Auto Cash Bot System Review – Does It Really Work?

auto cash bot system reviewIs Auto Cash Bot the software that’s going to save all of the struggling internet marketers out there or is it just another crappy product launch that won’t come close to doing what it says it will? Let’s find out with my Auto Cash Bot System Review!

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What Does AutoCashBot Say They’ll Do?

Auto Cash Bot says that it will take you 5 minutes to set up your account and click activate. All you need to do is purchase a domain name and forward it to any affiliate link that you are promoting. This could be a network marketing business opportunity, affiliate product, or any other affiliate type link you’re looking to make money from. Once you click “Activate”, your Auto Cash Bot software will run in the background creating “Back Links” in article directories, press releases, social media sites, and blogs back to that new domain link that you purchased and have forwarded to your affiliate offer or business opportunity. . What this means is that there will be thousands of links all over the internet pointing back to your domain, creating the ever-elusive TRAFFIC.

If Auto Cash Bot works, this will be the ultimate “set it and forget it” software for newbie network marketers and affiliate marketers as well as people like myself who are experienced but always looking for new traffic generating strategies and tools.


Is Auto Cash Bot System a Scam?

I do not believe that Auto Cash Bot is a scam. By all accounts, it appears that a lot of thought went into creating and developing this software. The marketing principles are sound. They are the EXACT ones that I have learned and implemented personally so I know that they work BUT that they can be very time consuming – which is why most people don’t do them. Time will tell how well it works but I do believe that the creators have the best intentions (of course they’re looking to make a killing with their product launch too but that’s expected and encouraged in our free market system!).

How Much Does Auto Cash Bot System Cost?

Right now, Auto Cash Bot costs $197 one-time. After launch, the price will go up to $297 PLUS $77/mo. The time to purchase the product is NOW. If ACB works half as good as the website says, then it’s a fantastic deal because you’ll have free search engine traffic going to your website 24/7 on virtual auto-pilot. My only concern is how will they rank numerous of the identical replicated websites of business opportunities and popular affiliate products in the search engines. I have personally never had any luck ranking my capture pages or replicated sites. I’m not an SEO guru though, and I have seen people get their replicated sites to rank high in the search engines so I do know that there’s a way. I suppose that way is with back-links, which is what Auto Cash Bot will give your site.

AutoCashBot Review Summary

Even though it’s brand new, I think it’s worth buying and I generally stay away from the “sounds too good to be true” software. Auto Cash Bot just seems to have some solid marketing principles programmed into it. Especially since the price is going up in the next 2 weeks or so. Personally, I have just purchased the software so it may take a while for me to have rock-solid results to share but, for the price, I definitely think it’s worth it (make 2 affiliate sales and you own it for free anyway!). I recommend you do the same if you’re looking to generate more traffic and sign-ups for your business. Plus, it could be a terrific tool to recommend to newbie downline members to help them start building their business – something I’m always looking for. For the price, you can’t go wrong!

Results 7/21 – 7/29

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About Steve Hawk

Steve Hawk is a Direct Sales Pro, Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Reinvention Coach. He has created numerous marketing courses, been publicly recognized for his marketing and recruiting skills, and coached 1000s of people from around the world. Steve offers solutions for anyone looking to break free and Create Their Own Lifestyle starting today!
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58 Responses to Auto Cash Bot System Review – Does It Really Work?

  1. Steve Hawk says:

    Doug, I appreciate the kind words and glad that you find value here!


  2. Doug Robinson says:

    Hi Steve! Thanks so much for this straightforward review on Auto Cash Bot. It really helps to have someone trustworthy to go to when I’m looking for product information, and reviews are far too often just disguised sales promotions.

    I’m holding off for a bit on ACB. I want to be sure it’s something I can have confidence in, but I believe it’s straight up and that it has possibilities.

