An Expert Chews4Health Review From Someone Who Is NOT a Distributor

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Chews4Health Review

Chews4Health ReviewJust got an email from, giving me my industry update for the morning and one of the stories was on a company called Chews4Health and how they were ranked on the “Momentum” list for the second month in a row. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about today so what better than a no-holds barred Chews4Health Review from someone who didn’t know much about the company 30 minutes ago and who could care less whether you join or not!

Anyways, this Chews4Health Review will cover their momentum, product, comp plan, and any other tidbits I deem important to share with you. I will also let you know right up front that Chews 4 Health is NOT a scam! It’s an MLM business that requires work to make money with and the people that scream “scam” are those who put in no effort and think that they were entitled to earn a substantial income just for signing up! There’s no FREE lunch as they say!

Chews4Health Review – Company and Products

As I mentioned above, they have some momentum right now according to MLM Rankings and Npros. I’m not sure exactly what goes into compiling their Momentum List but I’m sure internet searches and new reps joining has something to do with it. This is a positive sign for the company and indicates growth. The momentum phase for an MLM company is very important for building the company and ultimate success.

Chews4Health is headquartered in North Carolina and was founded by David Friedman who is described on the company website as a visionary. I looked over the corporate management team and I’m impressed…at least there is one! Many MLM start-ups have just 1 or 2 people in charge of the entire company, In addition, you can tell from looking at the website that they know a thing or 2 about marketing which is a BIG positive in my opinion. Many companies are clueless about marketing and that never bodes well for success.

The Chews4Health Products

The current product mix is comprised of 3 products:

1. Chews4Health – basically a chewable vitamin supplement
2. Ignite – helps with energy, stamina, focus, mood, and performance
3. TrimULean – a chewable Weight Reduction System

Looks like they have all the bases covered to compete in the health and wellness MLM niche. The website states that their chewables are absorbed into a person’s system and work much better than pills. I don’t know enough to confirm or deny this statement but it makes sense to me logically.

How You Can Make Money With Chews4Health

You can start your Chews4Health business for as little as $89 with the Economy Pack but anyone serious about maximizing their income with the comp plan will start with a Business Builder Pack for $399. Then, you control your income with your monthly Autoship. You can be on for as little as $20 per month but it looks like you want to be at least at $100 per month to qualify for all the bonuses.

The compensation plan appears to offer the serious business builder the opportunity to make money for sure. You can earn 6 different ways: Retail Sales, Fast Start Bonuses, Infinity Binary commissions, Matching Bonuses, Car Bonus and Rank Advancement Bonus.

To sum up this Chews4Health Review, the bottom line is that you will need to recruit people and build a team of distributors to make decent money with Chews4Health. This is no different from any other MLM out there. I like the product mix and the website. The key to being successful is learning HOW to market your new business and making sure that you get enough eyeballs to look at your opportunity EVERY DAY. Forget about the friends and family approach that just doesn’t work for most people. If you learn to market like a PRO, you’ll earn like a PRO!

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One thought on “An Expert Chews4Health Review From Someone Who Is NOT a Distributor

  1. I got a recent e-mail from you where you were puzzled on what I responded to. It was concerning a favorable review you gave Chews4Health scam.
    To refresh your memory. My wife was one of the original 20 investors at $18,000 which after 3 years and everything going to plan was to be repaid $36.000. We and the other investors got repaid $3,000. This was about 6 years ago. At the meetings and the convention, Friedman said he and his business were totally debt free. That was a lie. His last scam was Sea Silver where he had to pay $1,000,000.

    These vitamins are extremely expensive and you will wind up eating all of them yourselves. If you have a family of 6, the children and the free samples you give would equate to a large car payment. Friedman won’t even list the ingredients with their percentages saying that it is proprietary. The pay plan is so complex, you will never be able to figure what you are going to get paid. Normally, it is how far you are in the hole. Anybody that would push this scam has no morals. All of his original employees and managers left shortly after they found out what was going on. David Friedman has ruined lives and he needs to be in jail forever since all he will ever be good for is scams. He could make a decent living doing chiropractic, but that will never satisfy him. Michael

    We had to file for bankruptcy as well as many of the now ex-friends and family members we signed up. Multi level marketing NEVER works. It is a scam where it’s all about how many soon to be ex friends and family members you sign up – a true pyramid scam.

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