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Exciting Announcements For The FamilyIQ Direct Sales Business For 2012!

I was on a webinar this past Monday run by Rod Stinson who shared some exciting news with all of the FamilyIQ distributors around the world. It’s been a great first year but 2012 is going to be even better!family-iq-review

As with any company, an annual review needs to be done to see where you can improve. This is especially true of a very young company. The following are the take aways:


  • A new lower start-up price point was added for $395 that will pay, and be eligible to receive, $200 commissions. This is a great idea in my opinion as there are people who either can’t swing the $1495 “Business Builder” package or don’t have enough confidence in themselves yet. People who come in at the $395 level will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Business Builder package.
  • New Sales Funnels will be created by Rod and rolled out to  the field reflecting this new lower start-up level.
  • Both the company and the sales funnels are going to put the products more in the forefront. FamilyIQ has very highly respected and unique products and we all need to do a better job of marketing them.
  • Due to the $395 level, the financing program has been eliminated. I am very happy about that as I never liked it!
  • The $3,995 start-up level is going to be beefed up so we can market that to earn $2000 commissions. People coming in at the $1495 level will be eligible to earn the full commission on $3995 sales.
  • Mark Hobbins and everyone at FamilyIQ is extremely pleased with the results from the first year and is fully behind the direct sales business model we rolled out last December.

FamilyIQ has a number of leaders in the company but has pretty much flown under the radar in the second half of 2011. It is my opinion, as a distributor, that with the revamped marketing and new lower starting price, FamilyIQ will put themselves firmly on the Top Tier Home Business map in 2012!

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