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I wanted to write this quick ezArticleLink review for my readers because there is a lot of hype out there  in internet world and you never know what to believe. What works, what doesn’t? It’s hard to figure out what products you should spend your hard earned money on. If you do article marketing and are looking to generate free mlm leads from organic search engine traffic to your blog, then I highly recommend ezArticleLink and I will tell you why…

I use my blog as my marketing hub. It provides me with a branding platform as well as a few leads most every day. My traffic is not where it needs to be yet but it is consistent and growing and  targeted to my chosen network marketing niche. Of course, I track where my traffic is  coming from (I use AddFreeStats) and I just noticed something astonishing…the vast majority of my blog traffic all comes from 8 articles that I’ve submitted to ezArticleLink (and I’ve written over 100 articles and distributed to 100s of article directories and social media sites).

How Does It Work?

When you submit an article to ezArticleLink, they spin it first and then send your article out gradually to hundreds of other blogs to provide you with the ever important back-links. And not crappy back links either. Each of those 8 articles has over 200 links back to my site. BUT, what those links really do is give my blog and those articles search engine juice. The search engines see those links and assume that my blog is an authority on that subject and reward me with better rankings.

Some Examples Of What I Mean

  • Keyword “Numis Network” = I rank 3rd our of 444,000 sites, just behind the Numis corporate site
  • Keyword “Data Network Affiliates” = I rank 2nd and 4th out of 2,000,000 sites
  • Keyword “Network Marketing Blog” = I  rank 8th (first page) out of 90,200,000 sites
  • Keyword “Network Marketing Failure Rate” = I rank 3rd out of 760,000 sites
  • Keyword “Network Marketing Success” = I rank 8th out of 35,400,000 sites

These are just a few examples. ezArticleLink is the best product for generating backlinks and link juice that I’ve seen. And, the creator Kenneth Koh is great to deal with and very responsive. I hope that this short ezArticleLink review, with documented proof, helps you to decide if this is a product you are looking for.

Rather than spend $1000 per month in PPC or other forms of paid advertising, and especially if you are looking to generate FREE traffic to your blog, ezArticleLink is well worth the investment and will pay for itself many times over.


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