I have a unique opportunity for a select few “Big Thinkers” to partner with me and my Mastermind Team and allow us to help you smash through your limits and get you on the FAST TRACK to Lifestyle Freedom!


It’s time to learn from someone who is actually in the trenches right now. I have spent a lot of time in the last few years understanding how to make money in the home business industry. You can piggy back on my and my team’s knowledge so you don’t have to spend countless days, weeks or even months getting over the costly learning curve. I will help you get the new growth that you need to start building your own profit pulling HIGH TICKET home based business today.

The ONLY way to work DIRECTLY WITH ME 1-on-1 is to Partner With Me in business so that I can get rich helping you get rich!

“This is for ALL people who have a burning desire to be successful deep inside of them, and are at a time in their life when they can really focus on it. If that’s you, then DON’T procrastinate. It’s absolutely vital that you take action NOW so I can get you IN profit and building YOUR own home business empire quickly.”

Simply Put…

…what you’re about to see is the BEST, SIMPLEST, & MOST POWERFUL way to create massive wealth that I’ve seen in my entire professional life of over 25 years.

…and the nice thing is that NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED because we have systems in place that do the selling for you… ANYBODY WITH DESIRE CAN DO THIS. You’ll be trained completely on how to run a massively profitable business immediately and…

HomeBased Business Lifestyle

…you’ll have the opportunity to work with a top Leader & Team who will coach you through all of the hurdles to your personal success that have been holding you back for years. Our business is the “Perfect Storm of Opportunity” that, when paired with an Absolutely Brilliant Marketing System AND the Best Training in the industry, you Simply can’t help but be successful beyond your wildest dreams!


Your Partner in Success,
Steve Hawk
The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

P.S. I look forward to speaking with you soon, and helping you attain heights that you’ve never seen or even dreamed. We are about to embark on a journey without limitations, my friend, and I’ll look forward to working with you.


136 Responses to Opportunity

  1. Steve Hawk says:

    I look forward to it, Ben!

  2. Ben says:


    Let me say that I am planning to partner with you soon; just that I have to fix a things before getting started with you. I know you’re hardworking person and have known you since 2010 as someone who is thorough in his online business venture.

    Keep up the good work.

    Ben´s last blog post ..7 Reasons an Online Business is the Best Investment Now

  3. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Vineet!


  4. Vineet Gupta says:

    Hey interesting blog mate, keep rocking 😀
    Vineet Gupta´s last blog post ..Should you make Money as your Goal or Not !!

  5. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks Grace, and appreciate you stopping by and commenting!


  6. Grace C-R says:

    You have some great content across your blog Steve.

  7. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Ivan! You make some great points. I’ll definitely take a look at your gift…Thanks!


  8. Ivan says:

    Steve,great information,I have been in several mlm programs in the past and never had much of results,neither a mentor who was willing to show me the way,until I find my present mentor who IS self made millionaire and a first person that I can call personally on the phone anytime if I have any “problem” ,based on my own experinece,one need to have a strong DESIRE to make positive changes in his life,I don’t care what all get rich quick books tells you…you will never get rich in your pocket,until you get richer in your mind FIRST!To get richer in your mind you can go here: http://www.atouchofgreatness.ca This old self help classic is not for sale I am giving it FREE as a gift to all who decide to join my team…to get richer in your pocket go here: http://www.homebiztruths.info this FREE 38 page report will OPEN your eyes,and help you to save and make a lot money IF you read it with an open mind and DO what it say.On top of all of the above,I and my partner and self help millionaire will be available for any help if you decide to get involved.Before you get involved in any MLM program do yourself a favor and read my FREE 38 page report you will be glad you did.Ivan

  9. Steven Cavan says:

    Thanks Steven for a great blog with valuable information for all the marketers making every attempt to succeed in this industry. This is not any easy hill to climb and takes serious dedication to make work.

  10. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for sharing the more up to date info, John!