    Doug Robinson´s last blog post ..Dog Days of Recession Revisited

  3. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Ernest,

    You’re right…I think Max should have created some banner ads and maybe some boilerplate email ads for the affiliates. This is a terrific affiliate program though and it converts really well. I’m honestly not sure why he didn’t hold members update calls, etc. I agree that would have been a good idea. That being said, if you promote your link you will get sign-ups.


  4. Ernest says:

    I still have my doubts here, I only hold on cause I have to much invested and it is said that this takes a lot of time,but please explain why there is nothing to offer for members in the back office,to help promote as a affiliate because this the big part of this software is the cost and high commissions, NO Banners,NO ads,NO Training, NO Meetings to at lease boost our motivation the back office has not been updated in a long time and I check my stats often and see hardly no traffic to indicate this is working.I’ll Hold on But have big worries that I threw away a lot of money if there is something prove me wrong and to uplift me Please let me know. why is our maker of this software every send us the “members and buyers”any updates.??

  5. Steve Hawk says:

    Cool, Julie! Check back with results!

  6. Julie Barkley says:


    Thanks for being there for those of us who take the time to search the internet for product review insights from people like you. I bought the LCB system and made my first sale in 2 hours after setting it up! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve read other reviews online, watched the YouTube explanations on ACB and believe what they’re saying is true.

    I’m taking a leap of faith to buy ACB today (to add it to my arsenal of 9 years worth of marketing tools). I’ll gladly check back and give you my honest feedback after 1 month of seeing what ACB does for my affiliate programs.

    If this system does 1/2 of what it claims……mine and everyone else who buys-in won’t have traffic blues any longer. :O)

    Thanks Steve.

    Julie :O)

  7. Moli John says:



    Moli John´s last blog post ..Garmin Fishfinder 140 with 4.7-Inch Display and Dual-Beam Transducer

  8. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi John,

    You’re welcome! The LCB works as a Giant Rotator – where everyone’s link is added and advertised. The traffic will be less than ACB, but for the price it’s an inexpensive way to get traffic to your site which is the name of the game!

    FYI – I removed your affiliate link because I don’t publish them but if you have a blog or other webste, feel free to let me know and I’ll gladly add it to your comment.


  9. Moli John says:

    Hi Steve!

    Thank you for your review. I really appreciated it.
    Me, I want to know some more about the little cash bot.
    I think it’s same with the ACB but here i don’t know if you really have to purchase a domain name and forward it to the affiliate link or not.
    If you know some information about it, please let me know.
    I’m started using it 2days ago.
    John M.

  10. Steve Hawk says:

    Hey MF – I personally haven’t tracked my stats for LCB, only ACB as per my video. It sounds like you did everything right. Keep in mind that LCB puts your link on a rotator so it’s really hit or miss. It could take time. But, if you’re not happy with your results or your purchase, I believe you can get a refund. That’s what I would do.

  11. MFnet1 says:

    Hello Steve Hawk; It’s been several days since my purchase
    of Max’s Little Cash Bot and it’s use. Here is my testiminial
    from Max’s Little Cash bot;

    There is none, none at all! It doesn’t work, or didn’t work
    for me. I have my own domain address I have used as url address
    ONE! Thus far since this past Monday, there have been NO traffic
    whatsoever from using the Little Cash Bot til today of Thursady!

    So, what’s going on? Does it work as other members indicate
    that it does, why not for me?

    Tommorroe Friday, if no results are experienced, I will seek a full
    refund from my product purchase and concider this another scam.

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but it’s not working for me. MFnet1
    MFnet1´s last blog post ..How to Make Free Money Online in Any County

  12. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Greg,

    The owner/creator is Max Stegmeier. ACB is working as I’m getting daily traffic and have generated leads from it.

  13. Greg says:

    Wow, I’m so glad I found your review of this bot-monster. I’m definitely gonna hang up my hat, kick my feet back and try it out now. Any idea who’s behind this crazy passive bot formula?

  14. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Dani,

    I’m not sure why but the instructions are to purchase a domain first and forward that domain to the site you want to promote. Probably so there aren’t a ton of people promoting the same url.

