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beavers-buildingBeavers are good at building dams! We, as internet marketers, need to be just as good at building our list. When it comes to list building, this is usually what happens…You’re on the internet, you’ve joined a network marketing company, and you keep hearing people say that you need to build a list. The Money’s In The List. Right? So you promote your company’s website and get some sign-ups. Great! You can even see their names in your back office. BUT, are you building your own list? The answer is a resounding “NO”! You are building a list for the company. This is NOT what you want to be spending your time doing!

I hear this question asked all the time: “Steve, how do I build a list?”

I have always written about various marketing tips and strategies but, today I want to address the ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE TOOLS for you to build your business using the internet.

1. Hosting: You must have your own hosting. You can get this for $9.95/month. You need hosting for your blog, and lead capture pages.

2. Autoresponder: The auto-responder stores your list. You can get an auto-responder subscription for under $20/month. When a lead “opts-in to an offer by entering their name and email address, the auto-responder allows you to capture that information so that you can continue to market to them. If you are not using your own capture pages with an auto-responder, then those “leads” are going into the company’s auto-responder.

They are not difficult to use at all and they make the emails that you are sending out compliant. Since the people have opted into your “list”, you are allowed to email them without the risk of spam complaints. Auto-responder also allows you to automate your marketing efforts, which is something you should want to do!

3. Domains: You really should be purchasing your own domains. They are very inexpensive. You will want to be promoting your own domians rather than “companyname.com/?php30092”. That’s a no brainer!

If you are not minimally using these 3 NECESSARY tools, you will not build a business. It’s really that simple. I want you to really think about this. Are you serious about  building a business or is OK for you to just keep doing what you’re doing because it’s easier? Please do not let fear of the unknown hold you back!

I did not mention education in this article, because I believe that goes without saying. The online marketing business is constantly changing and you need to stay ahead of the curve. For education, I recommend My Lead System Pro. Why? Because not only do you receive cutting edge marketing strategies, but you receive customizable lead capture pages as well as a funded proposal system that allows you to earn from 19 different affiliate programs. This is in addition to promoting your primary business opportunity. If you’d like to take a look at My Lead System Pro, GO HERE.

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  • True, Son. The only issue is that Google can shut your blogspot blog down with no warning at their whim if they don’t like what you’re doing. I’ve had a blog and Youtube channel shut down and it sux! I highly recommend hosting your own content. Then, you can have a blogspot blog TOO.

  • Nice post.

    I agree, it is essential to build an mlm list in this industry. A lot of people don’t realize its importance.

    Once you have your own list that is of a substantial size, then the world is basically your oyster.

    You can pre-sell the people on your list with many various products and make a really good income by doing this effectively.

    As you pointed out Steve, an auto-responder is magic when it comes to sending out emails to your list.
    Josh@Network Marketing Consultant´s last blog post ..MLM Sales A Vital Key to MLM Success

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