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network-marketing-successThe pending launch of AlphaNetworker 2.0 got me thinking about how Leadership equates to Network Marketing Success and what that means to the average home based business owner.

Ryan Angelo separates typical network marketers in 3 categories: Alphas (the leaders), Pre-Alphas (the people who have leadership qualities but for whatever reason aren’t there quite yet), and Betas (the followers – who make up about 95% of our industry). My experience tells me that this categorization is pretty spot-on.

The real key for recruiting and growing your MLM or network marketing business is to focus on your ability to grow the leadership qualities of the Pre-Alphas and Betas since they will make up the vast majority of your downline. Leadership skills can be taught and leaders and be created. The 1 problem lies in the fact that you do not which Betas are unwilling to learn and grow (and there are many). The only way to truly figure this out (although sometimes you know right away to which I say don’t even sign those people) is by seeing for yourself.

An example of a Beta who is unable to grow into even a Pre-Alpha would be a person who can never remember how to log-in to their back-office (trust me, these people do exist!), don’t ever attend company webinars, and never recruit anyone into the business. They flat-out do not try. YET, they will hop around from biz opp to biz opp thinking the next one will contain the magic for their success. This is a “Loser Mentality”. These people do not make money & will frustrate you, as they have me, until you learn to just move on. Do not let the “Unwilling Betas” sap your energy or spirit.

I believe that the biggest, most realistic, area to target for the average network marketer is the Pre-Alphas. These people are willing to work & learn. They understand that they are building their own business and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. They may be brand new or have just struggled in the past for whatever reason. The Pre-Alphas have what it takes to succeed and, with the proper nurturing and training will become the next leaders of your organization.

The good news is LEADERSHIP can be learned. BUT, you need to be someone who wants to be a leader. The skills can be learned but the desire cannot be taught. Strive to be a leader and you will see that effort reflected in your commission checks!

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