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As network marketers, the most important thing that we can do in our business is generate leads. We need to be able to create a consistent flow of network marketing leads into our business. Preferably at the lowest cost possible. But…how do we do that?

There are many marketing strategies that you can implement to achieve this goal. Many of the top strategies cost money and require that you have an advertising budget. I understand that there are a lot of people just getting started in network marketing who might not have the budget to run pay-per-click campaigns or use the more expensive strategies.

So…what does the network marketer on a budget do to generate high quality, targeted leads into their business on a daily basis? There are numerous ways to achieve our goal, which I will cover in subsequent articles. Today I want to discuss Safelist Marketing.

Safelists are databases of network marketers, who all sign up so that they can email their ads to other network marketers. You can join for Free and remain a free member to use the site, which makes safelist marketing a completely free strategy. You can upgrade your account so that you will not have to read emails but to keep this strategy free, you will need to read the emails of other members.

It is advisable to join credit-based safelists. A credit-based safelist will give the members who read the emails credits for doing so. You can then use those credits to send your ads. The number of members you can mail to will typically depend on the number of credits you’ve accumulated. The advantage of credit-based safelists is that there are many members who are using this as a free strategy to generate network marketing leads so emails do get read.

When setting up your safelist account (and, as with all network marketing sites you should use a free gmail account because of spam filters at other email carriers), you will need to set up a “list” email address. This is the email address that the safelist emails will go to. You will get thousands a day which is why you do not want to use your contact email address!

I recommend utilizing the “manage labels” feature of gmail to separate your emails by safelist. You’ll want to set up a label for each safelist. That way, it’ll be much easier to focus on any given safelist that you are accumulating credits for.

The key to effective safelist marketing is you need to put a major emphasis on your SUBJECT. If your email doesn’t get opened, it can’t get read! The subject must entice the person. I like to use subjects that entice me to open emails. Makes sense, right? If I want to open the email I assume that others do as well. After that, it is imperative that your opening paragraph capture the readers attention. Even if it doesn’t, your splash page or website capture page still has a chance to grab them because that is what the reader will see after they click on the link to claim their credits.

It’s important to track your marketing efforts so that you will know which safelists are responsive — have enough active members who are reading the emails and you are generating leads from them — and which are not. You also need to remain consistent. You need to do this strategy every day, or as often as possible, because safelist marketing is a numbers game like all lead generation strategies.

I use safelists in my marketing efforts to generate network marketing leads for my business. Personally, I do not recommend using this strategy as a stand-alone, but rather as an additional free or low cost strategy in addition to whatever else you are doing. It shouldn’t be ignored because of the low-cost. If you can afford it, I would recommend upgrading your membership in a few safelists so that you don’t need to open emails to be able to mail. This will help you leverage your time to focus on other marketing strategies.

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