  15. Dani says:

    Hi Steve. Thanks for your review. Question about the domain part of it. We have to have a domain to get it to work? I thought you just need a link to either an affiliate program or a landing page of another company or even use the acb affiliate link itself and put it in the spot where it goes (and a couple other things) and hit enter? Or something like that. What did I miss?

  16. Steve Hawk says:

    You’re welcome, Rick! Thanks for stopping by.


  17. Rick Young says:

    Thanks for your honest assessment and evaluation of this system
    and software. I have not taken advantage of it as of today but I
    do have two associates that have.


  18. Antonios says:

    I have seen replies in this site where a refund or return is mentioned.

    Up to where I know there is a clear statement that there are “No ACB Refunds”.

    I am new to this site, I found it looking for ACB reviews and scam reports.

    I visited the ACB site but it has no purchasing link, only a signup link.

    Does it processes purchases through CB, PayPal, AlertPay or another merchant payment processor?

    I understand that if payment is made through CB or PP a refund policy is required.

    After what I have read here apparently ACB has some worthiness.

    But I haven’t found who the author of the software is.

    Are they legit?

    I have bought so many “worthless” over hyped products, that at present I don’t want to even bother requesting a refund, I try to get the full details before purchasing.

    Of course, if the tool is crappy I won’t hesitate on requesting a refund, I won’t give my very hard earned money to any scammer.

    That’s why the “no refund policy” has deterred me from buying this ACB tool.

    I will keep looking for this tool’s performance from the experience of users, and preferrably, trying to seek non-affiliate reviews (they are mostly biased in favor of the program).

    I don’t mind buying from an affiliate, but most reviews from them are biased, sometimes are reviews are given without even having used the tool.

    Steve seems honest, will keep observing.



  19. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Antonios,

    As far as I know, there’s a 60 day refund policy. The owner/creator of the software is Max Stiegemeier. My review provides my actual results and it’s been consistent since I recorded those videos. I would agree that most software products are junk, and I really haven’t purchased any because of that. This product caught my eye because the strategy is exactly what I do to generate traffic to my blog so I know it works. Time will tell if the traffic increases but it is working as advertised for me.


  20. Steve Hawk says:

    That’s more hits than I’ve gotten, Harold, but I’ve generated leads and a sign-up. Not sure what you’re advertising but that certainly will have an impact. How are you tracking your hits?

  21. Harold Lamma says:

    I’ve gotten 1240 hits on my autocashbot,alone, but no bites. You would think a ratio would appear with this many hits. 0% out of 1240hits. Not very good! Atleast a 2% response and sponser rate would be sufficient.With three sites active and purchased, I’m still waiting for a result.

  22. Steve Hawk says:

    That’s awesome to hear, Greg! Keep up the great work!

  23. Greg Berg says:

    I think it just all depends on what your promoting and what the demand of your product is. I was skeptical too at first, but I’ve made over $2000 with the Cash bot. Thanks Steve!

  24. Steve Hawk says:

    Good job, Tanairy, and congrats!

  25. Tanairy says:

    I am really happy I am so excited I have my first commission with auto cash bot I just want that every vary Know this system is working just take
    time depend in how much time you put in the system doing your own marketing I want to say thanks Steve Hawk and to his system so I encaurage to all affiliates of auto cash bot to continue marketing that if you want to make money because the system really work for his self work for me and I am sure go to work for every vary too.Thanks Tanairy

  26. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Jeff,

    What answer are you looking for? I’ve received very quick and helpful responses from support when I’ve asked. Email me directly at and I’ll see if I can address your concerns as well. Be sure to listen to Max’s 8/20 update call in your back office too.

  27. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Darryl,

    I appreciate the kind words! Feel free to email me directly at

  28. Jeff Baughman says:

    Well I’m like you CASNO I’m not getting the real answer I’m looking for either. Right now I’m not happy we need some answer.

