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EPX Body launched their MLM business opportunity in April 2012. It’s been generating momentum online during the past 9 months so it caused us to take a look. In this EXP Body Review you’ll learn about the company, the products, and the compensation plan. We like to look deep to see if people who get started with EPX Body or any MLM that we review can actually make money. We are NOT involved with this company in any way so you can rest assured that you are just getting the facts!

EPX Body Review: The Company Overview

Like we mentioned above, the company launched in April of 2012. They came out with a lot of hype promising that new reps would be making AT LEAST $1000 per month in residual income after 6 months. That’s quite a bold claim considering most people in MLM don’t make a cent! In fact they “guaranteed” that reps would make $1000 per month after 6 months as long as they sponsored at least 5 distributors in their first 30 days and kept at least 2 of those distributors active for at least those 6 months. We’ll take a look at the compensation plan in a bit. The good news here is that, while EPX Body came out with a lot of hype, they’ve been able to maintain their momentum and actually grow it, which is unusual. Most companies hit the market with “pre-launch” momentum but then fade fast.

The company was started by Dan Putnam, who holds the title of CEO. He has a 17 year track record of making money and successfully running large organizations in the direct selling industry. We didn’t really find any negative information about Dan which is a good thing. EXP Body is headquartered in Layton, Utah.

The focus of the EPX Body product mix is weight-loss. They’ve been able to capitalize on the popularity of the “90 Day challenge” (similar to Visalus) and our overweight society. There are 6 products in the mix and the flagship product is EXP Body Burn. In addition, there’s Cardio, Restore, Nourish, Detox, and Enhance. The combination of products basically covers everything you would need to get and remain healthy. It’s a very comprehensive product mix and we like the fact that they’re not trying to sell make-up or shampoo and sticking to their nutrition and weight loss theme.

EPX Body Review: The Compensation Plan

So…Can You Make Money?

As with any MLM business, you can definitely make money with an EXP Body business. They key is your ability to recruit other like-minded people as distributors who are also looking for financial freedom. The people who you bring into your organization must DUPLICATE your effort and success in order to earn the BIG money. This is where the MLM model tends to fail. The numbers tell us that 1 out of every 10 people you bring into your company will produce at any level whatsoever. It’s recommended to bring in 10 people per month and be consistent with those results in order to make it to the promised land of a 5-figure monthly residual income.

The marketing strategies that you either know or learn and your consistency in implementing those strategies is how you’ll grow your team and earn in MLM. You probably already know this but you can’t depend on the “friends and family” approach and expect to be successful.


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