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network-marketing-successI’ve been going through Ray Higdon’s Master Sponsoring Series course again this week – which is probably the absolute best course on network marketing recruiting and sponsoring that I’ve seen – and wanted to share some golden nuggets from the course with you.

Ray, who is a top earner in the network marketing industry, provides 2 lists for creating a Daily Routine for network marketing success. One is a basic routine and the other is for highly motivated people looking to see big time results fast. Here are the 2 lists for you that you can implement into your business and make part of your daily routine starting today (or tomorrow depending on what time you’re reading this :)).


1. Basic Daily Routine

  • Create 1 piece of content every day (can be blogpost, article, video, etc)
  • Average 30 minutes per day learning marketing
  • Average 15-30 minutes per day on Mindset
  • Write Afformations before bed (these are positive “affirmations” written in the form of a question – ie. Why Am I The Top Earner In My Company)
  • Meditate for 15 minutes per day, focus on breathing and clearing your mind
  • Make “connections” with 20 people per day – in person, on the phone, via email, via skype, etc.

2. Hustler Routine For Highly Motivated People

  • Create 2+ pieces of content per day (a blog post with a video equals 2 pieces of content)
  • Get 20 “NO’S” per day
  • Spend 1 hour learning marketing
  • Spend 1 hour on mindset
  • Study 1 Leader per day – can be a top network marketer or just a world or business leader
  • Meditate
  • Write Afformations before bed
  • Focus on your VISION (he’s covering that in the next module of the course but it’s basically KNOW your dreams and make those dreams a reality)

Start implementing these actions into your daily routine and see if your business and income changes. I am!

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