  29. Darryl says:

    Hello Steve
    I am very grateful to you for putting in your blog a video detailing your actual results using this software. I was doing my DD on this product on the web and came accross your blog. Thus I purchased the software from your site.(my user name is dared) I’ve just started a campaign with the ABC. Your helpful interacting with these ABS customers on your blog is great; the sign of good leadership! I would like to be able to email you but don’t see your email conact info.

    Thank you much

  30. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Casno,

    2000 hits is crazy. I’m no where near that but I’m satisfied with the fact that it’s “humans” visiting my capture page and I’ve generated 12 or so leads to date. Obviously, what you are advertising will determine your sales or lead success. I have been very happy with the support that I’ve received but I am sure that they could be getting overwhelmed as more members join.

    I use SWREG as a merchant account and they are legit (although they are virtually impossible to get a human response from).

  31. casno says:

    Well, I purchase ACB July 26 and had right at 2000 hits with no sales what so ever and now I cannot even get into the client back office as the software shuts me out? I have sent over 3 requests to the support@autocashbot and not one reply has been returned? This is somewhat a little shady when you can not get support for such an expensive product! Even the company SWREG would just pass it on to support and has nothing to do with you. Did someone say that there was a 2 month guaranty? I bet no one gets their money back through SWREG Inc.! Hell, I never even heard of this company until now. I hope this is all up above board?

  32. Steve Hawk says:


    How is your traffic to your site specifically? You can see this right in the ACB back office. To give you an idea, I’ve had 882 hits and 22 sales. So, that’s 1 sale for every 40 visits. That’s pretty good in my experience for a $197 product. Now, some of my sign-ups are network marketers I currently know or do business with. I would expect that rate to be higher if I was doing more “cold” marketing.

  33. Tanairy says:

    I being marketing in my socialnetwork I have others tool to market to make back links but probably is not working I dont know I am really sad I cant see any sale yet

  34. Jeff Baughman says:

    Yep up and running all good now.

  35. Jeff Baughman says:

    Yeah that’s what there telling me, i went back through everything i did find something i did wrong in the forwarding and tested it, looked like it was working there, went back to cashbot put the right domain name in. Now still not sure yet, i guess put another ticket in and find out if it’s working now, IDK? i just want to make sure, so that i no it’s working.

  36. Steve Hawk says:

    Hey Jeff – I’m not really sure? Personally, I’m using a capture page that I created but if you don’t have a capture page ALL you need to do is purchase a domain and forward it to your AXT site (ie. Just watch the 7 minute video in the ACB back office to see where to place your new domain link. Why did they say it wasn’t working?

  37. Jeff Baughman says:

    Hi Steve simply what could i be doing wrong setting up AXT with cashbot I just found out from ACB its not working, any help there.

  38. Steve Hawk says:


    Where are you marketing? What marketing strategies are you using? Just ACB?

  39. Tanairy says:

    This is my number 8 day with auto cash bot I dont have any sale I am marketing for my own too and I still waiting for my first sale I hope that coming soon.I dont have any trouble with the support team they respond me any time when I ask them something about the software everything is working perfectly.So I go to continue waiting to see Thanks Tanairy

  40. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’ve personally never had any issues with support and I’ve submitted 3 tickets/questions. I have noticed that most of ACB’s emails go to my spam so I’d recommend checking there.

  41. Kevin says:

    I too have paid for the autocashbot, and have received the confirmation letter. I cannot access the bot at all since the website says I must confirm my account. I clicked on the support link, and it says that there is no
    Apparently there is no way to connect with support, and I will probably have to seek a refund through paypal.

  42. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Ideosvany – I would check your spam for the welcome email. I’ve noticed that they can take up to 24 hours to be received for some reason.

    When you log into your back office, it will bring you to that screen to purchase the BOT…sometimes. You’ll want to click the link that says “Skip this offer forever” or something like that. It will then bring you to your back office where you can set up your Bot.

    Hope that helps!

