It’s 9:00AM and I’ve Already Emailed 8,142 Home Business Seekers! What Have You Done?

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network-marketing-successOne of the biggest reasons for a lack of success in the home business industry, especially online, is that most people don’t play the numbers game.

You need BIG numbers to make money. This means emails, ads, posts, phone calls, presentations, whatever…

However you’re marketing, it needs to be BIG!

In fact, the sad truth is MOST people do nothing at all. It’s what prevents success ultimately and it’s the reason many look down on our industry.

Imagine this…

You’ve always dreamed of opening a restaurant and finally decide to plunk down your life-savings to open up that dream restaurant. It even has your name above the front door and there’s a GRAND OPENING banner hanging from the rafters. It’s opening night and you are SO EXCITED. This is the night you’ve dreamed of your whole life. You’ve hired staff and the best chef around, been through rehearsals and everyone’s prepared to make this the greatest night in all of restaurant grand openings the world over. You’re waiting inside the front door BUT…

You’ve never advertised and you don’t unlock the front door. Therefore, you have NO CUSTOMERS.

This is kind of like what many new network marketers do. They join a business with dreams of financial and personal freedom but the NEVER advertise or tell anyone. There are no customers, no sales and no money!


I’ve always done email marketing since I came online back in 2009. Why? Because it’s CHEAP and it works because it allows you to send your message (AD) to a LOT of prospects very quickly.

STOP doing nothing or posting useless spam on Facebook and start “marketing” your business. Here’s how I sent out the emails this morning – you MUST have the tools (and then actively implement them) to build your business…

Watch The Video Here

Make it a prosperous 4th quarter!

Your Partner in Success,

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2 thoughts on “It’s 9:00AM and I’ve Already Emailed 8,142 Home Business Seekers! What Have You Done?

  1. Hi Steve!
    Great insight here! I agree, many people either do nothing or are disappointed that talking to a couple of people a week did not get results.
    Email marketing is a powerful way to reach the masses of people who have a problem you can solve!

    To your success,
    Lisa┬┤s last blog post ..Use Target Marketing to Attract Leads

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