Lead Net Pro Tutorial – How To Market To 1000s Of Leads Per Day!

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This is really not a Lead Net Pro Review. Rather, I thought I’d shoot a quick video showing ONE of the ways that I use Lead Net Pro in my business to generate leads as I am continually building my list and business (are you?).

Before I get into it, this marketing tool is for anyone looking to build any business BUT it’s especially great for you if you’re one of the many people “trying” to build your network marketing business online but just can’t seem to grasp some of the more complex strategies like Blogging, SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. OR…

Maybe you just don’t have the time to do the marketing you should be doing because you’re working a full-time job (for now anyway :)). Anyway…

Back to the training…

Bulk Emailing.

Bulk emailing is a strategy that still works. It’s similar to safelist marketing, in that you can typically only expect to generate a few leads with each mailing but, in all honesty, most people marketing online have never even generated 1 lead…EVER. So, a few is a good thing!

How to bulk email?

The video shows me using jMailerPro, which is my preferred bulk emailer. It has a very good deliverable rate PLUS it’s cheap! That’s a good combination in my book. YES, you must use a separately hosted bulk emailer when doing this type of marketing or you run the risk of having your IP address shut down due to spam complaints. This is the part of the strategy that seems to confuse some people. You cannot load leads into an autoresponder or use your gmail or yahoo account. There’s no way around this to my knowledge.

Back to the strategy…

As you can see in the video, the lead net pro software scraped almost 2000 email leads for me (all targeted MLM leads) in under 1 minute. After the lead file was generated, I uploaded it to my bulk emailer (you can purchase my preferred bulk emailer HERE) and hit send. It’s important to put your settings at under 40 emails per 15 minutes to remain under the email polices radar!

The bulk emailer comes with an unsubscribe link to remain Can-Spam compliant and our emails are considered to be business-to-business marketing anyway.

Should this be the ONLY marketing strategy that you do to build your list and business? I always think that you should have 3-4 different marketing strategies going at all times anyway just in case 1 or 2 marketing methods aren’t working that well.

Watch the video below to see Lead Net Pro in action to see how simple & fast it is to use. If you aren’t currently using ANY strategy to build your business, then LNP is one of the easiest and most cost effective. I sincerely hope you enjoy the training!


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