FamilyIQ Top-Tier Home Business Or Cash Gifting…Which Is Better?

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family-iq-reviewI speak with a lot of people who are considering joining either a top-tier network marketing business or a cash gifting business such as Cash Tracking System or The People’s Program. For this reason, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the topic and let you know why I joined the FamilyIQ top-tier home business opportunity (Click Here to read my entire FamilyIQ Review) and passed on Cash Gifting.

Keep in mind that I’m writing this as someone who has never been involved in Cash Gifting but as someone who did seriously consider it.

First of all, cash gifting programs do not have a product which turns off many prospects. While I believe that cash gifting programs are legitimate, taking advantage of the IRS gifting guidelines, I also think they are more difficult to generate sign-ups into. There are enough people out there who think that businesses with products are scams, never mind a business without a product!

FamilyIQ has been around for over 10 years, been featured on such shows as Dr. Phil and Tyra Banks, and are a completely legitimate company with well received products.

Cash Gifting Compensation Plans are typically a 1-Up. This means that your first sale goes to your sponsor. I think that the more quickly you can get a new sign-up putting cash in their bank account, the greater chance you have of that person sticking with the business and being successful. FamilyIQ pays you on your very first sale which is a big selling point for me.

Most Cash Gifting programs have different levels that you can get started at but their income claims are based on the highest level. You can usually get involved for as little as $500, but that will only qualify you to earn commissions from people who also join at the $500 level. If you bring someone in at the $3500 level, for example, you will either need to upgrade to that level FIRST or that sale will go up to your sponsor or the next person in your upline who is qualified at the level. To maximize your earnings, you’ll need to come in at a level that’s going to cost $3K or more.

FamilyIQ really has one level that everyone comes in at currently. To become in IBO, it costs $1495. And for that $1495, you’ll receive your business, your marketing system, and training ALL INCLUDED! And, you’ll start earning $1000 commissions from your very first sale as I mentioned. No confusion about what level to join at and no deception. Simple which I like!

Obviously, to earn a solid income in either FamilyIQ or Cash Gifting (and you can earn a really good income in both), you need to learn how to marketing and understand how to drive traffic and how to convert that traffic into leads. I do not know what kind of training the top cash gifting programs provide but I know that FamilyIQ provides you with some of the best training that I’ve seen from a biz opp.

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