS program, and my inviter, and maybe getting him put behind bars (hopefully) – I was roped into this program to the tune of $1500 + set up costs, leads, phone #’s, recordings, all kinds of non sense (while I was basically broke no less) – only to now be left empty handed…What they fail to tell you is that in order to use their great “marketing” system – you need practically a full time income just to buy the “leads” weekly to sucker other people into this – I spent close to $600 just on leads to contact 10,000 people – and in return I got about 3 who actually went to my “presentation” center – and I have squat to show now for my close to $2500 “investment” all told – when I contacted my “inviter” finally to tell him I wanted out, and could no longer afford or justify continuing this program – I was first ignored for a week – and then when I finally had to threaten litigation, and contacting the authorities to get out of this and get my money back – just to get a response, I was told point blank “You can do whatever the hell you want, I have your signed gifting statement here, etc” and basically told to go to hell….I’m trying to devise now how to proceed because I am not letting this go – I didnt send this guy a “gift” – I sent him a “payment” to join a program and thats clear from all of the evidence (his presentation center, the emails I got, his initial message – etc) – So I’m wondering exactly who to call and how to get the ball rolling on getting legal satisfaction, and possibly my money back – thats all I want…Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated…My advice STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM – any help is appreciated…Thanks
    (its ironic too that my “inviter” said exactly the same thing to me as this guy Mark on here is promoting – that he made $100,000 in 7 months – exacly the same line, they must be taught this or something to scam you) anyone is welcome to contact me at

  • Hi Debi – Personally, I am not in the Cash Tracking System program but am in a business called FamilyIQ that will allow you and your husband to get back on your feet again. You can view the webinar overview HERE. I will send you a personal email as well.


  • Debi

    I am very interested in the Cash Tracking System. Things are hard for my husband and I. He has been out of work for 9 months and we have gone through our saving. We need something that will allow us to live and begin to save again. My husband was layed off from a 6 figure job because of downsizing and we lost our business to shady contractors who got a lot of our money. I have been scammed twice now from online business that were total scams. My husband is in one gifting program and he has been advertizing and can’t seem to get off the ground. Feel free to e-mail me if you think you are able to help us make some good money.

  • Hey Darren – I’m with you buddy! The people who think it’s just a pyramid scheme do not have the right mindset to succeed in this industry anyway. Our job as network marketers is not to convince the non-believers that this industry works. There are plenty of people who understand the value of NM and just need help learning how to make money and profit from their business.


  • Darren

    Network marketing is not a pyramid scheme. It’s a business structure and is very effective when you have a great product and compensation plan. Everyone throws out the words “pyramid scheme” and have no clue what they are talking about. Let’s look at corporate America. You have one CEO followed by a couple Senior VP’s and then even more VP’s and even more Upper Managers/Operations Managers and then even more Middle Managers and even more Supervisor’s and when it comes right down to it, you have all the “workers” who are doing all the work and are getting paid squat while the CEO is making more money than anyone else. Looks like a pyramid to me. The government and churches and 99.999% of the jobs in America are of a pyramid design and would fall under “pyramid scheme”. If you don’t believe me then you are truly ignorant. Network marketing works!!

  • Hi Mike,

    Glad you find my site. I cannot agree with your comment more…”everyone wants to better their financial situation but not many want to actually do anything about it”! It’s unfortunate but true. Luckily there are enough out there who are ready to take action! I wish you all the best with CTS!

  • Mike Urbanski

    Steve, I just cam across your site for the first time. I did want to comment on the CTS program. I have been a member for 2 yrs and it has changed my financial life forever. I don’t use voice broadcasting much as I prefer to just place small ads and call lead lists for people looking to make some real money.
    The problem is that most people talk the talk and don’t walk the walk. Everyone wants to better their financial situation but not many want to actually do anything about it.
    In this program, I simply help people generate the kind of money I do by inviting them to be a part of my team and follow my lead. You do have to have some money to start and then to be setup properly, but not a whole lot. I only look for serious people to join my team and then I help them be successful. I believe in this program and what I can do to help other people. This is the easiest way I have ever found to generate real money. People ask me, what do I make? I say, “I don’t make anything, I just generate between $3000 and $12,000 a month”. I guess that’s not believable for most people
    I invite anyone to go to my site at and then contact me at 518-858-7474 if they really want to be a part of a real mentors team.
    Great site Steve, keep up the good work!

  • Art

    rick, the attorney from Ohio claims that “using pre-recorded telephone calls to generate leads is illegal.”

    This is nonsense. Business to business voice broadcasting (such as calls to network marketers), provided they meet certain simple criteria, are 100% legal.


  • Hi Kevin,

    You make a great point about “no product” versus a “sub-par product”! Obviously, cash gifting is legit or it would’ve been shut down long ago. It’s a unique concept and I do know that many make a lot of money in those programs. I’m glad to hear you’re doing very well working it “part-time” and wish you continued success!


