FREE MLM Training: How To Forward & Mask Forward a Domain

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Today’s FREE MLM Training will show you how to forward AND mask forward a domain. It’s important, when marketing a business opportunity or even affiliate program, to purchase and market a unique domain. Domains are cheap (I recommend Googling for GoDaddy promo codes or coupon codes to save yourself some money) and look much better on business cards and in emails or PPC campaigns. People are much more apt to click on a unique domain name than they are to click on an obvious affiliate link. Enjoy the video:

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6 thoughts on “FREE MLM Training: How To Forward & Mask Forward a Domain

  1. Steve,

    Thanks for all of your generosity. I have a question on masking a domain. In “MLM Domain Secrets” by Mike Dillard, he says not to mask an affiliate link. To quote…”MASKING will throw off the tracking system used by affiliate links and it will cause you to lose up to 50% of your sales.”
    Any thought on this? Thanks again for all of your wonderful free training.


  2. Steve,

    This is wonderful information that a lot of people can use (especially affilliate marketers). Thanks for the video. Best of luck!

    Benaiah Marshall´s last blog post ..How To Recruit Busy People

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