  11. john says:

    I read your review of Lyoness and you don’t have your facts correct, You said “For those of you who are looking to make the BIG money with Lyoness, you’ll want to join as a distributor. To start your Lyoness business, you’ll need to purchase some gift cards. The amount you purchase will determine how much of the compensation plan you will participate in. Basically, the start up cost ranges from $225 – $3,000, with the $3,000 gift card purchase maxing you out in the comp plan. That’s pretty hefty for an MLM type compensation plan, particularly since there are no fast start bonuses. Your sponsor receives none of that $3,000 but you’ll want to bring people in at that level if you’re serious about making a LOT of money with this business.” This statement has several problems including the receipt of gift cards with the down payment of $225-$3000 Please do your home work.

  12. Mark says:

    Hey Folks. I figured I would put in my 2 cents, since there are a lot of positive and negative comments here. I have been with CTS for well over 2 years now. I can PROVE my success too, and show you WITHOUT a doubt. No matter what all the nay sayers have to say, I know from experience, and I have the success to prove it.

    In my first 8 weeks, I literally received $24,500. Since then, I have
    brought in over $360K as I write this. I attribute my success to an exclusive
    lead resource and system I have developed for my team. YES, I actually have
    other members of my team who have had SUCCESS!

    Not everyone has access to the tools and training that they need to be truly
    successful, but when you do, there is NO cash generating program online today that compares.

    You can call me anytime if you want to know just exactly what I do and why I
    am successful.

    Thanks Steve for letting us have this discussion.


  13. John Quisenberry says:

    POWERFUL stuff Steve! – I found your post interesting and would love to talk further. In the meantime, I’d like to share something I myself came across that has proven to be SOOOO helpful. http://mlmsumo.com/customer-enchilada – I couldn’t believe the power in it! Kim taught me some crucial principles from a different perspective focused on customer retention. Start Recruiting Your Customers and KEEP Them Once You’ve Got’em!

  14. C L Eldridge says:

    Hi Steve,

    Before I purchase Syndication RockStar, will I be able to place the
    plugin in the Empower Network WP Blog?

    If so, will you share with me any special needs I may have placing it in EN or other special blogs you may have in mind to get the best results?

    C L Eldridge

  15. Steve Hawk says:

    Appreciate it, Wedge! Thank for stopping by.

  16. Wedge Trainers says:

    You’ve got a great attitude Steve! Success to you!
    Wedge Trainers´s last blog post ..How Do You Wear Yours?

  17. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Jeff – it’s good to hear from someone local! I’ll definitely touch base!

  18. jeff says:

    Hello to you sir, I live in Kingston NY, not to far from you and I am excited about the chance to work with someone that is close enough to just jump in my car and meet up for some training and and hopefuly become a top notch student of yours. Together we can make some money and help some people. Cant beat that….. looking to hear from you …

  19. Alice Chen says:

    Thanks for the info. I think that it’s great that you are helping many others out there become successful. Great article.

  20. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Brianna!

  21. Brianna says:

    It pays to have a good advice from the expert and have some tips regarding how we can possibly boost our skills on attracting people and making great online strategies.

  22. Joe says:

    Do you have any reviews on North American Power. Please review http://www.napower.biz/157532 and provide feedback.

  23. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Steve,

    I like your to the point (let’s cut the B.S. ) approach.
    Being yourself will take you very far, very fast.


  24. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Dain,

    Sure we can guest blog on each other’s sites. I’m always looking for fresh content. I’ll drop you an email.

  25. Dain says:

    Hi Steve,

    My name is Dain from Dainlewis.com and I was wondering if you might like to guest post on a blog of mine. I have 3 blogs that you can choose from all with decent traffic. I’m hoping that in return I might be able to guest post on your blog.

    I’m hoping that partnering in this way we will be able to create better backlinks for our blogs and increase traffic/leads.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  26. ali says:

    hi… i think it is an awesome opportunity fro those who desire to get rich within no time..

  27. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Greg, and I appreciate the kind words!


  28. Greg Meares says:


    Great Blog!

    I love your information and resources.

    Greg Meares´s last blog post ..Are You Taking The Path of Least Resistance?

  29. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi – I got my start learning what I know from MLSP. I highly recommend it 🙂

    As for the training, there are a few ways. My coaching is provided free of charge for people who join me in one of my top-tier businesses or I have a sales page for just coaching services. Whichever works best! I prefer the former so we can work together towards the same goal but it’s up to you.

  30. Hi Steve, I’d like to know more on how I can be a partner/receive your training. Any idea how I can setup a site like yours? Did you learn this stuff from Maximum Leverage or MLSP?

