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Quick note… GlobalOne and the new Ultimate Power Profits system is getting ready to launch here in the next 4 days… are you ready for it?

Here is a link to the last company call (you can find all calls under the NEWS tab in the back office):

Tuesday Live Company Call

So we WILL LAUNCH before the end of this month and there is ONE CRITICAL thing you have to do to be ready – get your ewallet set up and verify a credit card. Now, if you joined as a FOUNDER and paid with a credit card – you’re good to go. If not, if you are only a FREE member now… if you want to get paid, you MUST set up the ewallet and verify a credit card.

Verify Your Credit/Debit Card

Under the old plan (before Zeek Rewards got shut down) UPP was going to launch a penny auction. They still MAY do a penny auction later but for now they will launch with a few of their other products, services and systems. Here’s a cool video my sponsor Rob Fore was able to track down on YouTube

Also under the old plan there was going to be four sign up options – $10, $25, $50 and $100 per month. They MAY still have these options but that is still unclear. We’ll know more when we go live. I’ll be signing up at the highest PLATINUM LEVEL as we already have a team of 99 people and growing.

The KEY is to promote the program. If you refer just ONE person – you get paid up to 18x more than if you don’t. And it gets a little crazy as you refer more and more people. Here a short video of the founder explaining just one of three comp plans (Spinfinity)…

And finally…

They mentioned on the call that once the launch there will be a 3-7 day grace period for you to get your ewallet set up and for you to join at whatever level you feel comfortable with. Once the grace period is over – everyone who is active will earn commissions every six days – regardless if you have promoted or not. Of course if you have promoted and referred people – you will get paid even more… MULTIPLE TIMES per day in some
cases. So my thought is you will want to get verified NOW – to avoid the rush and, as often happens, server issues, etc.

If you haven’t already signed up FOR FREE…

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