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An AutoResponder is an  essential tool that you MUST HAVE if you plan to market your network marketing or affiliate marketing business online. Why? Because building your own LIST is and then monetizing that list is how you will begin to make money online and eventually be able to earn enough to stay at home FULL-TIME.

Recently, it has come to my attention that many NEW marketers understand that the concept BUT do not know how to Set Up or Use their Autoresponder. In  fact, a  few  people I know have gotten their autoresponder accounts shut down recently because of inappropriate use. In the hope of preventing this from happening to YOU, below is a video tutorial to help clarify things for you as well as a short list outlining how to use an autoresponder to build your list.

How To Set-Up & Use An AutoResponder

  • Get an Auto-Responder Account. I recommend the industry leader Aweber. You can get yours HERE.
  • Create a “New List” in your Aweber account.
  • Create a “Webform” for that list – this is the box where someone will enter their  NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS (and  possibly PHONE NUMBER) for more information. When they enter their information, they will be on YOUR LIST. You canNOT load a list of names into your auto-responder. NOTE: You must build your list through the marketing of your capture pages because people must “opt-in” in order for your list to be spam compliant.
  • Paste the WebForm Code into your Lead Capture Page (or have your webmaster do this for you). It is always recommended to market a Lead Capture Page when marketing online. You do not want to just market your free company replicated website because those websites do not typically have a way for you to build your list.
  • Create “Follow-Up” Emails to be sent automatically to people who put themselves on your list.
  • Create “Broadcast” Emails to send to your list periodically when you have a special offer or want to provide some information that is not part of your Follow-Up email series.

(To view full screen, click the box in the lower right corner of the video)

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  • Thanks for the comment, John. I remember when I first got online and it was really hard to find any good videos on how to set up and use an auto-responder. I really hope it helps!

  • John Bonzo

    I’m really glad to see you publish this sort of information for new and not so new Internet marketers. So many think they will “soon” get to start using the autoresponder, but they seldom do. If they decide to, they think they will find it too hard or too complicated. As a result they never try and soon they find themselves with the 95% that never make any money and finally quit. It’s a real shame. Thank you for giving some ready to quit a new start.
    Thanks again,
    John Bonzo

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