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mlm-sales-funnelYou’ve probably heard the term “sales funnel” before but you may not know exactly what it means…particularly when it’s referred to in the context of online marketing.

Online Marketing with Sales Funnels

When I first came online in 2009 with the idea of building a network marketing business, I was first exposed to the idea of marketing with sales funnels by My Lead System Pro. MLSP is also what is known as a “Funded Proposal” but I’ll save that training for another time!

It’s been my experience that using a sales funnel to market online is essential to have any degree of success. Here is the concept in a nutshell and then video will allow you to visualize exactly what I’m talking about:

The 3 Components Of An Effective Sales Funnel
1. Lead Capture Page
2. Sales Page or Landing Page
3. Autoresponder With Email Follow-Up Series

That’s really it. Of course, the effectiveness of the sales funnel will depend on variables such as how well the lead capture page converts, how well the sales page converts and how well written the follow-up emails are (although this is less important) but you get the idea!

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