Why You Need To Consider Adding a Top-Tier Direct Sales Business

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top-tier-network-marketing-businessWe are coming to an end to 2010 (time really flies, doesn’t it?) which got me thinking about My Business Set-Up and what I really need to do to explode my income in 2011. While I’ve believed in having a TOP-TIER direct sales business in my overall business plan since March of this year, I’ve decided to “kick that up a notch” heading into 2011.

While I also believe that you should be building for leveraged, residual income as well, our current economy almost REQUIRES that we have the ability to generate large upfront commissions to sustain our lifestyles. With literally somewhere around 30% of the US population out of work, and many who are still “employed” making either less than they used to make or just struggling to get by…SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!

The days of building an MLM “part-time” over a 2-5 year period are over. With people struggling today, we cannot afford to wait to build an organization into the 1000s before we start to see 5-Figure months. We need to have the ability to earn that “right out of the box”.

Many people, sometimes those who are in need of those big commission checks THE MOST shy away from the $1000+ start-up cost programs because they think they are too expensive…YET they join programs with $100 auto-ships which are actually MORE expensive ($1200/year) and where you won’t see a positive return on your investment for months if not years. Or, worse yet, waste their time promoting $25 – $50 matrix or cycling programs that will never produce any serious income. Trust me, I’ve been there done that! Live and Learn!

What if you brought just 10 people into your business and you earned $10,000? That’s the type of income I’m talking about! I come from the mortgage business and this is the type of commission structure that you can live off of right away! And live GOOD!

I’m not pitching a specific business here. I’m just trying to get a point across that while I’ve come around to believe in the power of the Traditional MLM compensation plan – and believe in building that as a secondary income source (which may potentially explode if you are fortunate enough to build a massive organization) – I also KNOW that most people also need to consider getting involved with a Top-Tier Direct Sales business for 2011. The economy is NOT going to turn around any time soon (have you seen Mike Dillard’s video on doom and gloom?)

To Take a Look at My 2 Recommended Top-Tier Direct Sales businesses…

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