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great-life-international-logoI was speaking with a respected colleague this morning about Great Life International, another MLM home based business opportunity. I am always interested to hear about different business opportunities, primarily so that I can keep my fingers on the pulse of the industry and share information with you…my reader!

After we hung up, I did a Google search for Great Life Intl and could not really find much information. Kind of strange for a 4 year old business, I thought. Sure, I found a few “reviews” written by Great Life International distributors but nothing that I thought was written “fairly”. So, as I am known to do, I rolled up my sleeves and did some digging. The results here are my completely unbiased Great Life International review.

What Exactly Is Great Life International?
G.L.I. is an MLM business in the healthcare niche. The company began operations in June 2006 and claims to be debt-free. The company is owned by Paul Scott and Gregg Sturz, both veterans of the MLM wars and I could not find any real “dirt” on either one. Definitely a positive sign since both have over 20 years of experience in the industry.

As I mentioned, Great Life is in the healthcare niche. They market 1 product called VidaCell, which is designed to repair and renew the body at the core…the cellular level. There are many positive testimonials about the product but I tend to not put much credence in product testimonials (hey…I’m a marketer not a scientist or nutritionist!).

How Much Does Great Life International Cost?
The cost is low and I would imagine would be affordable to most network marketers…even those on a shoe-string budget. To join, you need to pay a $49.95 “activation” fee in addition to making your first product purchase of VidaCell for $49.95. There are other “higher” levels but this seems to be the most common level to enter the company at. Each month, you are required to purchase the product for $49.95 – this is your monthly auto-ship.

Can You Make Money With Great Life International?

Of course you can! There are plenty of people making a lot of money with GLI. You can view the compensation plan HERE. As with any MLM, you need to know or learn how to market your business. If you know how to market your business, then the business that you are involved in becomes secondary (in my humble opinion!). When joining Great Life International…or any MLM business for that matter…you need to remember that it takes work. Just like it would take work if you decided that you were going to open up a restaurant tomorrow. You wouldn’t just sit on your couch and “hope” that the restaurant would make you money and receive great reviews, right? Overall, I feel that GLI is a legitimate home based business opportunity.

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If you would like to join Great Life Intl or have questions about the opportunity, I highly recommend that you contact Chris Yearling HERE

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  • Julian

    Thanks for this review. It will help me to make a good decision. Greetings from Ecuador.
    Julian Cedeno

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