  43. Ideosvany Palacio says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am going crazy here I purchased the software yesterday and never received and e-mail confirmation and under my members are no matter what I click on home, or new I see only to purchase the software, I have sent contact support e-mails but I have note received anything yet and I dont want to think i was scammed out of my $197, when I completly believe that this does work with a little patience and a matter of time, what do you recommend I do, please help desperate in getting this started as I have plenty of prople in my business team that will buy this as well once they see it working, please help.

  44. Steve Hawk says:

    Thanks for clarifying that, Mike!

  45. Mike Dawson says:

    For VALERIE: I believe you are looking for the Auto Cash Bot support desk, NOT the AutoXTEn Support desk. You can access it at . They have been very helpful whenever I have questions so please contact them and they will assist!

  46. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Valerie,

    If you cannot access your site, it’s most likely because you have an inadvertent space in your password. Also, username and password ARE case sensitive. AXT is a brand new company, not without some technical challenges like very start-up, but ownership has been diligent about correcting any issues. I would contact your sponsor and have them email support on your behalf OR you can email them at

  47. Steve Hawk says:


    As long as your marketing it to the right audience, you’ll make some sales. I’ve made 23 to date – only after I personally tested it first – and the software does work! Keep at it.

  48. Tanairy says:

    I buy the auto cash but 3 days ago exactly in august 4 2011 I have visitors or traffic, but no sales yet I go to give Timothy some time to see if I have some sales.I am doing my own marketing I hope this work and I can make my money back before the two months of garantee pass if not probably I go to ask for my money back.But I am really sure that I go to have sales before that so I am not worry I just waiting for my first sale and much more.Thanks Tanairy

  49. Valerie Crawford says:

    I joined today, have paid and cannot now get into the Site or get any contact with the Support Dept. There is nowhere on the Website to make contact with anyone, so they have taken my money and I have no way of contacting them. I have emailed SWReg, in the hope they can assist, but at the moment, I am far from impressed!!!!!

  50. Steve Hawk says:

    Jim – The software’s been working very good for me so far. As for those emails, I would agree that they are bogus. I’m not sure how it compares to Above The Matrix? Someone I know just purchased that so I may do a comparison review when I have some info to share.


  51. Jim says:

    I signed up for ACB a while ago but didn’t buy the software yet.
    I have been getting emails saying I have lots of sales but I haven’t even promoted anything. This is bogus!
    As far as the software goes, how does it compare to Above The Matrix?

  52. Mike Dawson says:

    Steve… I bought just one bot and am so far very happy with it. I’ve made 9 sales so far with autoxten using my bot, so I am excited for whats to come! What are you promoting with your cash bot? -Mike

  53. Steve Hawk says:

    That’s great results, Mike! Thanks for sharing. I am also promoting AXT.


  54. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Rickey,

    Your $197 allows you to promote 1 link (which can be changed). To purchase an additional 2 bots under the same account would cost $97 for each additional site. So $391 to promote 3 sites simultaneously. Hope that makes sense!


  55. Rickey Bradley says:

    Steve, I have 3 different network marketing websites. Will I have to purchase 3 different acb accounts or will I be able to use all 3 of my links by just purchasing just one acb package?

  56. Steve Hawk says:

    Hi Vic,

    Not sure how you’re tracking your hits. I’ve seen results already and I’m tracking both hits and leads. I’m going to put a video together and share my real results, but I’ve gotten 3 leads from it since Wed. More than I was expecting. I’m very hopeful that it will work. Should this be your ONLY marketing strategy? No, but it appears to be a legitimate “hands-off” marketing tool to drive traffic and generate leads for your business!

  57. Vic Kaspar says:

    Hey Steve, I bought 3 of them 7 days ago, and have seen Zero results so far. I put in a comment on their page, and ACB told me to just hang in there..that there were a lot of people who also bought and the system is moving slow.

    If it works, it’s the biggest thing to hit network marketing ever.

    If it does not work, it’s the biggest thing to scam network marketing ever.

    Flip a coin?

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