  31. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Shawn,

    I sent you an email. I have not heard anything about FIQ being affiliated with the Mormons or that the materials are “Mormon Based”.

  32. Shawn Wagner says:


    I have looked at FamilyIQ and have some concerns. I talked to several people about the materials and they are saying the materials are Mormon(LDS)based. Do you know anything about this?

    We are seriously interest in an opportunity like FamilyIQ and hope this is it.


  33. Gina Ghafari says:

    It’s Always informative to read your blog, added value of knowledge. Thanks
    Happy New Year /Gina
    Gina Ghafari´s last blog post ..The Idea of Mindset

  34. hey steve,

    what’s your main primary opportunity buddy?

    let’s catch up on skype to discuss few things,
    you have my email.

    speak soon
    Shaqir Hussyin´s last blog post ..12 Key Tips For Your Biz AKA “The Most Awesome Email Ever”

  35. Steve Hawk says:

    I sent you an email, Shelly.


  36. shelly says:

    hello steve i am a new member please contact me on information i need thank you.

  37. Nice success Blog Steve!

  38. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks, Shaqir. Let’s stay in touch.


  39. Great content steve,keep it up, great rankings on page 1
    we should catch up soon – see how we could work together 😉

    speak soon
    Shaqir Hussyin
    Shaqir Hussyin´s last blog post ..12 Key Tips For Your Biz AKA “The Most Awesome Email Ever”

  40. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks, Ruth!

  41. Avon representative says:

    Hi Steve, just a quick note to say I enjoy reading your blog, some great content!

  42. Steve Hawk says:

    I’ll email you Luis.

  43. Luis says:

    Hi Steve, i’m here to learn how this “thing” about making money online works. I’m not really good talking english but i can understand it, so i’d like to join to this program. Thanks!

  44. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Lindsey! I appreciate it!


  45. Lindsey Thomas says:

    I have been noticing your material quite a bit lately. Great stuff, Steve! I like to keep coming back for more!
    Lindsey Thomas´s last blog post ..Is Your Business In Tune?

  46. Steve Hawk says:

    I appreciate the comment, Alok. Thanks for stopping by!


  47. Alok Agarwal says:

    Hi Steve,

    Today in this difficult times when each one of us is looking for every possible way to add his or her income, one simply cannot afford to ignore Affiliate or Network marketing and your website is really a big help to those who are serious about network marketing including me.

    Alok Agarwal
    Alok Agarwal´s last blog post .."Enemy of a great life is a good life."

  48. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Debby – thanks for stopping by! If you’re looking to partner, just let me know.


  49. Debby says:

    You just simply did an absolute brilliant idea wherein I can learn more to improve myself on this kind of business. I’m just new to this kind of marketing where I’m always having a hard time thinking of what to say on various sites for ten hours. I get to paid working for ten hours but i always get annoyed thinking that I’m not doing any better compared to my fellow workers. I wished to have a mentor like you in which inspires me on everyday blogging.
    Debby´s last blog post ..skin tag removal

  50. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Andy! Giving back is definitely key. Wish I was in Hawaii 🙂

  51. Andy Bearden says:

    Thanks Steve for the straight forward approach. We could use more leaders in the industry as yourself. Keep up the great work my friend. I look forward to your posts. Giving back and being transparent is definitely the key. More leaders need to lay it out on the table and just get busy. Aloha from Hawaii.
    Andy Bearden´s last blog post ..Why Andy Bearden joined David Wood and the Empower Network

  52. Dhowell says:

    Love it!

  53. Steve Hawk says:

    Krystina – I believe the only way to build your business is by helping others. That approach helps everyone involved!

  54. Krystina | Network Marketing Success says:

    Thanks for this inspiring article Steve. You seem to be a sponsor that really helps his downline and that’s very important. A lot of people are focused on signing new members to their company and forget to help their downline. I think that’s one of the reasons people quite MLM. Good luck to you and your business.

  55. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Chris! I’ll check out your blog as well!


  56. Chris Christian@network marketing training says:

    Great post Steve!

    Love the no bs straight call to action approach…This is definitely the way to put the hot leads who are ready to take action in your pipeline, and even find the next leader who will catapult your business to new heights.. Look forward to more good content on your page and I will definitely refer to friends!

