Honest Fast Profits Daily Review – Sizzle or Fizzle?

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Fast-Profits-Daily-ReviewFast Profits Daily is a brand new 2×3 matrix program co-founded by Scott Chandler, Brent Robinson, and Randall Williams. Scott and Brent, just recently, were the co-founders of AutoXten and stressed to the members that they were “in it for the long haul”. The long haul lasted about 2 months! For this fact alone, I would beware. Here’s the truthful Fast Profits Daily Review by someone who passed.

2×3 matrix programs are very popular because they offer the POSSIBILITY of earning a lot of money with a low ONE-TIME investment. The problem with them is they tend to have a very short shelf-life. I know this from personal experience. Unless you get in very early during the initial frenzy, they tend to just die. The boards get stagnant with people who don’t recruit and you end up having to do all the work yourself. People get frustrated and walk away. It’s not a scam, just much more difficult to make money in than other compensation plan models.

2×3 matrix programs can make a lot of money for the leaders – just recently Scott and Brent made a killing in ROI Unlimited, another 2×3 matrix travel business and Randall Williams was the founder and owner of Dream Style Vacation Club which was a 2×3 travel matrix program also. In fact, that same software is being used for Fast Profits Daily, possibly with some modifications.

What Are Fast Profits Daily’s Products?

The products, as I understand them, are digital e-books that teach marketing strategies as well as travel related discount programs as you progress through the various matrices. The product mix is solid. I imagine from Randall’s Dream Style Vacation Club experience he has relationships in the travel industry to put together a legitimate and value-based travel product.

Will Fast Profits Daily Stand the Test of Time?

These types of programs typically fizzle and only time will tell what happens here. Like I mentioned earlier, typically those who join very early are the only ones who make money with this comp plan model. If you join during pre-launch you have a shot to cycle. You can get in for as little as $50 but it’s advised to join for $250 if you’re serious about making money with Fast Profits Daily.

Fast Profits Daily Review Summary

To be honest, I had the opportunity to get involved very early on since I’m a leader with Auto X Ten and those people were approached first with the FPD opportunity and decided to decline the invitation. The Fast Profits Daily leadership team is targeting both the leaders BUT primarily the “newbies” who joined AutoXten to help create BUZZ and grow the business very quickly. Since it happened to me, I know how attractive a 2×3 program can look to the uneducated eye but I’m saying from experience…BE CAREFUL!

If you decide to join, just be prepared that you will need to recruit a lot of people personally and hopefully you’ll find a few serious leaders who will do the same. This is really no different from any MLM in that respect.

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11 thoughts on “Honest Fast Profits Daily Review – Sizzle or Fizzle?

  1. Hi Becky,

    You are absolute correct that you need to work your business (any MLM) to grow it and make money. That’s the only way to do it. Learn how to market and take action! I wish you all the best with FPD!


  2. Kevin – you’re right about AXT as it turns out. Scott and Brent turned out to be the good guys! I passed on FastProfitsDaily because I think that 2×3’s are just too difficult for the average person to make any money with. Time will tell if it’s able to survive the test of time but I’d recommend that over AXT! Thanks for sharing and I wish you the best!


  3. Now the truth has come out it appears an update on fastProfitsDaily is warranted, don’t you agree? jeff Long has been marketing other things for over a month and Franco has left axt so what does that tell everyone?

    Any business like these you have to recruit to be successful so it is good that people do not get involved who are not willing to put in the effort. It there was no work involved then it would likely be a scam.

    It seems axt is history and now people realize why Scott and Brent left axt. The common demonominator is the main axt owner who is promoting other things while still being the owner. AXT started with good intentions but sometimes problems happen along the way. IF anyone could not see the problems and stayed with axt that is on them. FastProfitsDaily is here to stay and going strong. One key in these plans is to have a good active sponsor and team rather than doing everything on your own. Good luck to everyone on your marketing ventures!

  4. This is a legit opp. I am very happy with the company. I joined at the Expert level and my travel card alone is worth every penny. This is a life time membership I can use as many times as I want. I have been to many a timeshare presentation that wants thousands of dollars up front and then monthly fees to stay at the Exact same places. We get the card free at the expert level and can stay in hundreds of thousands of locations in 85 countries starting at $299 for 8 days and 7 nights. There is no scam and if you work your business you grow your business. Those who scream scam are usually the ones who enter and want everything just handed to them. I am here if you have questions.

  5. i hear they do this all the time

    they are in it to make fast money off people

    then BYE BYE

  6. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by! I think I now know the reason why Scott and Brent left and it’s the same reason why I am not going to be active marketing AXT going forward. It’s too bad because I really thought the business had a chance. Good luck with FPD!


  7. Steve,

    This review is very well put together. I appreciate you putting something like this together to help put things into perspective. This matrix does take some work, but I would rather people know that going in and not expecting a full ride. Because we all know that when people get on these boards, that stalls them out. This comp plan is for the people out there that don’t have a problem with putting their head down and getting to work.

    It is just like a job. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. In other comp plans, the emphasis is on spill over and folks end up getting disappointed because they think that they can get something for nothing.

    The products and the travel discounts are second to none here as well.

    So, I think that it is very nice that people have a small education on what is expected before the join.

    Lastly, the exit of Scott and Brent, was not something they wanted to do. They tried to hold on as long as possible. If people knew the whole story, they would have a different opinion of what went on.

    Call me if you’d like to hear it.


    skype – cthemarketer

  8. I’m in total agreement with you, Lin. It’s behavior like that that gives MLM a bad name. Integrity of ownership is so important to the success of a business.

  9. I am so pissed off with these guys. They do not affect my income from AutoXten but just the mere fact that they jumped ship really annoys me. After all the hype.
    Wasnt one of these guys the owner of a motorcycle shop somewhere?

    I would not go anywhere near this new program. Reason? Lack of ethics in promoters.

  10. Hey Steve,

    AutoXten is still running but it’s definitely been a bumpy ride, particularly since Brent and Scott decided to jump ship. I do not think that AXT is a con, but I do believe that the current owners are in over their heads and that could ultimately cause the demise of the company. When you get involved in a start-up business, there is some risk. I followed my sponsor, who is someone i respect in the industry, and we all got blindsided by the fast exit (for whatever reason) of Scott and Brent.

  11. Is autoXten done since the founders are off on another program..

    Sounds like they build these things till there is money in the bank and then close them pocketing the money.

    How can you expect people to trust you when you promote such an opportunity as autoxten? even after you know it is a con?

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