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Disclaimer: If you have read any of my prior articles, you know that I am a member of My Lead System Pro which I use in tandem with an Attraction Marketing strategy to grow my Network Marketing business. I just wanted to get that out of the way so with that being said…

I just watched a webinar given by Brian Fanale, one of the co-founders of My Lead System Pro, on an amazing  Top Secret strategy that will virtually guarantee yourself a top Google ranking for any MLM or Network Marketing company that you are targeting, with very  little effort. And, the cost is FREE to implement this strategy.

The value contained in the back-office of My Lead System Pro is ridiculous. I watch a few videos a week, and will re-watch the training videos, and am always learning new marketing strategies and techniques. You can never stop educating yourself, no matter how much you think you know. Your real competition…the network marketers who are dominating their companies and the industry do not ever stop. That’s one of the key reasons that they dominate.

OK, so you’re asking yourself now if I’m going to tell you about the Top Secret Strategy or what, right? Here goes…

1. Go To and sign up “To Receive News Updates Via Email”. is the longest running and most comprehensive resource and index of home based business opportunities on the Internet. For over 10 years, Npros has been providing information and resources on home based business opportunities, products, and the executives behind each company. You will receive email notification of brand new MLM and Network Marketing companies, right when they register with the site which means that you will be one of the first to know about the company.

2. Write A Quick Article On The Company You Select: Write an article on your blog about the company and how any distributor with that company who hopes to succeed will need to be able to generate leads.

3. Record a Quick YouTube Video Targeted To People Considering Joining that New company. Or reps who are struggling in that company. Google loves video, especially if you are the first to record one on the topic. Using the MLSP strategy of never promoting your company, the “unbelievable” comp plan… the revolutionary new product (ie. juice that will allow you to live to be 200 years old)…etc, and the S1 and S2 variables on the lead capture pages you will design a specifically targeted lead capture page.

4. Voila! That’s it! Obviously, not every company will be a major success but you will dominate it. This strategy is completely free and can mean tons of leads and money for you in MLSP and your primary business.

To get access to the video and to get a step-by-step explanation of exactly how to set-up and implement this strategy, just CLICK HERE.

Your Partner in Success,

Steve Hawk

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