    Warm Regards
    Chris Christian
    Chris Christian@network marketing training´s last blog post ..Is Ignite powered by Stream Energy a Scam- Must see Review

  57. Mick Hastings says:

    Hi Steve! I just wanted to stop by and say hello and thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with all of us!! By the way, I am promoting your site on my Recommended Blogs Widget at my blog! I was interested in knowing if you would entertain the thought of exchanging links with me!! Thanks for the post!
    Mick Hastings´s last blog post ..RSS Feeds and Link Exchanges

  58. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks, Rickey!

  59. Steve Hawk says:

    Just added you to mine as well! Keep up the great work, Mick!

  60. Rickey says:

    Thank you so much for the valuable info you provide and I look forward to reading more from you.



  61. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks, Mike!

  62. Mike Downs says:

    Great site Steve! I will be here quite often!

  63. Jerry Katz says:

    Hi just dropping by to say, I can say that your blog is very informative and educational.

  64. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Miriam,

    My question would be are you mailing postcards EVERY week? Any marketing strategy is all about consistency and follow-up. How many FIQ leads have you generated that have watched your webinar since you joined (you can check your back office for this number). I would say – and this goes for any business opportunity – that for every 65 leads you generate you’ll get 1 sign-up (if you don’t call to follow-up). If you call, that number will be less depending on your phone skills. Write me back at contactstevehawk@gmail.com. Maybe I can help.

  65. Miriam says:

    Hi Steve–

    I am with FamilyIQ since July and have not seen one check come in so tell me what I need to do. Have done the postcard thing, posted ads–what am I missing?

  66. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Walter,

    Welcome to the wonderful and dynamic world of network marketing! I’ll be sure to check out your blog. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.


  67. Walter Nienhuis says:

    Hi Steve!

    I just wanted to stop by and say hello. It looks like you are doing a great job! I’m new to Internet and Network Marketing so I’m trying to read up on as much information as i can get. Thanks for the post!
    Walter Nienhuis´s last blog post ..How to be Unique on the Internet

  68. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Nathan,

    The difference is that with LCB, your link is put on a giant “rotator” link with all of the LCB members while with ACB the software places YOUR link on websites, blogs, etc. to drive traffic.

  69. Nathan says:


    I see you promoting Auto Cash Bot. What is the difference between Little Cash Bot & Auto Cash Bot? I know LCB is supposed to be a smaller or lighter version of ACB, but what exactly does that mean?

    What can ACB do that LCB cannot do?


  70. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Robert! Glad you like 🙂


  71. Robert Kendray says:

    Hi Steve,

    I just came across your website and must say there is a wealth of useful information here. I’ll be sure to drop by often and follow some of the great advice you are giving.



  72. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Elie,

    I’ll send you an email.


  73. ELIE SAHABO says:

    Hi Steve,

    I had registered in MLSP. And i am having difficulties to get started.

    Regarding the Blog Creation, i am still interested but not right now.

    I’d like first to get started with MLSP and the next step will be creation of my Blog.

    I’d like to know what are the conditions to partner with you? So i can benefit from your experience to succeed Online.

    Best regards

    Elie SAHABO

    Mobile: +32 479 401 407

  74. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks, Susan.

  75. thanks for your info and experience. Worth looking at
    Susan Rutherford´s last blog post ..Why Online MLM Leads Do Not Covert

  76. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Egzeus. I’ll stop by your blog as well as I see you’re a fellow member of MLSP!


  77. Egzeus Belial says:

    I really like your blog here, really good and useful information. Looking forward to reading more from you Steve (“,)
    Egzeus Belial´s last blog post ..You Can Do It

  78. Steve Hawk says:

    Awesome, Mick! It’s good to hear from you and I really appreciate the kind words.


  79. Mick Hastings says:

    Steve, A good leader does have great confidence to influence those who are associated with you. I can honestly say that you have earned my respect through your training and tips!! Thanks for sharing!

  80. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Jahlove. Your comment is greatly appreciated!


