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Eliminate The Distractions

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distractionThis post will be EXTREMELY important to your bottom line with your home business. I’m writing from experience and will share with you the absolute TRUTH as I know it!

The home business industry has tons of distractions that will just block you from reaching your goals. If you take your dreams of financial independence even a little bit seriously, you are undoubtedly on a number of email lists and are always searching Google LOOKING for new ways to make money. This is NO SHORTAGE of new opportunities popping up, almost daily, that promise crazy riches with very little investment or effort. They prey on the “lottery mentality” of most people who are looking for some magic windfall of wealth with a program that will finally “work”.

I used to be like this. I’d look at everything and got involved in more biz ops than I’d like to admit. I’m a little unique in that I can recruit effectively online and would hit leaderboards with most MLM programs I joined. The problem was income and I came to understand that my lack of income was caused by the pay plan (which requires massive duplication and the ability to recruit network marketing leaders which is really hard to do) AND my own distractions by spreading myself too thin and not FOCUSING. I couldn’t make any substantial income with these programs and I was driving a lot of traffic and recruiting a lot of people. Imagine what the people who only recruited their required 2 or 3 people were making! Not very much if anything at all.

This industry is no different than anything else if you want to be successful. You won’t find a successful corporate executive who also works as a realtor, a pilot and an insurance agent. They’d be spread too thin and they would end up not being very good at anything (and they’d more than likely get fired!).

There are people involved in network marketing who can barely recruit 1 person or sell 1 affiliate product who are involved in 2-3 programs and some even more! What exactly will that accomplish other than wasting money? I do agree that joining a new program can be exciting initially – like I said “been there done that” – but then that NEW SHINY OBJECT feeling wears off and you have to get to work.

If you really want to make money in this industry, eliminate the distractions and FOCUS. Spend your time learning marketing strategies and implementing them rather than looking at programs and joining them. You’ll thank me later 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Eliminate The Distractions

  1. I know what you mean as I have been there done that too. I thought your article was very well put.
    Thank you,

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