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UPDATE: Pyxism has changed their compensation plan since the writing of this review. For a more current and accurate review, CLICK HERE

The new “hotshot” on the network marketing scene is Pyxism. While the company is virtually hype-free, the industry is creating a ton of hype surrounding the pending launch on January 11, 2010. You are probably trying to decide if you should join or not if you are reading this article. I hope that this honest Pyxism Review will provide you with the information necessary to make your decision.

First, I want to say that I am a paid member of Pyxism to get that out of the way! My Dominate Pyxism team is already growing rapidly and I want anyone who joins me to completely understand the “Pyxism Business Opportunity” to make sure it’s a business opportunity you want to be involved with and feel you can be successful at. It’s important to do your due diligence before joining any opportunity, and this is no different. There just happens to be less information because the company is in pre-launch so I hope I can shed some light.

What is Pyxism?

Pyxism isĀ  a 2×3 matrix board program in the discount travel niche. The travel industry is a $7 billion industry so we know that the industry is a strong one. And, with our current economy, the discount travel sector is very strong. There are a few other popular programs that appear to be similar to Pyxism such as TVI Express, Dream Style Vacation Club and Juugo to name a few. While each offers slightly different products, the compensation plan is what sets Pyxism apart from the competition. It is much easier to cycle in Pyxism with their revolutionary True Follow-Me Matrix.

In the True Follow-Me Matrix, teams never split. This encourages a solid teamwork foundation that will last forever. This is not the case with the other programs, which leave the members basically on their own. We know that not everyone is able to recruit a massive team for themselves and that’s OK. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your success because that ensures our success. Sponsors as well as their sponsors have a monetary incentive to ensure that everyone on their team cycles. This sets Pyxism apart from their competition and was one of the main selling points for me.

Another important aspect of Pyxism’s True Follow-Me Matrix is that it only takes 14 people to cycle the Compass Board (first board) versus either 28 or 31 people in the competitions boards. Do the math! This will produce much faster cycling.

Then, to cycle the Horizon Board (Pyxism’s Big Board), it only takes 128 people versus an average of 934 to cycle their competitors big money boards. This is something that most people do not consider before joining a program and is really the most important aspect of the compensation plan.

What is Pyxism’s Compensation Plan?

When you join for the one-time fee of $299 (plus a $50 annual associate fee), you receive a vacation voucher valued at $299. After completion of the Compass Matrix and sponsoring your 2 members:

  • Entry into Upper Level Horizon Matrix
  • Automatic Re-Entry into Compass Matrix following your sponsor
  • Additional $300 Value Vacation Voucher each time you re-enter the Compass Matrix
  • $1250 Cash on your 2nd and all subsequent cycles of your Compass Matrix
  • $1000 Vacation Voucher for completing the Compass Matrix and Entry to the Horizon Matrix
  • $8000 Each time you cycle your Horizon matrix
  • Automatic Re-entry into the Horizon Matrix
  • $1000 Vacation Voucher for each time you re-enter the Horizon Matrix
  • Your Sponsor receives $1000 each time you cycle the Horizon Matrix
  • Your Sponsor’s Sponsor receives $1000 each time you cycle the Horizon Matrix


I highly encourage anyone considering the Pyxism business opportunity to sign-up for free HERE, take the tour and then attend one of the live webinars with the founder and owner, Lloyd Wilson. This way you can get a complete understanding of and feel for the company, their vision, the owner, and if Pyxism is for you. You will even be able to ask Lloyd questions to make sure that there is no doubt left.

It is my feeling that Pyxism is the best opportunity to come onto the network marketing scene in a very long time. It’s not just the compensation plan but the vision and transparency of the owner and just an overall positive feeling. Being able to join at the gound floor level (any network marketers dream!) is a major selling point. I truly believe that Pyxism is going to create a lot of millionaires.


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