  • Kevin Estes

    I am involved with CTS,I am fortunate to be involved with a group from Indianapolis that help you focus your energy in the right direction to help you get the same results they do.You do get Value ,you are getting a tracking system and a group of driven professional with world class training available for free.I find having no physical product better than having a sub par product.Many MLMs have a product as an excuse to run a pyramid.You do have to contact many people to find a prospect.Thats why we run an Auto dialer.If you follow the best people ,and do exactly what they do, you can make a great deal of money I do 15k a month and 40 hrs a month doing this, I would be happy to advise anyone who has questions.

  • Mark Ross

    You are welcome Steve, and thanks a lot for posting my comments, as I am happy to clear up any misunderstandings.

    There is nothing worse that misinformation on the net. I am always happy to answer any other questions at all about CTS as I have a passion for it and truly believe in it myself.

    Your Helper,

    Mark Ross

  • rick

    Nice column. I will make no comment on whether the plan is legal. I will comment on the fact that using pre-recorded telephone calls to generate leads is illegal.

    Rick an atty in Ohio

  • Hey Mark,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. Also, thank you for clearing up some possible inaccuracies. I honestly don’t know enough about Cash Gifting, since I’ve never been involved, to judge it one way or the other. You are correct in saying that the right mentor and lead source, along with the willingness to put in the work, is what will determine success or failure for most. I’m glad to hear you’re doing really well and I wish you all the best!

  • Mark

    Ok, some may try to call me biased, but I will say that I am a member of the CashTracking System. The truth is, PAS, (Prosperity Automated System) was a much different case than CTS. PAS was truly a ponzi scheme because they told their members to invest $3800 and sit back and do NOTHING and they will STILL make money. That is why they got in trouble. PERIOD. SO, don’t compare PAS to CTS because CTS makes it clear their their members MUST participate in bringing in new members to receive cash. AND, let me tell you, CTS has been the best thing that ever happened to my family financially. I think it is very important that you have a great lead source and a good mentor. My team offers that. Who you work with is IMPORTANT. It is my belief that Cash Gifting, if done properly, is the best way to raise cash on the planet for the average network marketer. That is all we target.

    Feel free to contact me anytime if you want to know how I have made over $100K in my first 7 months working just 1-2 hours a day. NO HYPE.



  • Hi Heidi,

    I did notice that you opted in already to watch the webinar. In any event, I will email you with another link just in case.


  • Heidi

    Hey Steve. I’m researching CTS and appreciate the insight. I’ve clicked to view your FIQ video and was turned off by the requirement to provide you with my phone and email information. Clearly, data mining is a money maker, but I’d like to know if there is a way to view the webinar without offering up my information without any idea what you are doing with it. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Hi Ruth,

    I don’t believe that Cash Gifting is illegal, as it falls under the IRS “gifting” laws. It is a bit sketchy though! I would agree that I’m someone who believes in having a product associated with a business :). Check out FamilyIQ if you’re looking for a direct sales opportunity with a product and a top-notch marketing system. You can register for the webinar HERE.


  • Hi CJ,

    I can tell by the traffic to my blog that there are a decent number of people looking into the CTS biz opp. I don’t have anything good or bad to say about it. Just that cash gifting isn’t my thing. If you’re looking for a legitimate top-tier home business that I’m “really” making money with, watch this webinar: CLICK TO WATCH FIQ WEBINAR


  • Ruth Shapovalov

    Hello Steve,
    I received a voice mail from this company today, listened, and left a message for my would-be inviter. I watched most of the online videos, and got this funny feeling about the lack of product = scam thing. I’ve always been taught that if no product is changing hands, or no “value” is received for the dollar, the deal is illegal. My Google search brought up your information. What seems to be the case is that, if you do send that $3500 to your inviter and follow the steps, you’ll most generally double your investment pretty quickly. I still don’t feel right about it. I’m involved in legitimate networking now, and always feel VERY good about enrolling or selling. Something to be said for a clean conscience. The jury is still out on this one, though. I’ll show it to my husband tonight.
    Thank you for posting your information.


  • CJ White

    I just found your site after listening to the presentation on the cash tracking system. As the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. I evidence that with the posts of Dwayne and Larry, who have been in the program for some time, and haven’t made much, if any, money.
    My biggest concern is that I found the website via a computer generated call. I got no name of a sponsor, yet at the end of my presentation I clicked to contact my sponsor and Lo and Behold, a name I don’t know popped up, complete with email and phone #. (The phone # was not the one that dialed me).
    Good for whoever came up with the idea, as they get fees for the website setups, ongoing maintenance, etc. Probably not so good for the average person.
    As my ex was very much into MLM, my first impression was this was a pyramid scheme. It does sound similar to the company Anonymous referred to above. And I would question the IRS view on that much “gifted” income not being taxable since you do have to “work” to obtain it.
    Just my two cents worth

  • Thanks for stopping by, Dwayne. I sent you an email.