  81. Jahlove says:

    Hi Steve!
    I love the way you made yourself stand out. A good leader does have great confidence to influence those who are associated with you. It would be an honor to have such leader (employer) like you. A good example indeed. Constant monitor on each team member equals great teamwork.
    Jahlove´s last blog post ..LPN Training Programs Overview

  82. Steve Hawk says:

    It’s been nice meeting you, Anne!

  83. Anne Gueri says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your time and explaining things to me. Your material seems to be very helpful. I have a lot to learn and you seem to be a great leader.
    Thank you

  84. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for stopping by and for the comment, Damir!

  85. DamirAndIrina says:

    Awesome! It’s very important to surround yourself with true leaders!

  86. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks, Andrew. You can start whenever you’re ready!


  87. Andrew Fraser says:

    Great Blog!
    When can I start?

  88. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks, Vikas!

  89. Steve Hawk says:

    Good to hear, Leon! Let me know when you’re ready to get started!


  90. Leon says:

    Hi Steve… wow you have tought me so much and I’m only on day 4. I don’t think I’m ready to get started just yet, I like to be a little more certain of what I’m doing before I jump in. Thank you very much for your coaching and all of the great information.

  91. vikasgupta says:

    you are running a very nice blog.keep on posting

  92. Steve Hawk says:

    Probably went to spam. I’ll resend it.


  93. Brian says:

    Thanks Steve, for the Welcome message with the previously missing link.

    However, it seems as if the whole of day 3’s message has slipped off the radar now as I did not get that either. I don’t normally have any difficulty receiving things, and I have got Day 4 and 5.

    Sorry to trouble you, have a great Sunday.


  94. Steve Hawk says:

    Email sent, Ed.

  95. Ed says:

    Hello Steve,

    I would like to chat with you regarding Primo Vacations. I see that you are involved and I like your honest feedback. I have several questions and if you can please help me understand the pros and cons, I might join this program OR if you’ll recommend a better travel program.


    Ed Hasan
    please email me at one24stars@gmail.com

  96. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the heads up. I think the email went out with no link! I just sent to you via a test message from Aweber. Let me know if you don’t receive it and also if you have questions. I’m actually in the process of putting my bootcamp on “steroids” so keep the pages bookmarked as they’ll be changing over the next few weeks.


  97. Brian says:

    Hi Steve,

    Love the information on this site, so much so that I decided to take part in your 7 day bootcamp on 11 July. I have now received day 2 and day 3 but no day 1 to start things off. Did your autoresponder take the day off on Tuesday?!


  98. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi TC,

    I sent you an email.


  99. TC Hall says:

    Hi Steve,
    I have been looking in to internet marketing for about three years now but haven’t done anything up to this point about getting started. There are several reasons why, the top three are: Not understanding how to put it all together, not knowing what to market and not having the time to invest. I have now found my self unemployed so number three on my list is no longer and issue. I would like some advice on how to get started. What I would really like to do is talk to a few successful people, like you and get a personal account of their ideas for inspiration. Perhaps that could be what my blog is about…?

  100. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Mary-Elaine,

    Thanks for the heads-up about the marketing site. Sorry but I don’t allow people to post affiliate links. Just their blog links.


  101. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you! It’s been a while since I’ve advertised on LinkedIn. LinkedIn had emailed me a $250 coupon code over a year ago that i used to test out their PPC. My conclusion is that it’s too expensive at a minimum $2 per click. I have not revisited it to see if they’ve lowered that minimum or not.

    If you have any questions regarding anything I’m involved with, please let me know.


  102. Adam K says:

    I like your site and initially found it through your review of linked in ads. How did you get your free clicks from them? I was about to pay full price and I read that you got $250 for free! I also read your partnership program and am looking into it more on your site right now.

  103. Mary-Elaine says:

    Hi Steve,

    Here is a site that, will help advertise your websites.

    You can use this to promote your other multiple streams of income businesses. Plus we have made over $5,000.00 in the first 20 days

    [Link Removed]

    Thank You
    Dream- Believe- Work Smart- Achieve

  104. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks, Tracy. Email sent.

  105. Tracy says:

    Hi Steve,

    I agree with Lee Jordan. What a spectacular site.

    Can I ask you to review the attached link and let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you.

  106. Bebo Kobo says:

    That’s something that I like today, great post made by you. Really being a business mam that’s very difficult to keep business track on right path but right time right suggestion always help.

