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internet-evolving-reviewSo, there’s another NEW advertising profit share business set to launch in the “revenue share” space called Internet Evolving. This Internet Evolving Review will provide you with the facts as we know them so that you can make an educated decision for yourself whether or not to join.

First of all, let me say that I recently got involved with this online business model with a company called Ad Hit Profits. You can read my review HERE. Personally, from what I’ve learned, the key with these revenue share businesses is the company owner. They need to be HONEST (what a concept, right!). The model itself, according to law firms and compliance officers in the industry, is perfectly legal.

Internet Evolving Review: So what exactly is the Internet Evolving or IE Network business?

The program is owned and operated by Kim Ellsworth and David Kraus. Both own Advertising Agencies and feel they are very well prepared to run this type of business. They are excited to create something very special here and I’m looking forward to seeing if they do. While this program is currently in “pre-launch”, the hype surrounding it tells me that it’s going to take off at launch and the people in early will stand to benefit greatly.

Currently, you can join for FREE with absolutely no obligation.

The unusual company name…Internet Evolving…”evolved” from the owners watching people being torn apart by other failed programs and really wanted to do something special. It’s extremely important in these types of online programs that there be complete transparency between the owners and the members. If you don’t know the name of the owner of your business opportunity…RUN. That is the sign of a scam!

Kim Ellsworth and David Kraus plan to take transparency to a new level in the online world which is pretty cool. There will be full disclosure of all financials in the back office which is unheard of and hopefully they really do what they say they’re going to do.

The owners are trying to make the site unique and give out FREE gifts to paid members, who have purchased advertising. One benefit they are giving upgraded members at launch is everyone will be part of a campaign where 20 million emails advertising this program will go out to various opportunity seekers around the net and all referrals will be distributed randomly to these existing upgraded members at the time.

Internet Evolving Review: How Do You Make Money?

IE Network is an advertising site where they’ll be introducing something called Slider Ads, which apparently have a better click through rate than traditional banners. Time will tell if this is the case but it makes sense that if it’s something unique it will get a better response, at least initially.

So, to get started, you’ll purchase Ad Packs for $44 each. Each ad pack that you purchase puts you in the revenue share pool to share in the revenues of the company. Internet Evolving will be paying out 100% of the profits MINUS commissions and administrative costs. Each ad pack matures at $88 which is a 200% return. The real money comes from the fast compounding. As you earn revenue from the share pool, you purchase additional shares and NOW you’re earning revenue on more shares so you get a greater cut if you will.

To give you a real world example, I purchased 11 shares in Ad Hit Profits on 6/8 and on 6/25 I have 53!

Now, of course, this is not considered to be an investment because you’re purchasing advertising to promote your primary business or affiliate program and there are certainly no guarantees but there is the potential to make a lot of money pretty quickly without any sponsoring required (which I’m sure is music to many people’s ears!).

InternetEvolving Review summary

I can only speak from experience here when I tell you that you never know which of these types of programs will survive the test of time and which will end up flaming out quickly after launch. These businesses depend on the affiliates/members to continue to promote and bring in new members – even though promoting isn’t required to earn. That’s the issue. Many people join because they can earn without promoting YET the business’ survival depends on people promoting it. They are paying out 12% commissions on 2 levels which is pretty aggressive and shoudl entice people to tell others about the program.

Personally, I’m starting to like this business model and after my research feel that IE Network has a lot going in its favor…particularly the online buzz and positive vibe I’m hearing. Get your free account and then make your decision. Here’s some more info from the website:



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