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Expert SnackHealthy Review – Should You Join?

Snack-Healthy-ReviewSnackHealthy is a new “nutrition niche” MLM home based business opportunity  that is in Pre-Launch as I write this expert, honest review. Many “newbie” marketers gravitate to pre-launch companies because of the promise of great riches by being in on the ground floor. I did some digging for you so that you can have all the facts to make an educated decision of whether or not you should bother joining Snack Healthy. I’ll give you the scoop on ownership, the products, the compensation plan, and key marketing strategies.


According to their website, “SnackHealthy means, “having a positive effect on health.” Our company was founded and our products are developed with this concept in mind. Years of research and development went into the results that SnackHealthy products offer.

SnackHealthy Ownership

The company is  actually owned by another company called Healthient, based in Florida. The executives of SnackHealthy are  affiliated with Healthient, and seemingly have a lot of experience as executives of of other network marketing companies. I couldn’t find much information on the top 3 – Katherine West, William Alverson, and Scott Kufus. Time will tell how they do running a new start-up like SnackHealthy.

The SnackHealthy Product Mix

snackhealthy-barIt should come as no surprise  that the product mix is made up of Healthy Snacks…go figure! These include pretzels, popcorn, Zing (sugar free energy bar), dried fruit,&  fruit bars. It looks like each snack is packaged to control your portion and calorie intake. There are products available in my grocery store that already do this so it’s not a new concept. It’s a sound one though. The website also  stresses that you should drink a lot of water. Again, this is not something we  haven’t heard before.

The SnackHealthy MLM Business Opportunity & Compensation Plan

It does appear that, refreshingly, this business is encouraging promoting your business on the internet. There are amazingly still MLMs that are fearful of this very effective marketing strategy.

It  appears that the monthly auto-ship is  only $40, and that can be waived if you have at least 4 people under you on auto-ship. Pretty cool idea to promote business building. I am sure  that there are “fast start” packages at higher levels but I could not find that on the website. The compensation plan is a binary, with numerous bonuses. You can take a look at the pdf of the compensation plan HERE to get all the specifics.


I did not find anything in my research that would indicate that SnackHealthy is a scam. While the products are not very exciting and not ground-breaking by any stretch, it is refreshing to see that they do mention that a distributors income will primarily come from their recruiting efforts and not from selling the products (which you can also do). While it’s great that the company is promoting marketing the business online, but I did not see anything that would indicate that they are going to give their distributors the required tools to succeed. For this reason, I find their marketing literature to be a little misleading.

That being said, it’s important for any new distributor to understand that they are starting THEIR OWN business and it’s up to them to learn how to build their business. To properly market SnackHealthy online, you will need to have your own Auto-Responder account, capture pages, and follow-up system in place. AND, you will need to know where and how to market your new SnackHealthy business. Once you have the tools and necessary marketing knowledge, you will be in position to succeed with this new MLM business.


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5 thoughts on “Expert SnackHealthy Review – Should You Join?

  1. I agree with Tim 100%. I see so many people promoting their business opportunity like it’s the best thing since sliced bread or the invention of the wheel, and people that are on their team, that you get the impression it’s all about the recruiting and waving the potential of making “big money” in people’s faces, e.g. 100% commissions!

    Yet you hear little, or nothing about the benefits of the products and/or services offered in detail. Like Nancy Peloci once said, “You can see what’s in the bill it after you sign it.” Ridiculous I know, but true. It’s great to let people know they will be working with a great team, but when you put recruiting before sharing what the benefits are of the product and/or services being offered, you are in essence saying that it’s secondary, and without a great products/services being offered, everything else is just a mute point after that.

    Plus like Steve said about filling a niche. If the products and or services are not filling a niche, and the market is saturated and overcrowded with distributors, and sales people selling something similar of about the same quality for less, than it’s peak has been reached and you’re behind the curve on the trend, and it lowers your chances of making any significant amount of money dramatically.

    As many better marketers before me have said, if you can’t be a “product of the product” and the products/services being offered are below par, market saturated, or there is just plain not enough new customers buying as opposed to those selling, then it’s best not to enter that product/service category if you plan on making a full time living off of it, regardless of how great the product, or service is.

  2. I would take the review here of Snackhealthy mainly with a grain of salt, because it for one was written in Oct of 2010, and many things have changed since them, i.e. many more snacks, and marketing tools for distributors.

    So with that being said, and since this is the “web”, you have to get the most up to date information as possible, before you make a decision.

  3. Hi Tim,

    I appreciate your visits! I’ll agree that SnackHealthy appears to be 100% legit and I wish you all the best with it! That being said, it’s imperative that people who get involved learn to market if they expect to build a sustainable and profitable business.

  4. Steve,

    I have read a lot of your websites. I really enjoy reading your stuff. You are right about SnackHealthy, I don’t beleive this ligitimate company is a scam and never will be. Just my opinion! Why I say that is because, the companies views are pointed towards the people and there products and not recruting. Any MLM that is directed more towards getting people in, that being the only way of making money, well in my eyes its a “SCAM!”

    Thanks for the interesting information!
    Tim Villard´s last blog post ..Getting to the main point

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