3 Ways To Generate More MLM Leads For Free

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I want to give you a few tips on how you can Generate MLM Leads for YOUR business for FREE. The fact is, and I’ve talked about this before, most people in the network marketing industry just do not generate a consistent and high enough volume of leads on a daily basis to make any decent money. It really doesn’t have to be this way and I’m going to share with you a few simple strategies that you can start to implement today that will help you.

Ideas For Generating More MLM Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

1. Post to your blog frequently. If you don’t have a blog and you market online and want to get free traffic, get one! It’s the best thing thing I ever did for my business and I wish I knew about blogs and SEO when I was in the mortgage business. This really does not have to be very “techie”. I was very diligent when I was building up my traffic, got a little complacent, and have seen my traffic drop off. I’m back to trying to post daily, both for SEO targeting and to provide value for my visitors. Then you want to share that content on social media sites and article directories.

2. Make sure you can capture that traffic and convert it to MLM LEADS. You need to be able to capture a percentage of that traffic and convert it into leads. I just recorded a video that you can watch on MLM TRAFFIC CONVERSION STRATEGIES.

Now, when I’m talking about “MLM Leads” I’m talking about capturing names and email addresses into an auto-responder. If you’re marketing online and do not have an auto-responder account GET ONE! It’s an essential tool for your business.

3. Make Videos. Those of you who know me know that video marketing is definitely an area of opportunity for me but I’m working on it! Youtube is the 3rd most traffic’d site in the entire world, after Google and Facebook. It’s free to have an account, you can record 5 minute videos for free with Jing, and direct your viewers either back to your blog, a specific blog post, or a capture page.

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2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Generate More MLM Leads For Free

  1. Hi Steve,

    Cool little tips you got here. Blogging and/or making videos is a fun way to generate traffic and get leads for business. As a general rule, blog posts and videos across different sites build that brand awareness first. Once people become accustom to you and the value you offer them, then you can switch it up.


    Nadine StevensĀ“s last blog post ..Client Testimonials 2

  2. Hello Steve, Great post! My blog is the best thing I’ve done for my business too. It’s the business professionals central hub. I know that I would have made millions more in my other ventures with a blog. You’re exactly correct. Get a blog and capture the traffic. Go! Go! Go!
    Jeffrey KistnerĀ“s last blog post ..Network Marketing Beyond Six-Figures

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