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lead-scrapersWhile lead scraper software have been around for some time, I’ve just become familiar with them and wanted to provide you with my initial thoughts. Maybe you’ve been considering getting a Lead Scraper or maybe this is a lead generating tool that you aren’t familiar with. In any event, I hope my post will provide you with some insight.

What is a Lead Scraper?

A lead scraper is simply a piece of software that searches the internet for email addresses and phone numbers (and sometimes additional information) based on the parameters you put in. For example, since we’re network marketers looking to market to other network marketers for the most part, you might put in the name of a competing MLM company. In about 20-30 minutes, you’ll receive back a file of 100s or 1000s of email addresses or phone numbers of people who’s websites mentioned the targeted company.

The Benefits of a Lead Scraper

It’s a very cost effective way to get A LOT of relatively targeted names and numbers to market to. You will also get back some junk in your search that you’ll need to purge. This is purely a numbers game. You’re playing the mass-marketing game when using a lead scraper. The trade-off is it’s cheap. You can buy a scraper for under $100 and own it for life. You can check out the one I use HERE.

What Do You Do With The Leads?

There’s a few different things you can do with the leads to convert them to prospects and sign-ups:

  • Call them directly
  • Send a Voice Broadcast to the entire list
  • Send an Email Blast with a bulk emailer

I would recommend only sending 1 message to avoid numerous spam complaints.

I do not use a lead scraper daily but my thought is that we as marketersĀ  should implement many different strategiesĀ  to see what works best for us. PLUS, it’sĀ  a good idea to have at least 3 or 4 different strategies working at the same time. Using a scraper is very inexpensive and lets you find and market to a large number of prospects very quickly.

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  • Valid points, Mike. I’ve personally built the majority of my subscriber list through content marketing and SEO. Much better leads for sure but I don’t believe that scrapers are unethical and I use them as well. We only scrape emails and phone numbers of people who are advertising their business online so it’s simple B-to-B marketing. Thanks for stopping by!


  • mike

    I think lead Scrapers are Unethical. They Create A Huge amount of spam and what gives this industry a black eye. If you cant harvest leads the right way then you are lacking in something. I have done very well and dont have use a tool that i really dont care on using.
    It is Just Reverse Spam

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