    You make some good points about fear of losing money – it’s definitely not the right mindset for success.


  • Dwayne

    I am a member of CTS. I’ve been a member for nine months. What I have found is this. I need to talk to several hundred people before I find one person who can manage the risk reward factor. Then thouse who get in have a new hurdle and that is advertizing expense with out fear. In other words they are afraid of losing their advertizing money ,and so consequently they lose thier money. Anything you focus on with fear you get.
    Hey Steve how you doin’? I would like to offer all of your readers a free gift, It’s a CD that explains what two things every billionaire on the planet uses to create thier fortunes. It will amaze you! It’s like magic. It works, and it WILL set you free.
    If you send me an email with your contact info I’ll send it to you free.

  • I wish you all the best with it, Mona! You make some great points about making sure you have a marketing budget and seeking out different marketing strategies.


  • Mona

    I was recently introduced to the CTS and I am usally the sceptic. If there’s something to find I can sniff it out. I recently learned if thats what you go looking for you will usually find it. I am a mother of two whose taking my children out of traditional school and putting them in online school next year. I prayed to find something that would work around my schdule. I am a college graduate who cannot even get paid for my undergrad degree at my current job because of being held down by a boss who knows I’m qualifed for her job. I don’t want anymore just over broke (J.O.B.) If you actually watch the presentation all of your doubts and questions would be answered. I haven’t joined yet but will. All you can do is try and like anything you promote you need leads and marketing. The web is so crowded these days the usual marketing tips may not cut it. What got my attention wass the voicemail marketing. This along with other expenses should be mapped out before you start so that you have a greater chance of being successful. Good Luck to all

  • Hi Larry,

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like the 7-Day Bootcamp – which will provide you with little tips and strategies that I’ve learned to market and brand yourself online. I’ll be updating it soon, too, so keep the links. They’ll automatically be updated so you won’t have to opt-in again!

    I would agree that, while I’m not personally involved in Cash Gifting, I think that it’s legal. I wish you all the best with CTS. It’s all about generating traffic and leads! Keep at it.

    If you have any questions, please let me know.


  • Larry Brinley

    Hi Steve, I just signed up for the 7day boot camp and truly hoping I’ll find something to help me get off the sidelines and DO something.
    I normally never post my full name but I noticed critics never do either as the Anonymous commenter above still hasn’t. I’m on the web right now looking for ways to learn to market cheaply because I am a member of The Cash Tracking System at the lowest level($500) & must find a way to “receive” more money so I can use it for joining a high ticket program I want to join. To be honest I’ve been a member for 5 months and done little, but my inviter did help me to qualify quickly then I was able to upgrade to the next level & want to move to the highest level. Since I have done very little he’s quit communicating with me to help others who will do something, I understand that. My unemployment is $612 / mo. I do not have extra money now as I did last year.With no one beating my door down to offer me a job I have to do what I can. All over the country there are stories of people struggling. Do you think they care if gifting is legal or not? Why would it NOT be legal to give someone something of yours? We don’t own money, it’s worthless in itself unless it’s redistributed.A person buys a used car for $ X and then has to spend 3 times $ X because it needs repairs. Did he get a fair value? Yes, because it was his choice, not ours to question. That 3 times $ X could have been used to leverage more money. Here’s how I see it: people believe in God – they believe because they first have a desire to , people believe gifting will work because they need it to; they have faith it will work. My plan is to create more income sources and that is where you may help in what you teach us. Thank You Steve,

  • Andrew

    Two things that verify the obvious it’s been in operation 7 years and currently there are over 70,000 people in 16 countries participating in this venture. I haven’t submitted my gift but intend to tomorrow. I’ve talked to my sponsor who has been in this 5 months and received money for his time, his sponsor has done very well. I was given both of their addresses and have been invited to meet the 67 year old gentleman (he lives less than 40 miles from me) who seems to be very proficient in his approach. One of the FAQs answers the “is it legal questions” with out being a Supreme Court Justice or even a Lawyer it is legal. Nay sayers tend to take a slanted look at the world and should live in a Nuclear Proof Bunker oh wait how unfortunate that would be, God Bless the people of Japan.

  • doug peterson

    Does this cash tracking system have an address and phone# or are they a fly by nite outfit?

  • Interesting comment and I’m approving it but it would certainly appear to be more credible if you hadn’t posted anonymously. Do you work for Bill Schuette’s office?


  • It doesn’t fall under the letter of the law. No company is required to be considered a pyramid, and even without gifting, a 1-up business plan IS a pyramid scheme (SEC vs. Prosperity Automated System).

    Additionally, the IRS information that CTS gives members is completely the opposite of what the IRS and Attorney Generals themselves say regarding taxation of cash gifts.

    You’re looking at around 7 years behind bars for fraud if you promote this program, so I would not recommend it at all.

  • I’ve heard of cash gifting but really didn’t know anything about it. It’s not for me, but it does appear to fall within the letter of the law. Thanks for stopping by!

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