Learn How To Recruit 6 and 7-Figure Realtors To Your MLM

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What if you chose only to recruit professionals who were already making a healthy 6-figure income?

What if you chose only to sponsor individuals who didn’t want or need to be hand-held, and they were self-motivated with goals in place instead of you having to inspire them every single day so they stay on autoship?

What if you had a proven system in place that actually allowed you to do this in a way so that you NEVER run out of PROFESSIONALS to talk to?

And lastly, what if you could put this system in place TODAY so that you could be talking to high-end professionals TOMORROW about YOUR business?

Would you be interested?

If you said YES, then you’re in for a treat this Wednesday, August 25th at 9:00 PM EST, because my buddy Todd Falcone, one of the deadliest prospectors in the game today, will be giving you access to ALL OF THIS!

Todd’s been recruiting ONLY PROFESSIONALS for over 20+ years, and the result has been multiple 7-figure businesses in this industry.

And trust me, business becomes a LOT more fun and PROFITABLE when you choose to NOT deal with the tire-kickers. And make no mistake, it is a choice especially after this Wednesday’s training and what Todd is going to unveil.

Register for the webinar immediately, and show up early this Wednesday because I guarantee you this training will sell out:


Wednesday, August 25th
9PM Eastern (5 GMT)
8PM Central
7PM Mountain
6PM Pacific

Oh, and I talked him into giving you some of the actual scripts he’s been using for 20+ years to target 6 and 7-figure professionals. This stuff is PRICELESS.

If you’re wanting a non-tech solution to get leaders on the phone in a way that actually gets them asking you about YOUR business, this Wednesday’s your ticket.

With what you’re about to learn, which costs $0.00 to implement, there are NO EXCUSES as to why you can’t begin building a wildly profitable business starting this week.

I’ll see you this Wednesday, friend!

Oh, and if haven’t already registered for the upcoming “Live The Dream” event, you can do so HERE.

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