  107. Steve Hawk says:

    Hey Stephen,

    I only took a quick look. Usually, 2×12’s don’t have staying power for whatever reason. But, that being said, market it right and you’ll make money. I believe that for most any business.

  108. stephen says:

    Hey Steve its been a long time..Thanks for being a great internet friend and i appreciate the One24 Tip. Awesome company..I would like for you to check out this link and let me know if this 2×12 forced Matrix Company is worth pushing. They have many products available But I do not want to waste my time. Getting in was free so i took a gamble and did. http://williamsgroup.thedebtfreecard.com

    Thanks for the feedback

  109. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for stopping by! I’ll give you a buzz tomorrow.


  110. Mark says:

    Steve…I happened onto your website after finding out about One 24. I have not been involved in MLM in a long time, but when I did it years ago, my brothers and I built a downline of over 6000 in a company called Uniquest, only to see the owners, who we knew, make some bad decisions and ruin the whole thing. I see that times have really changed in network marketing! I have been running a successful insurance company for years that has fallen off recently. There is something about One 24 that intrigued me enough to find you and all your other offerings. My question is, where do I start with all of this? I see a lot of companies you endorse but doesn’t seem like clear path to getting started. What and how do you suggest I get going going and plug into your programs? Thanks.

  111. Steve Hawk says:

    Interesting, Gordon. I’ll check it out.

  112. We have just launched the ONE24 Social Network, http://www.groupmerge.com .
    Please join and let us know how we can further help you help your team.
    The Group Merge Staff

  113. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Asim,

    Good to hear from you! You commented on my partnership page. That’s my primary opportunity right there that offers the highest potential commissions the fastest. Check it out!


  114. Asim says:

    Hi steve
    I read your blog and am thinking to start one with you i am from pakistan and have a few years experience in network marketing. Kindly email me and guide me the best possible opportunity i may start with.

  115. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Laurel,

    Thanks for stopping by! I actually have a position in The Customer Advantage. Everything looks good but my experience tells me that programs that people can join for FREE just don’t work well for most and the majority make no money. The reason is most on your team will not work it. They may even forget they joined because they don’t have a vested interest in the business. I could be wrong but I would not spend a ton of time or money promoting it. Just my opinion.


  116. Laurel says:

    Hi –

    I’m new to the network marketing scene, and since you are an expert in in the field I thought I would ask your advice about a program that was recommended to me.

    It’s called The Customer Advantage, and it is like Groupon and Living Social in that it offers discounted coupons, but in this program you can earn commission by recommending it to others. It’s a network marketing program, and it looks very promising. It’s completely free, so I signed up, but before I invest a lot of time in it I would really like to know your opinion.



  117. Steve Hawk says:

    I sent you an email, Rodrigo!

  118. Rodrigo says:

    Hi Steve, I must say that your web really caught my eye and not only that, it got me interested as well. I have been struggling monetarily and it’s hard to find a job. I have done the MLM the old way twice and didn’t work at all. But now I am interested in this new way (through internet) but still i’m a little affraid to invest money and time with no o little return. Where should i start first, with the MLMS and then? as my budget is really tight. could you please send me an email rodrigo.davalos@gmail.com , you could be a great mentor and coach.

  119. Steve Hawk says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Nenita, and for including me in your book! I hope all is going “well” with your “Wela” business!

  120. Nenita Dano says:

    Dear Steve,

    I am so impressed about your grand website, whoisstevehawk.com with the variety of networking blogs and company displays and so forth.You are really soaring high.In the long run, I would really need your distinctive coachings too.

    May I ask permission from you too that I noted the 7 Simple Steps to SEO Options, STEVE HAWK Blog Post in my book I wrote “T-I-N-T Marketing Online Secrets: Diversify and Excel Web based Programs. I also include your website in my book which is the source of the Blog. My people who spent time reading the TINT book, would reach and search you too after they will explore the TINT..

    Thank you so much.


  121. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks, Jeremy. I’ll send you an email.


  122. Jeremy says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am very impressed with your knowledge of network marketing and am interested in a partnership with you as I look for a way to make money from home.

