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Generating traffic to your blog or website is very important. There are various reasons for this. A person trying to generate traffic to their website will do so mainly to make money through the use of Ad sense or through the sale of affiliate products. There are other sites that try to generate traffic to make the site more popular than the competitors. The benefit related to increasing traffic to a particular site has made more web masters try to generate as much traffic to their site as possible.

There are various simple but effective methods of generating auto-pilot traffic to your blog or website and they are listed below:

1. Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization uses various methods like Link Building and article marketing to build traffic to a web site. The use of articles, links and also keywords are used to generate traffic to a website by making the search engines select a particular site over others when someone uses a keyword to search for websites. Rich content on the website that is unique and original with keywords are also important in generating traffic to your website.

2. Link building: Links can be built for a site through various means. This is one of the more effective methods of generating traffic to a site. There are links that have various page ranks on a search engine. The highest page rank available is PR10. Sites that have high page ranks have a high chance of increasing traffic to your site. This makes link building one of the best methods of generating traffic. These links are posted on other sites with high page ranks. These links could be on blogs, forums and other sites. There is a possibility of exchanging links too where two webmasters exchange links that helps both of them to increase traffic.

3. Article marketing: Article marketing, my favorite, is another important method of generating traffic to your website. A variety of articles can be written about a product advertised on a website and a link can be added to the article that leads to the website. These articles are then posted to various sites like and other similar sites. When a person reading the article is interested further, they may click on the link in the article and be led to the website. This is one of the best methods of increasing traffic to the web site.

These are some of the most important methods of generating a consistent, auto-pilot flow of network marketing leads to your site.

This article was kindly submitted by Jason Fulton, the owner of the Free Home Business website which reviews popular home business ideas and opportunities. Jason also runs a very successful Online Money Making site which has been helping people succeed online since 2007.

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