    I am following your steps in the coaching program and am having difficulty setting up my self hosted blog. I was wondering if you could help me through this process?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  123. Steve Hawk says:

    Hey Dan,

    I honestly have no idea if it’s the same Steve Hoffman or not but I do not think it is. The guy associated with the PowerWealth Team (which I am not affiliated with) is Canadian.


  124. Dan Lipford says:

    Steve –

    I just read your December 2009 report on PowerWealthTeam. It mentions “Steve Hoffman,” and I’m hoping for your sake and your readers’ sakes that the guy you’re referring to isn’t Steven H. Hoffman of Boca Raton, FL, because that guy’s a fraudster, a scammer, a thief and a liar that’s been involved in internet marketing in the past and was heavily involved in an $8 million Boca Raton-based Ponzi scheme from around late in 2003 through sometime in early 2005.

    Whether or not its the same Steve/Steven Hoffman, you’ve been warned.


  125. Steve Hawk says:

    Thank you for the compliment, Lee. It’s very much appreciated to be sure!


  126. Lee Jordan says:

    Hi Steve

    Your site is just spectactular. I have just started with Magnetic Sponsoring and MLSP and now have a capture page, but looking at how to create the ideal scene in helping network marketers like myself. This site is just the best. I am a IMD for Team National and looking at how to help myself and others expand in the most awesome profession – network marketing. You are setting a terrific example of how to market online.

    Lee Jordan
    IMD Team National

  127. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Joe,

    Everything that I have heard about Club Sea Breeze is that they are a legitimate network marketing business. Certainly, you do not need to join a business if something about it makes you uneasy. Personally, I am involved with Pyxism so I know for a fact it’s completely legit and the comp plan is more lucrative as far as I can tell. You can go to http://dominatepyxism.com to learn more and see if it’s something you’re interested in.


  128. Joe Morley says:

    I was approached through email to join in on an opportunity to with Club Sea Breeze as an owner. I was almost ready to sign up when less than 24 hours later I was told that if I didn’t sign up by midnight the price was going up by 1/3. I smelled bait and switch and backed out. Should I mark their emails a spam and just move on?

  129. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Pat,

    Nice to meet you! I left AOP, and had them cancel my account, back in January I believe. I just didn’t feel comfortable. Very little communication and I was disappointed when they charged for the infinity downline when there was never any mention of that before. I made some money and they paid me so I didn’t have an issue there.

    Honestly, I’m surprised that AOP is still in business. All of us who joined were taken for a ride unfortunately (I have no “business” involvement — just joined like everyone else). I would advise taking any commissions that are owed to you and getting out of there!


  130. Patricia S says:

    This is for STEVE and is VERY Important,

    I am sorry to contact you this way, but I see your posts to AOP and must ask you this. I am not interested in any other online biz until I get this straightened out, so please… no offers to my email address.. just respond?

    AOP has Fraudulently charged my CC twice since I told them to stop. They have not paid me now for 2 months commissions AND they have NEVER paid my monthly bonus they so proudly display on their LeaderBoards (I’m supposed to be at $420/mth?!).

    I have evidence that Paul Birdsall is behind AOP, and I also live in Canada, so it’s pretty easy to track him down. I really hope YOU are NOT connected with AOP in any business manner, as I’m sure there’s already a flock of people after them.

    Hopefully, they haven’t done the same to you?

    I’d love to hear YOUR story… how much do they owe you? Have they paid YOU any bonus money or commissions since Feb? If you are the Steve on the LeaderBoards for $2400, then you will never see that money… are you as angry as I am? More, I would think so! I do NOT like leading MY downline down the wrong path, and I sure did with AOP 🙁

    Angry and taken for the last time.. and eagerly awaiting your response.
    Best Regards,

  131. Chris Mason says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by my website and commenting , really appreciate it. Its great to see a quality blog like yours. Your doing a great job. Different parts of the world, similar story. All the best.

  132. Steve Hawk says:


    Good to hear from you. Got it and responded! Thanks for joining my ATS Team! I look forward to working with you.


  133. Justo Montibeller says:

    Hi Steve

    Nice blog

    I sent you an email about ATS, did you received it?

  134. Steve Hawk says:


    Thank you and of course. You have a very nice blog going. Keep Up the good work!

    Steve Hawk

  135. August Samuel says:

    Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

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